How to Be a Focused & Productive Blogger: Have a Weekly Theme

One of the secrets to success is being dead-on focused. Nothing beats having a focused mind. Unfortunately, there are so many distractions these days that focus has become a thing of the past. Be focused and you’ll be successful. The moment you loose focus, things like procrastination hijack your brain and take control.
In blogging, especially […]

101 Blogging Tips I Learned in 2007

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Ah, today’s the last day of 2007. Time sure flies by quickly. It’s been nothing short of an eventful journey for me and I hope it continues like this for the coming months. I’ve learned a lot in 2007 and thought to summarize all that in […]

Automatically Publish Your Blog Post to Twitter

Rejoice people! Now, you can automatically twitter your blog posts! TwitterFeed is a service I found yesterday which will help you to twitter your blog posts automatically.
Now you won’t have to do it manually every single time

BloggingZoom: A Revolutionary Idea

Getting the attention of social media is getting difficult by each passing day, especially for small bloggers like me. Every one of the existing social media sites is well established, so in order to get on the frontpage, you’ve to participate, comment and make friends on the site for months! This pretty much limits […]