About the BLANKS ON A BLANK Filmmaking Challenge

Animals and vehicles: they just don't mix. The biggest film of this summer, obviously, will show us the inherent dangers of putting motherf***ing snakes on a motherf***ing plane. But what will be the biggest film of NEXT summer?

To us, the success of SNAKES ON A PLANE is a foregone conclusion. And when any film is a success, sequels are inevitable. But how do you follow up the brilliance of S.O.A.P.? Do you put snakes somewhere else? Do you put a different animal on a plane? The options, of course, are endless, and as we were sitting around a table at a pub talking about all the different possible cinematic combinations, we realized that we really, really, really we wanted to see all those movies become a reality. And so we set up the Blanks On A Blank film-making challenge, giving the whole world the chance to show us the future of animal/vehicle disaster films.

When you sign up a team to participate in the challenge, our random generator will provide you with an animal and a vehicle. You've then got until August 3rd to completely finish a 2-5 minute original disaster movie that shows us all about how bad things can get when your BLANKS somehow make their way onto your BLANK. Because sure, rabbits on a boat sound harmless enough, but when those motherf***ing rabbits were placed on that motherf***ing boat by terrorists? Well then you'd better watch your motherf***ing ass.