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Albania: NATO Should Stay In Kosovo

02 May 2008 Tirana _ Albania’s Foreign Minister has urged NATO to continue its mission in Kosovo so to guarantee stability in the region.
NATO Chief Visits Macedonia

21 April 2008 Skopje _ The NATO Secretary General is meeting Macedonian leaders in Skopje, after the country had its membership bid blocked earlier this month.
Lelek: Repeated testimony

05 May 2008 The Court and Defence examine last witnesses at the trial of Zeljko Lelek.

Justice Report

Kosovo Assembly Condemns Serb Local Polls

Kosovo Assembly Session
Kosovo Assembly Session
30 April 2008 Pristina _ Kosovo’s Assembly has adopted a statement condemning Serbia’s plans to hold local elections in Kosovo.

“The Assembly considers these elections and their outcome will not have any effect in Kosovo,” Parliament Speaker, Jakup Krasniqi said.

He added lawmakers wanted to back the stance held by the President Fatmir Sejdiu, the government and the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, UNMIK regarding Serbia’s intentions to hold local elections in Kosovo.

Deputy Prime Minister, Hajredin Kuci told deputies that “every election that Serbia organises in Kosovo is illegitimate and illegal.”

“We have the support of UNMIK that institutions in Kosovo cannot be formed based on these elections but the government of Kosovo will not apply violence in these matters,” Kuci pledged.

Serbia’s government says it will hold both parliamentary and local elections in Serb-inhabited areas of Kosovo on May 11.

While Kosovo’s leaders say the Serb community in Kosovo would be allowed to vote in Serbia’s parliamentary poll based on the principle of ‘dual citizenship’ for Kosovo Serbs, the United Nations mission in Kosovo says the local poll would be illegal, although it would not prevent them.

Pristina leaders and the UN have raised concern that Kosovo Serbs may use the local elections to strengthen their rival administration, which furnished with political and financial assistance from Belgrade, has continued to defy Kosovo's February 17 declaration of independence.

The United States and representatives of the European Parliament have also opposed Belgrade’s move arguing “foreign elections” cannot be held on the territory of Kosovo.

Serbia vehemently opposes the independence of its former southern province, Kosovo and claims it is legitimately organising elections within its own territory.

Despite the calls from some deputies that Kosovo’s Assembly drafts a resolution against Serbian local elections in Kosovo, the legislature only debated a statement which will be documented as a condemnation.

Serb vote in Kosovo
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
As the UN has accepted UDI by the Albanians, so will they accept Serb areas in Kosovo that have chosen to remain part of Serbia. Is the UN going to bomb them for their act of defiance? Is the US, Eu going to bomb them for their defiance? Not this time!

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The 2008 Balkan Writers Gathering in Uzice

Bosnians and Serbs have found a way of breaking down the barriers and pooling their literary talents… but their choice for the host town is raising a few eyebrows.

Romania’s Tourism Minister says the country’s beaches will see the biggest influx of holidaymakers in nearly two decades.

Serbian property prices have risen dramatically in recent months due to low levels of construction and correspondingly high levels of demand.

A mixture of Roman, Byzantine and Venetian influences, Zadar is a significant cultural and historical city on Croatia’s Northern Adriatic coast.

Award-winning Croatian author Dubravka Ugresic’s tale of an exiled émigré’s search for meaning as she dwells upon her loss of country, language and identity.

A Kosovo-made documentary plus three others that touch on the world’s newest country will be showcased at the Southeast European Film Festival in Los Angeles.

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