Sunday World :: Zombo’s HIV hell - ‘Death will be easy, life is hard’
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Zombo’s HIV hell - ‘Death will be easy, life is hard’


Kwaito proponent Zombo has finally owned up: he is HIV-positive. The tear-away and self-confessed dagga fiend revealed this heart-rending news in a tear- jerking exclusive interview with Sunday World at his family home in Alexandra township on Thursday.

“I’m HIV-positive,” he says.

Zombo’s heart rending disclosure finally confirms rampant rumours about his mysterious illness.

The former Abashante backbone discovered he was suffering from the disease after undergoing a battery of tests at Sunninghill Hospital last year, where he was admitted after falling sick.

After being hospitalised Zombo said he was suffering from depression because the family of his late friend Joe Loabe, whom he fatally shot in a freak accident, had rebuffed his request for forgiveness.

But the singer, a shadow of his former self, now realises his illness is no more a secret and confesses that the depression story was pure banana oil.

“The truth is I’m dying of Aids,” he gushes.

“I have realised that I can’t continue to hide this illness because I’m going to die anyway,” says the frail-looking fallen star.

Zombo says he has no recollection of who may have infected him because he was sexually promiscuous at the zenith of his music career and he didn’t always use a condom.

“I was a young hit maker and famous and women were crazy about me. I was travelling too much. I ended up engaging in one-night stands and I didn’t always use a condom.

“Sometimes, the condom would break during sex. I don’t know how I got infected and who infected me.

“When you are young you make mistakes. It’s a pity it is too late for me to correct those mistakes,” he says.

The musician, who has previously been rehabilitated for drug abuse, says that despite taking anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) at Alexandra Clinic, his CD4 count has hit an all-time low.

“My CD4 count is now at 10, so it looks like I’m full blown. This virus may have prematurely compromised my immune system because I don’t have money to buy myself fruits and vegetables ’cos I’m not working and nobody cares about me,” he whines.

“This is what I eat almost everyday,” he adds, slurping mageu and a biscuit.

He has given up on his life.

“I told my mother to start saving money to buy a coffin for me. I’m no longer going to take these drugs ’cos I don’t want to live anymore.

“There is no point. The pain that I’m going through day and night is unbearable. Death will probably be easy for me because life is hard,” he says, fighting back tears.

“I think about my daughter every day and I feel like I’m failing her.”

Zombo has a five-year-old child, Tumi, with his girlfriend Malrette Masemola.

“What kind of a father am I who is sick and can’t provide for his own daughter?” he asks.

Asked if he had told Masemola about his status, he says: “I told her about it. But I’d prefer not to talk about anything on her behalf. I’d prefer to leave her out of this. I’m tired. I want to go and sleep,” he says wobbling into his room.


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