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Bruce Cervon's Castle Notebooks Volume 2

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Wonderful things to discover…


In November of 1922, archaeologist Howard Carter stood in front of what had taken him 15 arduous years to find – possibly the most intact tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh ever uncovered in the Valley of the Kings.

Designated KV62, it would soon be known the world over as the tomb of Tutankhamun. While his financier, Lord Carnarvon, along with Carnarvon’s daughter and several others, looked on, Carter made, in his words, a “tiny breach in the top left hand corner” of the doorway. He lifted a candle and peered in. The others excitedly asked him if he could see anything and he replied, with his mind almost unable to comprehend the magnitude of his discovery, “Yes, wonderful things.”

In November of 2007, magicians got their first glimpse into a hitherto unseen cache of magical treasures when L&L Publishing released the first volume of Bruce Cervon’s Castle Notebooks. This book contained the entire contents of the first three notebooks that were kept by Cervon as he soaked up the embarrassment of magical riches that abounded during the early years at the legendary Magic Castle.

Only 500 copies of Volume 1 were sold, with every copy being snapped up in a very short period of time. Those who hesitated could only ask the lucky few if the books really lived up to the legend that had built up around the Cervon notebooks over the last four decades. Was there truly anything worthwhile in them? Purchasers who still couldn’t believe the sheer number of previously unrevealed secrets could only reply, “Yes, wonderful things.”

L&L Publishing is proud to announce the publication of Volume 2 of Bruce Cervon’s Castle Notebooks. This volume contains Notebooks 4 and 5, covering the years from November 1965 through May 1966. To everyone’s best knowledge, no other magician other than Bruce Cervon himself has ever seen what hidden secrets lie on these pages.

Reaction to Volume 1 was unanimous:

Eugene Burger said, “The Cervon Notebooks are almost like being at some of the most fascinating magic sessions of the 20th century. The material Vernon shared in itself is quite astonishing.”

Bill Malone noted, “The Bruce Cervon Notebooks are pure gold! I’m finding fascinating information with the turn of every page! Part of the fun is uncovering the buried treasures hidden inside.”

And, Max Maven said, “Digging through these pages is an opportunity that virtually no one imagined would ever be possible. But it is, and it’s worth digging, as there are gems to be discovered.”

Volume 1 sold out in record time so don’t be left out as the response to the publication of Volume 2 is expected to be just as great. Order today and discover your own wonderful things in Bruce Cervon’s Castle Notebooks Volume 2.

312 pages • Hardbound • Gold Foil Cover • Each page scanned from the original hand-written notebooks.

Limited to 500 copies for sale – don’t miss out!

Bruce Cervon’s Castle Notebooks Volume 2 (Notebooks 4 and 5) $200.00

Please note: Due to the anticipated demand, only 1 copy per customer please!

Special: For one week only, from Friday, April 18 to Midnight, Thursday, April 24, 2008(no exceptions), in order to provide you with the opportunity to get the same number book you have for the first volume, you may request that special number for your limited edition volume. These requests will be honored in the order in which they are received. If ordering online, make sure to enter your number request in the customer comments section of the online order form. If ordering by telephone, make your request known to our customer service representative. All books will ship by approximately May 20, 2008 or sooner. Credit cards will not be charged until your order ships.

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