Oh baby, oh baby.. things are really gettin underway here, but we still could use a couple more hands in the way of modelers and coders for this awesome production. The modding itself was JUST started, and here's a funny screeny for ya to gaze at. Remember, you dont need to be a genius at mapping/modeling/coding to join up, things can be figured out along the way, and manpower seems to be the biggest thing holding us back so far, so drop either GIMS or myself an email if you're interested =].

Update! 01/18/00

2 maps and a q3 sanjuro bot are being released, as part of our beta test! We've got madskillz, nizcorpses, and the oh so sweet Sanjuro bot, all here for u to google your eyes on =]. If you notice anything that should be fixed, or if u have general ideas for us, give GIMS a hollar at ghostinmyshell@worldnet.att.net And of course we got screenies for your viewing pleasure, take a look.. pretty sweet eh?

Download Q3 Madskillz

Download Q3 Nizcorpses


Considering that 90% of the mods for quake 3 under devlopment are a cheap ripoff of either Team Fortress or Counterstrike, demonrage and I want to do something different. We want to do a cheap ripoff of Shogo :-). We used to play the hell out of Shogo, and love anime.

We therefore think a Shogo type mod for Quake 3 should be done. Not to be sued of course, it will just have a little Shogo and a lot of originallity ;-). We will have two types of gameplay, hell 3, we need a version of ctf as well. One will be for onfoot battles that will have a variety of weapons, that will be balanced correctly or you may tar and feather me. The second type of gameplay will be in mecha, that actually transform and shoot big ass guns that cause much destruction.

Unlike other mods for Shogo, and any other game of the past, our mod will actually be completed or else. Slackers, or bandwagon type guys will be quickly ferreted out of the mod. Also unlike other mods, we will accept any help.

Dont know how to code? Dont know how to make maps? Who cares, join up, there must be some talent you have to help out. Besides you might learn a thing or two. If you have any wicked ideas go ahead and tell us, we have some of our own. Can we say buildings that actually disentegrate when the BFG/Red Riot hit them? Well we think stuff like that would be cool to do, but we wont promise it.

Remember we want to actually make this mod, so its a pain in the ass, we will try again later, but it wont hold the entire mod at all. We already have 2 maps done. What have you done? What has that mod group you joined and wanted to make a real mod for done lately?


demonrage@shogomad.com OR ghostinmyshell@worldnet.att.net