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Open Source

Open Source development adds a new dimension to Java code, its communities, and its users. It presents both unfettered opportunity to innovate and logistical challenges involving how to share code and with whom. This year this track shines a spotlight on some of the people and projects here today, ahead of the curve in an open source world that now embraces Java technology. Sessions focus on real-world examples and experiences-both big and small, known and new-with developing and leveraging code that uses a free/open source model. Learn technical details of code bases, how to develop and contribute code, how to collaborate on projects beyond just the bits, and how these projects and processes can make your own development projects more valuable - to you as well as your customers.

Taking Java Technology to New Frontiers: Enterprise Batch Processing with Spring Batch
Rod Johnson, Interface21; Wayne Lund, Accenture; Scott Wintermute, Accenture
Open-Source Licensing Emergency Room Panel
Eben Moglen, Software Freedom Law Center; Simon Phipps, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Cliff Schmidt, Apache. org
Open-Source Java Projects: Meet the Sausage Makers Panel
Chris Adamson, Subsequently And Furthermore, Inc.; Zaheda Bhorat, Google; Richard Dill
Building JavaServer Faces Applications with Spring and Hibernate
Kito Mann, Virtua, Inc.; Chris Richardson, Chris Richardson Consulting, Inc.
Mobilizing Open Source: Creativity, Contribution and Community
David Lefty Schlesinger , ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc.
Packaging Java Platform Applications into Ubuntu
Jeff Bailey, Ubuntu; Harpreet Singh, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Advanced Spring Framework
Rod Johnson, Interface21
The Apache Harmony Project
Tim Ellison, IBM UK Ltd.; Geir Magnusson, Jr., Apache Software Foundation
Apache OFBiz: Real-World Open Source Java Platform ERP
David Jones, Hotwax Media, Inc; Ean Schuessler, Brainfood, Inc.
Liberating Java; Free and Open Opportunity for the Future
Patrick Finch, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Simon Phipps, Sun Microsystems, Inc. Extensions with NetBeans Software
Juergen Schmidt, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Java Technology Libre Panel
Geir Magnusson, Jr., Apache Software Foundation; Tom Marble, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Mark Reinhold, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Dalibor Topic, Max Planck Institute for Computer Science; Tom Tromey, Red Hat, Inc.; Mark Wielaard, Free Software Foundation
Straightforward Jini Network Technology
James Morgan, SRA International, Inc.; Clark Richey, SRA International, Inc.
Open Source SOA Realized
Soren Hartvig, Capgemini; Poul Moller, Capgemini

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