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Clover Hill Village

Clover Hill Village, Appomattox

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  The original "Clover Hill Village" was a small settlement on the Richmond-Lynchburg Stage Road. It was the site of organizational meetings resulting in the formation of Appomattox County in 1845. For a brief period of time the village was the County Seat prior to being re-named "Appomattox Courthouse."

  In 1854 the Southside Railroad bypassed "Appomattox Courthouse" but established a railroad station, called "Appomattox Station" about 2 miles southwest. A small community arose near the railroad station and was named "Nebraska, Virginia" in February of 1855 by the U.S. Postmaster. Nebraska continued it's growth as the commercial center of Appomattox due to the influence of the Railroad.

  Appomattox Courthouse continued as the County Seat until 1895. When the Courthouse burned for the second time, Supervisors decided to rebuild in "Nebraska, Virginia" which was renamed "West Appomattox" in October 1895. In time the "West" was dropped and became just the Town of Appomattox.

  Meanwhile, the original Clover Hill/ Appomattox Courthouse gradually declined until the land was purchased by the Park Service for the establishment of the Appomattox Courthouse National Park.

  The Appomattox Historical Society chose to establish the present "Clover Hill Village" as a living history museum. We have moved, restored or replicated historical buildings of the period 1820-1920 on six acres of donated land almost adjacent to the Appomattox Courthouse National Park.

Ray Rings it Up!

Raymond Quackenbush, Village Supervisor







Hours of Operation:

The Village buildings and exhibits are open and manned from 10:00 a.m. til 4:00 p.m., Daily, April thru October. Volunteer members man the site on Sundays and Mondays when personnel are available. Open at other times by appointment or for special events.

The grounds (but not buildings) are open from 9 a.m. til dusk daily. A donation box is available during the hours when the Village is not manned by an attendant.

Admission: Adults, $5.00, Students (under 12 years),$3.00

Group, Bus and School Tours are welcome, Call 434-352-5996 during weekdays to make arrangements.







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