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The Philharmonic’s current situation

Founded in 1955, The “Transylvania” State Philharmonic from Cluj-Napoca has grown to be considered one of the most valuable institutions in the country and a sustained presence in the European cultural space.

Transylvania, historic province of Romania, is known to most of the people only in relation to the legendary Dracula. But Transylvania means, first of all, its capital, Cluj Napoca.

City of cultural vocation above all, Cluj-Napoca is also the place where, in 1955, one of the most valuable orchestras in Romania was founded: The Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra, which today means symphonic orchestra, choir, chamber orchestra and quartet. All the more, the Philharmonic’s current situation becomes difficult to understand: in its 50th year of existence, the institution does not have its own headquarters and its own concert hall.


The Students’ Culture House, the present location of the symphonic concerts, has an improper acoustic and an unpleasant ambiance. All this endangers the artistic level of our ensembles and reduces the public.


The Philharmonic’s management started off a strong campaign to building a new concert hall. The authorities (The City Council and The Municipal Council have been trying for more than a year now to find a proper location. Different solutions have been brought, but there has been no final decision yet. Other economical solutions are being searched for, to imply lesser costs.

As far as we think, there is only one place in Cluj-Napoca that could correspond to a real concert hall: the building of the old Casino, in the Central Park.

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