Stratton-Porter, Gene, 1863-1924 . Freckles
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  • Header
  • Front Matter
  • Chapter 1 CHAPTER I Wherein Great Risks Are Taken and the Limberlost Guard Is Hired
  • Chapter 2 CHAPTER II Wherein Freckles Proves His Mettle and Finds Friends
  • Chapter 3 CHAPTER III Wherein a Feather Falls and a Soul Is Born
  • Chapter 4 CHAPTER IV Wherein Freckles Faces Trouble Bravely and Opens the Way for New Experiences
  • Chapter 5 CHAPTER V Wherein an Angel Materializes and a Man Worships
  • Chapter 6 CHAPTER VI Wherein a Fight Occurs and Women Shoot Straight
  • Chapter 7 CHAPTER VII Wherein Freckles Wins Honor and Finds a Footprint on the Trail
  • Chapter 8 CHAPTER VIII Wherein Freckles Meets a Man of Affairs and Loses Nothing by the Encounter
  • Chapter 9 CHAPTER IX Wherein the Limberlost Falls upon Mrs. Duncan and Freckles Comes to the Rescue
  • Chapter 10 CHAPTER X Wherein Freckles Strives Mightily and the Swamp Angel Rewards Him
  • Chapter 11 CHAPTER XI Wherein the Butterflies Go on a Spree and Freckles Informs the Bird Woman
  • Chapter 12 CHAPTER XII Wherein Black Jack Captures Freckles and the Angel Captures Jack
  • Chapter 13 CHAPTER XIII Wherein the Angel Releases Freckles, and the Curse of Black Jack Falls upon Her
  • Chapter 14 CHAPTER XIV Wherein Freckles Nurses a Heartache and Black Jack Drops Out
  • Chapter 15 CHAPTER XV Wherein Freckles and the Angel Try Taking a Picture, and Little Chicken Furnishes the Subject
  • Chapter 16 CHAPTER XVI Wherein the Angel Locates a Rare Tree and Dines with the Gang
  • Chapter 17 CHAPTER XVII Wherein Freckles Offers His Life for His Love and Gets a Broken Body
  • Chapter 18 CHAPTER XVIII Wherein Freckles refuses Love Without Knowledge of Honorable Birth, and the Angel Goes in Quest of it
  • Chapter 19 CHAPTER XIX Wherein Freckles Finds His Birthright and the Angel Loses Her Heart
  • Chapter 20 CHAPTER XX Wherein Freckles returns to the Limberlost, and Lord O'More Sails for Ireland Without Him