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ALL MY CHILDREN’s Kendall (Alicia Minshew) and Zach Slater (Thorsten Kaye)

Super Couple Moniker: Zendall
Heart Rating:

Why We Heart Them: Pine Valley’s own McDreamy, Zach finally taught our favourite hot mess, Kendall Hart into believing she not only had one, but that also deserved love. Nothing’s sexier when Zendall argue and bicker, except, well, when they enjoy make-up sex.

If Madonna wrote their love song: “One More Chance”

Future Forecast: Rumours are swirling that Zendall may be breaking up soon thanks to Spike’s hearing impairment, and other evil forces at work, namely Hannah and Greenlee.


Soaps’ best super-couples!


By Nelson Branco

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All My Children, ABC


















All My Children, ABC  As the World Turns, CBS  Bold and the Beautiful, CBS  Days of our Lives, NBC  General Hospital, ABC  Guiding Light, CBS  Passions, NBC  The Young and the Restless, CBS 


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