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Flight Safety Foundation
Professionalism Award in Flight Safety

is presented to

Capt. Eric Gennotte
First Officer Steeve Michielsen
Flight Engineer Mario Rofail


Photo of Capt. Eric Gennotte
Capt. Eric Gennotte
Photo of First Officer Steeve Michielsen
First Officer
Steeve Michielsen
phto of flight Engineer Mario Rofail
Flight Engineer
Mario Rofail

For their extraordinary piloting skills in flying their aircraft to a safe landing after a missile strike following takeoff from Baghdad, Iraq.

On November 22, 2003, the crew was flying an Airbus A300-B4 cargo aircraft from Baghdad to Bahrain. Following takeoff, during the climb through 8,000 feet, the missile struck the left wing. Within seconds, all hydraulic systems were inoperative, the wing was on fire and part of the wing surface was missing.

The only remaining means of aircraft control were thrust variation and asymmetric thrust application. By knowledgeable and resourceful manipulation of thrust, the flight crew was able to control pitch and roll flight characteristics. Despite the fire and leakage of fuel, the crew kept the left engine operating for control purposes.

The flight crew brought the aircraft to a controlled touchdown in a crosswind on Runway 33L at the Baghdad airport, 25 minutes after the missile strike. The aircraft exited the side of the runway but was brought to a stop with no injuries to the crew or ground personnel.

Faced with an emergency situation unprecedented in their experience, demanding the utmost ingenuity and understanding of flight dynamics, the flight crew rose to the occasion with a remarkable example of professionalism.

Flight Safety Foundation is proud to recognize Capt. Eric Gennotte, First Officer Steeve Michielsen and Flight Engineer Mario Rofail for their fulfillment of professional duty.

FSF 57th annual International Air Safety Seminar
Shanghai, China
November 16, 2004


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Stuart Matthews
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