Pearl Jam Begin Work on Ninth Studio Album

5/2/08, 1:41 pm EST

Pearl Jam have begun work on early demos for their ninth studio album ­— which will be their first with producer Brendan O’Brien since 1998’s Yield, according to guitarist Mike McCready. “It’s really in its infant stages right now,” McCready tells Rolling Stone. “We have about five ideas that have been worked on.” The band, whose last album was 2006’s well-received Pearl Jam, isn’t sure yet about the direction of the new release. “Brendan is another set of ears that we respect, and he’s going to give us a different way to go but I don’t know what that is yet,” McCready says. The band has already had one session with O’Brien, and will probably resume work on the album in July after finishing their June U.S. tour.

Meanwhile, McCready is continuing his charity work for his cause of choice: raising awareness about Crohn’s disease, the digestive ailment he’s suffered from since he was 21. He’s leading a May 3rd benefit concert at the Seattle club Showbox at the Market, raising money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. McCready will perform twice,­ first with Rick and Chris Friel from his pre-Pearl Jam band Shadow, and then with Flight to
Mars, his tribute band to British rockers UFO (the band’s guitarist, Michael Schenker, was a big influence). During the Shadow set, McCready expects his old friend Duff McKagan to jump on stage. “He wants to sing [the Stooges‘] ‘I
Wannna Be Your Dog,’” McCready says. “I’m just stoked he wanted to be part of it.”

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erik | 5/4/2008, 11:51 pm EST

pearl jam is a legit band straight out of the seatle grunge scene, they dont sell out, whats with all the hating. the kick ass, listen to evenflow and then come and tell me they dont rock.
pearl jam is going down in history with the greats unlike bands like fall out boy and mcr.

Save You | 5/4/2008, 11:14 pm EST

Bukowski and pearl jam recipe hate the band but i bet they had their copies of ten and vs when they came out. They’re just into what’s popular now. Typical musical incompetence. Just buy what’s being marketed to you. Since Pearl Jam isn’t popular like they were in the nineties, then they must be a “horrible” band. Come on guys grow up and stop bashing pearl jam and other bands who rock. I’ll bet you’re wearing flannel and rocking out to Pearl Jam’s first two records when no one’s looking.

Evolve | 5/4/2008, 11:00 pm EST

Why is this even a debate? Musically, there albums can be a little inconsistent but cmon who makes perfect albums? The band’s ratio of great songs to filler is better than most. For example, there’s a lot of hype around Gnarls Barkley but the only good song on that last album was the single Crazy. I think pearl jam deserves some respect even if you don’t like their music there’s a sincerity to the band and that’s one of the things fans connect with. Pair that sincerity with well written lyrics and music and you’re destined for success. Case and point pearl jam who are 3 years shy of the two decade mark and still releasing quality material. Pearl Jam are among the best rock bands i don’t care what the naysayers choose to say or believe.

bukowski sucks | 5/4/2008, 10:47 pm EST

What kind of shit do you listen to? Why don’t you start your education with these bands (in no particular order but just to rub you the wrong way i’ll start with:

Pearl Jam
Jane’s Addiction
Bob Marley
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Jimi Hendrix
Dinosaur Jr
LEd Zeppelin
Van Halen and there are many more
but i’m sure you’d be satisfied with your 50 Cent and Kanye garbage or maybe some other here today gone tomorrow generic band/solo act.

Jerome Turner | 5/4/2008, 4:05 pm EST

Yield was one of the most complete rock albums of the 90s…straight ahead rock, great hooks, insightful lyrics, intorspective, tripy love songs. I love it. “In Hiding” might be my fav PJ songo of all time. Love PJ, love the tour, can’t wait for the new album…


Hey! Want to make your own NEW PEARL JAM record. Just take a piece of Obama’s political propaganda, smear it with peanut butter, add a rolling stones, Neil Young and Bob Dylan record (any of them). Eat it. Wait 2-3 hours. Then take a big fat dump and throw it into your CD player and VOILA! the new Pearl Jam record!!

