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19 Mesmerizing Hand Paintings

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I recently came upon some really cool hand paintings. They’ve all been done by this guy. Many of his hand paintings look so real! It takes him about 4 hours to do a single hand.
Just look at the […]

Best of the Sphere - 27/1/08

This was a very busy week for me. I had 4 exams this week and also gave the SAT yesterday. Hopefully, from Monday onwards everything will return to normal. Also, yesterday was India’s Republic Day, so happy Republic Day to all Indians
Best of TechnoMoney

How to Be a Focused & Productive Blogger: Have […]

The Nano Goes Pink!

Apple has now released the pink iPod Nano and joins the other black, silver and red models. It costs $199 and might be a perfect gift for your girlfriend for Valentine’s day…

eBook: How to Develop Money-Making Niche Sites with WordPress

One of the blogs I’m an avid reader of is Caroline Middlebrook. On her blog, Caroline shares some blogging tips, make money online tips and her experiences in her journey to make some big money online.
She recently released an ebook (free) and I thought I should inform you guys.
The ebook is basically about developing […]

The Next Big Thing from Apple: iBlade

What plays music and cuts apples?
An iBlade.

How to Be a Focused & Productive Blogger: Have a Weekly Theme

One of the secrets to success is being dead-on focused. Nothing beats having a focused mind. Unfortunately, there are so many distractions these days that focus has become a thing of the past. Be focused and you’ll be successful. The moment you loose focus, things like procrastination hijack your brain and take control.
In blogging, especially […]

Best of the ‘Sphere 21/1/08

I’ve a bit busy these days due to my exams and all. I’ve exams this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then I’ve to  take the SAT this Saturday. But don’t worry, normal posting will start soon. Stay tuned!
Anyways, this is the first Best of the ‘Sphere edition of 2008 and I’ve now thought to separate […]

Solving Windows Live Writer Problem

Yesterday I started having a problem with Windows Live Writer. After searching Google for the solution I couldn’t find one that solved my problem with Windows Live Writer. It was displaying an error message along the lines of: “Invalid Server Response -The response to the blogger.getUsersBlogs method received from the weblog server was invalid“. Well, […]

We’re Back Atlast!

Hi all readers and visitors of TechnoMoney! As you can see the blog is back online after about a week and a half of downtime. The downtime was mainly due to hosting issues. I’m still having some problems though so if you run into any problems while navigating the blog, don’t hesitate to contact me.
The […]

Ah, People Even Started Copying Roundup Posts

I can bet that your content has been copied, plagiarized, ripped-off and what not. This is an absolute given if your blog is at least a few months old.
Consider my blog’s case for example. TechnoMoney is only 2.5 months old and my content has been copied enumerable times by RSS feed scrapers. Many bots […]