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Japanese Language
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Using this course
For these lessons your computer must be capable of displaying Japanese characters. If your computer doesn't have Japanese support, please follow our installation instructions.

Because the printed form, and even more so the digital form, of Japanese characters can differ quite a lot from the written form, we use a calligraphic font to display the characters in our vocabulary lists.

You can download the calligraphic Japanese font (2.27 MB) from our server. For installation instructions please visit our download page. Installation is not required, if the font is not installed a standard print form will be displayed.

Study method
Try to do a little every day rather than taking on big chunks at once, and try to memorize about 5 kanji per day. This will help keep the study load light. To memorize kanji I recommend writing the kanji repeatedly. This will also help you familiarize yourself with the stroke order. For writing kanji squared paper is recommended. It will help you separate kanji from radicals.

If you need help with the assignments you can post your questions on the forum.

This course is divided into several sections:

- Hiragana
- Katakana
- Transcription
- Pronunciation
- Useful phrases
- Kanji
- Alphabetizing in Japanese
Beginner level
- Lesson 1 :: Nouns
- Lesson 2 :: Verbs / the grammatical subject
- Lesson 3 :: Word order / the grammatical object
- Lesson 4 :: Polite forms / questions / negatives
- Lesson 5 :: The past tense / the gerund
- Lesson 6 :: Verbal adjectives / "na"-nominals
- Lesson 7 :: Katakana
- Lesson 8 :: Pronouns
- Rentaikei
- Ren'youkei
- Izenkei
- Mizenkei
- Meireikei
- Group 4 verbs ending on -iru / eru
- A wa B da
- A wa B ga C da
- Causative forms
- Clauses
- Comparative forms
- Conditional forms
- Counting & classifiers
- Desiderative forms
- Dubitative forms
- Gender forms
- Imperative forms
- Interrogative forms
- Negative forms
- Passive forms
- Polite forms
- Potential forms
- Prohibitive forms
- Requests
- Speech forms
- Subjunctive forms
- Tenses
- To be or not to be
The structure of this Japanese course is in large part based on the first year "Modern Texts" course given at the Japanese faculty of the University of Leiden.
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