Clamp Kingdom

Well people you might have noticed that my homepage was getting somewhat...crowded, that is why I decided it was about time I revamped the place a little, as I already have several galleries of the same authors, Clamp in this case, the best for me was to put things together, this is why this little intro page to the Clamp Kingdom is here, you will have the opportunity to see galleries from several works by Clamp, as they are the studio I have the most pics of, I hope you will enjoy this.

My last little comment will inform you on the amount there is to see:
X/1999: 1 page(10) so far
Rg Veda: 8 pages!!!(89)
Sakura:12 pages (116) down for remodeling!
Tokyo Babylon: 6 page (60) so far

Choose your path:

Disclaimer: all this pics belong Clamp, so don't sue me, i have no money!! And if you want to borrow a pic or two, please tell me and we'll link sites, thank you

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