WHO CARES?? | 5/4/2008, 12:47 pm EST

Pearl Jam and whatever they’re up to are ALWAYS at the top of Rolling Stone’s news. YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWN! Obviously someone way up the ladder is a huge fan. As Steve Langford says, “Who gives a shit, who gives a fuck” what lame ass PearlJam is up to. I might go see them live if they were playing in my backyard. Then again, maybe not.

Stones Dad | 5/4/2008, 12:08 pm EST

7 show in june! Starting at Bonerzoo and ending in hartford, but minus VA and second night camden bc we got MMJ tiks for radio city!
also who else loved the Leash being broken out last tour!

Amused | 5/4/2008, 12:06 pm EST

It’s so good to hear they’re recording new stuff. ;)

Bukowski | 5/4/2008, 11:07 am EST

re: bukowski sucks | 5/3/2008, 11:24 pm EST

“Bukowski needs to listen to some real music like pearl jam.”

Wow, you’ve convinced me. I’ll start building my Pearl Jam collection right now!!! You’re very persuasive.

“I noticed your R.E.M. reference (SHiny happy people), do you hate that band too?”

With a blinding passion.

“Get a life and a music sense.”

Right back atcha!

Doberdog | 5/4/2008, 6:08 am EST

Yes! YEs!

We’re baaaaaack!!!!

Love Boat Captain | 5/4/2008, 12:30 am EST

Pearl Jam is the only band to survive the grunge revolution. They were never affraid to evolve and make music on their own terms. That alone should be reason to respect bands like pearl jam in an era where music has lost its integrity as bands with no talent are discovered and become stars for a fleeting moment. Those no talent bands have no shot at long jevity. PEarl Jam is almost at the twenty year mark and i’m sure they could make it to another twenty because they’re all about the music not the fame or radio airplay. The Real fans stuck by them as the fickle ones departed in droves after vitalogy. It’s been said that pearl Jam are the Dead of this generation-not the sound obviously-but in the way they’ve achieved a cult following of loyal fans who have helped the band go at least platinum with every release. That says alot considering albums after vitalogy recieved little or no exposure. Pearl Jam is the band to beat in terms of mission, fan appreciation, and stage shows.

Anonymous | 5/4/2008, 12:22 am EST


spin the black circle | 5/4/2008, 12:12 am EST

Pearl Jam will be one of those bands that new generations will discover and love. I eagerly await their next album offering.

low light | 5/3/2008, 11:56 pm EST

Pearl Jam rocks but i think (and fans don’t get too mad cause i’m a fan too) they’ve lost some of their intensity in recent years. I hope the next album will sound like a sequel to ten or vs.

lost dog | 5/3/2008, 11:50 pm EST

“If i was lost at sea
That harpoon boat in front of me
That’s the whale i’d like to be”

whale song | 5/3/2008, 11:38 pm EST

It would be great to hear the b sides from the self titled album as a stop gap until the new record comes out. If you know anything about the band, there b sides are better than most bands album songs. ANyways, i hope the new album comes out this year or sometime in january or february of next year. Pearl Jam rocks!!!

Alive | 5/3/2008, 11:32 pm EST

I wasn’t sure the band would record anytime soon with eddie vedder recording and touring as a solo act. THis is great news. It’ll probably come out early next year. I wonder what they’ll call the new record and how it will sound. Pearl jam’s alive. They’re alive oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. Can’t wait to hear the new songs.

Five Against One | 5/3/2008, 11:26 pm EST

pearl jam is a great band both on record and in concert. YOu definetly get your money’s worth-they play 2 to 21/2 hour shows where most other concerts are an hour and a half. The band improvises on stage and add new elements to the song for the live versions. The passion, the playing, the songwriting it’s all there and the band still rocks like it always has. They are the only band to survive the grunge era in tact and were never affraid to evolve. YOu got to give them credit for that. the new album will be another stellar album.

bukowski sucks | 5/3/2008, 11:24 pm EST

Bukowski needs to listen to some real music like pearl jam. I noticed your R.E.M. reference (SHiny happy people), do you hate that band too? What kind of garbage to listen to? Panic at the disco or maybe shitty 80 bands like motley crue. Get a life and a music sense. Pearl Jam are the last great band to put their heart into the music and shows rather than get wrecked onstage and disrespect the fans who pay hard earned money to see them. THey’re loyal to the fans and they have talent. WHy don’t you listen to their music before you open your mouth. R.E.M. were inducted into the rock hall of fame and Pearl Jam will follow soon.

