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WordPress MU 1.5 RC1 Released

Donnacha just released WPMU 1.5 RC1, a more stable release with many fixes and the features of WP 2.5. Also has experimental support for CCS styles filtering our bad stuff. Here is the zip file for testers.

WordPress.com updated to 2.5

WordPress.com is now running on WordPress 2.5, stay tuned for the new version of WPMU (1.5?).

Almost here

Donncha just posted on the WordPress Mu forums that you may download a merged version of WordPress 2.5 and WPMU. Although he warns us not to use it in a live server, it’s just for testing purposes. This is what you can get now:

1. All new WordPress 2.5 admin backend including media uploader.
2. Salted passwords.
3. Bug and security fixes.
4. Shiny new blog switcher created by Michael Adams

Be ready for the following days for a more stable and secure release.

BuddyPress joins Automattic

BuddyPress is a suite of WordPress MU plugins that will completely transform a vanilla installation of Wordpress MU into a fully functional social network platform. It includes extended profiles, messaging, friends, groups, chatterboard (AKA Wall), and albums. In the recent weeks Andy Peatling handed out the project to the community as he didn’t have time to work on it. Surprisingly, Andy has join Automattic, the people behind WordPress and Gravatar among other projects, to develop BuddyPress full time.

So WPMU users will be able to not only create weblog hosting, but in a recent future, social networks.

Hello world!

Welcome to WPMU.org. a blog dedicated to post news, tutorials, plugins, themes, hacks, tips, etc… related to WordPress MU.

What’s WordPress MU?

Wordpress Multi-User (Wordpress MU) is a fork of WordPress created to allow simultaneous blogs to exist within one installation. Wordpress MU makes it possible for any one with a website to host their own blogging community, control and moderate all the blogs from a single dashboard. Wordpress MU adds eight new data tables for each blog. (Wikipedia)

By the way this is just another unofficial blog not affiliated with WordPress MU developed by Automattic.