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Smith Street and Smith Street Mall in Darwin

Smith Street Mall is know by different names 'The Mall', 'Knuckey Street Mall', 'Darwin Mall', 'Town Mall' are some of them. At the other end of the Mall still classed Smith Street in intersect's with bennett Street and continues on another 700m app. and terminates at The Esplanade.

It has 2 main entrances with main entrance fronting Knuckey Street and the other from Bennet Street and the opposite end of the mall. From the Stuart Memorial and the post office Smith Street Mall, a pedestrian zone, runs south.

Smith Street Mall is our social and shopping hub in the Darwin Central business District. The only shopping centre larger is at casuarina. So if you in Darwin just for the Day then The Smith Street Mall is the place to go. Shop hours vary but usually Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-12pm. Sunday some cafes, various clothes stores, art galleries and souvenir shops are open.

The other main entrance to the Smith Street Mall is from Bennet Street and the opposite end of the mall. It's also handy to know the 4 sides entrances thru the different arcades such as the Star Village Arcade. On the east side of the Mall, facing the Victoria Hotel (1894), is Star Village, Darwin's first cinema.

The Galleria in Smith Street Mall is the largest side arcade in the Smith Street Mall. It's not really an arcade though you can walk thru to the back of the Galleria and thethe exit leads to the Sushi Bar next to the Crowne Hotel on Mitchell Street.

Further along going to Knuckey Street around 30 meters in the Top End Touirsm Shop known as the vistors information centre. This shop is a must for all our clients before venturing out from Darwin.

Public Toilets are in The Galleria in Smith Street Mall at the back of the Galleria on the right. there are also some on the left of Raintreet park at the beginning of the Smith street Mall next to the new Sushi Cafe.

Smith Street Mall - best kept secret for men is 'Charlie'. Charlie is a hairdresser he just loves his shop and appreciates his clientele and leads a very content life. Men's cut are AUD $19.00 and he cuts the real old fashioned way. Charlies shop is in the first arcade on the left once entering the mall from Knuckey Street. No appointments just turn up and wait in that cool airconditioned shop.


  • On the opposite side is The Victoria Hotel, familiarly known as the 'Vic', was badly damaged by cyclones in 1897, 1937 and 1974 but on each occasion was restored to its colonial splendor.

Some of the shops to brouse around.

  • OUR FAVOURITE SHOP IS - Paspaley Pearls - Internationally renowned for their quality and unique collections.
    Prestigious Shopping - The Paspaley Pearling Company was the inspiration of the respected late Nicholas Paspaley Senior MBE (1913– 1984). Having known Mrs Paspaley I can't highly enough recommend any of our visiting clients to venture and see their range of stunning pearls.

    Harvested from their own pearl farms and found only at Paspaley Boutiques, each pearl is authenticated by the Paspaley Pearls Certificate of Guarantee.

    Situated at 19 The Mall, Darwin. Actually this is at the end of the Mall near Bennett Street entrance opposite the Westpac Bank.

  • The House of Pearls - Exhibits include Freshwater, South Sea, Mabe, Keshi Pearls and Mother of Pearl products.
  • Pearl Galleria - Shop 21, The Galleria, Darwin City Mall

Some of the souvenirs shops to brouse around.


    NT Souvenirs is in the Mall at the Knuckey Street entrance. The owner has been a great friend for 20 years and this is a great little shop to brouse around in.

    There around another 5-6 souvenir shops in the Mall and along Knuckey Street that will have that piece of Darwin memorablia you wish to take home.

Where to buy a Didgeridoo and Aboriginal Art in Darwin (Authors choice on value, service and quality)

  • Prestigious Shopping - Around the corner 20 mters down Mitchell Street upstairs is another Aboriginal Art shop
  • Prestigious Shopping - Aboriginal Art is also at the Holiday Inn (Formerly known as the Darwin Heritage Hotel). As you go in look at the art in the window display on the left of the door. Perfect as presents and at around AUD $245 a good present.
  • Prestigious Shopping -Karen Brown's art gallery near NT House
  • Prestigious Shopping -The art gallery next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Mitchell Street.
  • At the beginning of the Mall at the Knuckey Street entrance. There is a Cultural Art shop with friendly staff and reasonable prices.
  • Finally as the picture on the right describes - the final place has to be Mindel Beach Market.

Places of Interest along Smith Street.

Smith Street is app 4.5km long and runs from the Espalande to the roundabout above the Skycity resort and Casino.

The most well known area of Mitchell Street is the Mitchell Street Mall and the shopping area on the other side of Knuckey Street which crosses Smith Street. In the picture on the right you will see Salvators a local haunt for the business folks for their coffee fix before work.

Places of Interest along Smith Street.

The roundabout at the crest pictured right is the start of Smith Street. This roundabout has Cullen Bay leading down the hill on Kahlin Avenue which runs into Marina Boulevard nearly opposite the the direction of Smith Street. Now also nearly oppiste Smith Street at this same roundabout is Gilruth Avenue

or if your coming from Smith Street it's on the same road. Looking at the round about from Smith Street the SkyCity Resort is directly down the hill 500 meters in front of you and next to that is Mindel Beach.

Places of Interest along Smith Street.

Smith Street crosses over with Daly Street and along the way you pass new High Rise apartment buidlings. The most regonised by old timers is the Marrakai still a splendid looking landmark.

Places of Interest along Smith Street.

Civic Square is a peaceful parkland located between Bennet Street and The Esplanade.

Places of Interest along Smith Street.

The section of the street between Bennet Street and The Esplanade.

Places of Interest along Smith Street.

This church is located between Bennet Street and The Eslanade. Just after Civic Square.

(More info on this soon)

Places of Interest along Smith Street.

This landmark 'The Ruins' is opposite Brown's Mart.

(More info on this soon)

Brown's Mart Community Arts, Cinemas, Theatres in Darwin, Northern Territory Australia: Is situated on Lot 6569(A) Town of Darwin, Wharf end of Smith Street, opposite the Town Hall Ruins.

A simple rectangular stone (local porcellanite) building with corrugated galvanised iron hipped gabled roof. Note that the building was damaged in the cyclones of 1897 and 1974 and reconstructed/modified to acccommodate the new theatre after the latter.

History of Brown's Mart is at http://www.nt.gov.au/

The offical site for browns Mart is www.brownsmart.com.au/

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