Stinky Pearl Jam Farts | 5/3/2008, 9:14 pm EST

Hey, what crawled up this band’s MUSIC and died?

Bukowski | 5/3/2008, 9:08 pm EST

All the Pearl Jam fan comments: Wow!

Shiny happy people holding hands.

Stinky Pearl Jam Farts | 5/3/2008, 9:05 pm EST

Hey Ed, light a match, will you?

klazzze | 5/3/2008, 7:07 pm EST

PJ Rules!

Can’t wait for the 3 banger this summer! 2 PJ shows and Bonnaroo.

Bukowski | 5/3/2008, 5:11 pm EST

baaaah ha ha ha. Faaarrrrttttt!

Whatever, man. Whatever!

memphis08 | 5/3/2008, 4:07 pm EST

give me the whole enchilada
even lessor (?) tunes
give depth of flavor
and i’m always ready
for a new taste
my life has a soundtrack

bonnROO 2008-TULSA,ok | 5/3/2008, 3:26 pm EST


tamraaz | 5/3/2008, 2:49 pm EST

very much looking forward to the new album…surely excited…hope they continue to produce quality songs..

mmd | 5/3/2008, 2:22 pm EST

Avocado stunk. Two songs at best were any good. After Yield, they lost the plot on how to write solid good tunes. Binaural had 3 decent tracks. But as far as full records go, lets not kid ourselves and love everything PJ does just because they are PJ. Here’s hoping Brenden O Brien can bring it out of them on the next one.

MFC | 5/3/2008, 1:29 pm EST

1. Vs.
2. No code
3. Yield
4. Vitalogy
5. 10
6. Pearl Jam
7. Binaural
8. Riot Act
top 5 are classics. Bottom 3 are good, half classic albums with pretty decent songs on the other half. The first 5 were produced by O’Brein, which makes me feel good about this upcoming release. They also are still amazing live, so you know they have a lot left in them

Red Mosquito | 5/3/2008, 1:26 pm EST

Never could agree that Avocado was was somehow the great PJ album they hadn’t made in a long time.

I love all PJ albums like people who have kids love their kids. The second I even think about one of them being my least favorite, or most favorite, I feel guilty and move both to the middle of the pack.

Songs that I didn’t like for a decade I love now (WMA) and songs that I loved intensely only to tire of after being played to death, I eventually rediscover (Corduroy.)

Kurt Munro (Scotland) | 5/3/2008, 8:52 am EST

Avocado was their best album yet I think.

Lyrically it’s miles ahead of any other album they’ve done. Especially Army Reserve and Marker In The Sand.

Cheesecrop | 5/3/2008, 7:22 am EST

There are still a few things I try to follow constantly in the rock universe, and one of them is when the next Pearl Jam album is coming. Ten through Yield were staggering, and the best moments on Binaural matched them. I agree w/ the post that said the Avocado had some spotty moments, but less than Riot Act. I’ve always thought VS. was their best, and I’d like to see if they could pull something like that off again.

martyr | 5/3/2008, 6:48 am EST

Mike McCready stated in early 2006 that PJ recorded approx. 30 songs for the ‘Avocado’ album. where are those tunes?

slow galaxy | 5/3/2008, 4:35 am EST

these guys are simply incredible! i went to lollapalooza last summer in chicago and they really blew my mind away. i hadn’t seen them since a st. louis vote for change show in oct 2004 and i really thought that they blew everyone away!

fucking awesome man, i love these dudes.

Fernando Pimentel | 5/3/2008, 2:19 am EST

Great News!
The Giants from Seattle have made my day sunnier today…
Hope they may evoke some of the brilliance of their earlier work such as Ten and Vs. Avocado was ok, but I’m still optimistic the band will bring us more of the early 90’s sound and vibe!
Anyway, I’m a PJ FAN-atic! Let’s hope they do a complete World Tour to support their new rendering - going from Australia to South America!

