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Frank Sidebottom

Show Biz's most fantastic star

Yes, beyond doubt - FRANK SIDEBOTTOM is Show-Biz's most FANTASTIC STAR ....... and when we say "Show Biz", Frank can't be surpassed in his world of Light Entertainment - which includes - Television; Radio; Concerts; Lectures; Records; comic Strip Art and Puppetry (to name but a few) and all between shopping for his mum!

Star of his own 7 part half hour 'FRANK'S FANTASTIC SHED SHOW' fpr ITV ..... Frank is also loved as Tony Wilson's side kick on Channel 4's 'REMOTE CONTROL' which ran for 33 episodes.

Frank Sidebottom's other great TV achievement also include - 8 years on Saturday morning telly, on such shows as WHAT'S UP DOC; 73; SATURDAY PICTURE SHOW; TX ; and MOTORMOUTH ......, but a complete list of TV (ranging from BREAKFAST TIME right up to late night JAMES WHALE etc) are too numerous to mention as FRANK has graced over 300 television appearances.

FRANK was also the pioneer of current radio presentation way back in the mid-eighties he made over 360 "RADIO TIMPERLEY" broadcasts. Originally broadcast on Manchesters PICCADILLY RADIO where regulars to Franks show were such understudies as - Chris Evans, Mark Radcliffe, Steve Penk and Caroline Ahearn (who plays Mrs Merton - Franks next door neighbour). The shows then continued on Chris Evans London GLR show (and countless other commercial radio stations), Before Mark Radcliffe took Frank with his move, first to BBC Radio 5 and then onto BBC Radio 1.

Frank has cracked the TOP 100 countless times with his inimitable banjo ballards such as - "Born in Timperley"; "Mull of Timperley"; "Anarchy in Timperley" and "Timperley Sunset"....... needless to say Frank comes from TIMPERLEY, a small leafy suburb village, just outside Manchester.

Frank Sidebottom's live performances are legendary and have reached cult status, whether it be in front of 14,000 topping the bill on the comedy slate at the READING FESTIVAL, supporting 'Bros' in front of 54,000 at WEMBLEY STADIUM, or simply doing a "TIMPERLEY LECTURE" in front of 300. And everytime it's differenet..... be it with his 6 piece "FRANK SIDEBOTTOM'S OH BLIMEY BIG BAND" or solo with a slide and Super 8mm show on "How to shop for your mum".

Frank is also Ace ..... Fantastic .....and Top - ARTIST and has drawn over 100 comic strip pages for various publications like OINK; NME and CRASH, and February 1999 see's Frank take over the entire East Wing of STOCKPORT ART GALLERY for his one man MIXED MULTI-MEDIA EXTRAVIGANZA! (all done wth £2.99 felt tip pens)

Frank is also much loved in the world of football .... and has appeared on MATCH OF THE DAY no less than 6 times ( thus inspiring his haunting ballard "GUESS WHO'S BEEN ON MATCH ON THE DAY?") - Frank has also been seen doing pre-match entertainment for such teams as Manchester City and United; Tottenham Hotspur; Everton; Oldham; Leyton Orient and Altrincham FC who adopted him as their mascot.

For the last 9 season's Frank has also run his own Sunday league football team call "TIMPERLEY BIGSHORTS FC",....... and all this without the knowledge of his Mum.....!!!!! (not bad, eh?)