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Phoenix Dance Theatre, Sadler's Wells, London (Rated 3/ 5 )

Phoenix's new programme makes for a literary evening. It can be a strain: versions of Othello and The Glass Menagerie are stylised, sometimes stylish, often confusing. It's not until the final piece, Paseillo, that dance and characterisation are satisfyingly blended.

Columnist Comments


Johann Hari: BNP votes are a cry of working-class anguish

We dismiss them as 'chavs', 'pikeys' and racists, and jeer at their names


Bruce Anderson: Boris Johnson is a libertarian, not a Tory

He is a man without core belief: without a political or intellectual compass


Philip Hensher: The classical allusion makes a comeback

Boris is going to be a very odd mayor, which might be no bad thing

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