Daniel | 5/3/2008, 12:16 am EST

Buenas nocticias, me han alegrado el día!!

Shiny_One | 5/3/2008, 12:14 am EST

yes!! so super excited!!! can’t wait! and like all the comments before! YIELD will and always rox my world!

RightOnPJ | 5/2/2008, 11:38 pm EST

Hell yes,

I can’t wait. Yield was their best effort for me personally. The album was fantastic.

Its werid how Duff is friends with Mike now. Back in the day they would’ve probably been ripping on each others bands.

Chad | 5/2/2008, 11:12 pm EST

Awesome!! I am stoked… I remember losing sleep waiting for the last album… and a new album often means NEW TOUR!! Welcome back to Oz…

tallboy16 | 5/2/2008, 10:55 pm EST

Its on!

red dot | 5/2/2008, 10:54 pm EST

viva la vinyl & viva la pj…i’ve got every note they ever recordied on my hard drive and aching for more…17 years and going strong!!!!

88keys | 5/2/2008, 8:22 pm EST

Can’t wait, but am still getting plenty of long and loud listening to the 2006 release!

Kudos to Mike for the Crohn’s work. I’ve run in a couple of CCF’s 5ks in the Emerald City. You gotta love folks who put up with all the lousy stuff they do with that condition, yet have the sense of humor to name their teams Got The Runs (and worse).

TheFifthSister | 5/2/2008, 7:26 pm EST

New album…. that’s all I need to hear. I’ll be getting it the day it comes out, cause with Pearl Jam you know it’s gonna be a quality album. Good luck to ‘em. I’m all excited now.

And it’s nice to hear about Mike’s charity work, I’ve spoken to a few people who suffer from Crohn’s and it isn’t a nice thing. Mike is a great man and I hope the gig goes well for him and all involved!

Jeff | 5/2/2008, 7:22 pm EST

“wishlist was my fave track on YIELD and”

wow… that’s a top 3 bottom of the barrel track in PJ’s catalog by far

Frank | 5/2/2008, 6:39 pm EST

EVERY Peal Jam album is worth buying!
Can nver ever go wrong with these awesome musicians.
wishlist was my fave track on YIELD and Brendan will make them sound grand!

In Hiding | 5/2/2008, 5:47 pm EST

Awesome!! I already can’t wait.

All Those Yesterdays | 5/2/2008, 5:36 pm EST

Every time a new Pearl Jam album comes down the pipe it is a lock to be good. Whether they know it or not, these guys are legends in their own time. Great news. I’m kissing ass, but I fucking love this band.

John | 5/2/2008, 5:34 pm EST

GREAT news! That is awesome that This news is out exactly 2 years after Avocado came out. east coast tour here I come!

Off-Topic | 5/2/2008, 5:27 pm EST

Best news I’ve heard in weeks.

Jeff | 5/2/2008, 4:06 pm EST

Glad to see them working with Brendan again, as Yield was their last truly GREAT record.

last one was pretty good overall, but still had some spotty patches (just much less than Riot Act).

Tallboy | 5/2/2008, 3:53 pm EST

It will rock, as usual.

Ralph Jones | 5/2/2008, 3:14 pm EST

I happy to hear this news. Brendan O’ Brien is an awesome producer. I guess the next story will be how they decide to sell it to fans.

Screw the labels, use the iterwebs!

Brain of J | 5/2/2008, 2:36 pm EST

I can’t wait for the new album. Yield was great. Considering it’s been ten years since they last worked with Brendan O Brien, i wonder what the new album will sound like. The last album, Pearl Jam, was excellent as it brought back some of the vitality from the early days. If you remember, those rock songs were influenced by vedder’s friendship with the ramones. There was also a nice balance between the rock songs and the mellow tunes. I’d personally like an all rock album this time out though instead of half and half even though that last album was great. Well, whatever the band decides, i’m sure it’ll sound good and who knows if it will recieve the same positive reviews from critics and fans as the previous album but i’m sure it’ll be worth buying when it comes out.

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