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Indian Language Groups of Virginia WebQuest

SOL's VS.2 d,e; VS.3g


American Indians (First Americans) were the first people who lived in Virginia. Forests, which have a variety of trees, covered most of the land. Because of this, Virginia’s Indians are called Eastern Woodland Indians.

There are 3 American Indian language groups in Virginia: Iroquoian, Siouan, and Algonquian. Many tribes were in each of these three groups. The groups lived in different areas of Virginia.

The Iroquoian group lived mostly in the southwestern Virginia near North Carolina. The Cherokee tribe spoke this language.

The Siouan language group lived in the Piedmont region of Virginia. The Monacan tribe belonged to this group.

The Algonquian language group lived in the Coastal Plain (Tidewater) region. The Powhatan tribe spoke Algonquian.


In this WebQuest, you are an Eastern Woodland Indian. There are two tasks (below) that every Indian must complete. In addition, you must choose one project (A, B, or C). You will work with other chiefs, warriors, and scouts to gather, analyze, and organize your information, but each student will produce a project to submit for an individual grade.

ALL STUDENTS must complete these two tasks:

1. Be able to show where all 3 language groups are located on a map of Virginia and be able to name at least one tribe for each language group.

2. Research all 3 language groups using the data log sheets.

Each Student must complete ONE of the following projects (A, B, or C):

A. Chiefs will make a Venn diagram on a poster or large sheet of paper of the 3 language groups that will compare and contrast their location, tribes, food, clothing, and shelter. You will then present it to the other tribes (members of your class).

B. Warriors will illustrate how the Eastern Woodland Indians (VA Indians) met their basic needs during each of the four seasons.

- fold a large sheet of paper into fourths
- label each section with the name of one of the four seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall)
- illustrate how the Indians obtained food during each season and write a caption explaining your drawing (example: in winter, draw a picture of VA Indians hunting birds and animals)

C. Scouts will create a table to compare and contrast how the early Indians lived with modern life regarding food, clothing, and shelter.

Information Sources:

Iroquoian Language Group (Cherokee tribe)

Algonquian Language Group (Powhatan tribe)

Siouan Language Group (Monacan tribe)

Make Sure You Note Due Dates of Assignments!


Each member completes role assignment = 15 pts.
Assignments are turned in on time = 10 pts.
Data log sheets completed = 15 pts.
All members can locate language groups on map = 15 pts.
Venn Diagram accurate, neat, and completed = 15 pts.
Four seasons illustration is accurate, neat, and includes captions
= 15 pts.
Table comparing/contrasting early Indians with modern life is accurate and neat = 15pts.


You have done a lot of research about the three American Indian language groups of Virginia. Upon completion of this project, the following objectives will be met:

1. You will know the differences and similarities of the three language groups.
2. You will be able to locate the different groups on a map of Virginia.
3. You will be able to name at least one tribe that belonged to each language group.
4. You will learn how early Indians adapted to their climate and environment.
5. You will be able to compare and contrast the early Indians with modern life.

6. During this project, you will learn about information gathering and making presentations while working in a group.

Created by: Nancy Garrett