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About HKVP Radio

HKVP Radio is the only Cantonese Internet radio station that plays music 24 hours a day from Hong Kong's golden era of pop music. Only three years old, HKVP Radio is becoming an influential voice in the Chinese entertainment industry and is redefining the way entertainment is marketed to the Chinese. Every day, the Chinese from more than 90 countries listen to our music, read entertainment news and bond in our forum and chat room. HKVP Radio features irresistible programming and services to entice repeat visits, such as translating top Chinese entertainment news into English, Request Hour, a lifestyle magazine, email alerts and celebrity interviews.

HKVP Radio rebuilds Cantopop music industry with fans from a bygone era
NOVEMBER 28 - Hong Kong Vintage Pop Radio was founded by young Chinese American entrepreneur Anni Lam in 2002. It is an online radio station dedicated to bringing the best in Cantonese pop music from the 70s, 80s and 90s to the public. "I followed Cantonese pop music since I was 5 years old. After 1997, I stopped listening to Cantonese pop, all due to its deterioration in quality. I believe the Hong Kong entertainment industry has lost its way, and HKVPRadio.com is my first step in rebuilding the business the way I see it should be," says Anni in earnest. Read more

Anni Lam
(877) 266-9130

Anni Lam, 25, is a specialist in Chinese-American entertainment. Business-savvy and unusually creative, Anni envisions what doesn't exist and transforms ideas into reality. As a media entrepreneur, Anni created Internet hit music channel HKVP Radio for Chinese-Americans. As head talent agent at Parc Landon International Artists Agency, Anni "criss-crosses" artists by bringing international acts to Asia and Asian acts to the U.S. She helps unsigned bands advance their careers and books A-list international stars to perform in Asia. As a business consultant, Anni has helped established entertainment veterans such as the House of Blues on how to tackle the Asian-American market for the first time. Anni's achievements have been mentioned by the Asian Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stones Magazine, Sing Tao, The Straits Times, South China Morning Post, San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News.

It all started 10 years ago when Anni became a Chinese concert producer. Later, Anni dreamed up Hong Kong Vintage Pop Radio for overseas fans who wanted to connect to entertainment from their home country. With HKVP Radio, Anni hoped to reignite the golden era of Cantonese pop and serve an untapped market in America: Chinese-Americans. Anni's aspirations include fueling an Asian-American music explosion and restoring the entertainment industry in Asia in entertainment law, music, television, talent and legal representation and concert promotion. She envisions working in the criss-cross between Asia and America, opening up these vast continents to share tastes, culture and music.

Previously, Anni was a marketing and brand analyst in New York. Her past clients include: MTV Networks, MTV Video Music Awards, Sony Music, Conde Nast Publications' Glamour Magazine, Elsevier Science, fashion ad agencies and online retailers. Anni was also an Executive Producer at Premier Entertainment Productions in New York, producing concerts and special music events.

"I am a retired Talent Agent and V.P. for three and a half decades with the two oldest, largest and most important talent agencies in the world. I have known Anni to be conscientious, honest, sincere, forthright and talented. Anni is very hard working and knowledgeable. What separates Anni from the rest is that she's passionate and truly cares about making things a success. I would recommend Anni to every and any professional in the entertainment industry." - Jay Jacobs, retired Vice President of William Morris Agency and International Creative Management (The Beach Boys, Diana Ross, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Donna Summer, Simon & Garfunkel, Jackson Browne, Ashford & Simpson, Al Jarreau, George Benson, The Temptations)

"I had the pleasure of working with Anni on many of my important deals. Anni has a great instinct for this business and has a strong vision for the future of Asian entertainment. She is a very professional and trustworthy ally. As her client, I feel very taken care of. Anyone who gets a chance to work with Anni will be delighted." - Melvin Yen, CEO of Brokers Brothers Herald (Norah Jones, Avril Lavigne, Diana Krall)

"The Hong Kong music industry needs people like Anni who cares about quality and the well-being of its growth. Sadly, people like Anni are rare, even in the music business itself." - Renowned Hong Kong music producer Clarence Hui (Sandy Lam), who produced 80 Cantonese hits and 15 platinum albums and former Managing Director of BMG Music Hong Kong

"Anni works with bands who are far more famous than we are, but she always gives us her dedication and attention. She's loyal, trustworthy, hardworking and knowledgeable. Working with Anni has given us a tremendous boost of confidence and we believe that sheíll be able to take us places we have only been dreaming of thus far." - Johnny Hi-Fi, New York-based alternative rock band

"I went to visit HKVPRadio.com and it is so beautifully structured, so classy, and so informative. I congratulate you on your success. It is people like you who keep rolling the good music to the audience, educating them to a higher level of music appreciation." - Award-winning songwriter and producer Anthony Lun Wing-Leung

Chheng Lim
| chhenghkvpradio.com

Chheng was born in Thailand, but has lived in Chicago all of her life. Having been in theater since the age of 7, she is not new to the entertainment and theater circuit. Chheng has also been a choreographer for the last seven years, drawing on a personal style that fuses traditional Chinese dance with modern rhythms. In 2004, Chheng represented Chicago's Chinatown community by performing her dances for the city's Field Museum and Chicago White Sox baseball team in honor of Asian American Heritage month.

Chheng recently graduated (June 2005) from the University of Chicago with a double major in Political Science and East Asian Civilization. She aspires to be a world class entrepreneur, and hopes to carve a primary career in innovative international real estate development and investment.

Chheng enjoys gourmet dining, international travel, reading, and cycling. Last but certainly not least, she is a HUGE fan of HKVP Radio and finds immense personal satisfaction in contributing a small part to the betterment of the Hong Kong and Asian American music industry.

Alan Au
| alanhkvpradio.com

Alan is a marketing associate for HVVP Radio. Alan is responsible for managing our Street Team project and word-of-mouth campaign.

Alan was born in Canada but has been living in Sydney, Australia for almost 15 years. Alan speaks fluent English and Cantonese and has a deep passion for music. He enjoys playing the piano and loves composers like Mozart and Chopin. Alan grew up watching TVB and listening to many types of Chinese music. His most beloved artists at HKVP radio include Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui.

Alan is majoring in the hospitality industry and is about to begin an exciting journey in studying Hotel Management in Sydney's well known International College Of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Manly.

Alan's interests include playing badminton, swimming, reading and traveling.

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