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I watched this show because I likes the stand up of comedy of Kevin Meaney. What a disappointment this show was. I was standard cookie cutter sit com fare. The skis were on and it was airborne before the first commercial. The worst of all bad episodes was when Uncle Buck won a contest and got to announce an inning of a pivotal Cubs game. He notices a player batting out of order and announces it on television. The manager hears his remarks, appeals and the Cubs lose. He was then made the scapegoat and was a pariah around Chicago. Interestingly enough, a similar situation would play out about a decade later in Wrigley Field with the same results. I watched Moises Alou play left field for three years at Wrigley and he was never going to catch that ball, the crybaby.
Yet another show that prove the theory: Television sitcoms based on movies are doomed to failure (with M*A*S*H* being the only notable exception I can think of).
This was one of the lamest shows ever. I know it was crass, but is wasn't even funny crass. Just stupid. I particularly hated it when the pre-pubescent boy got totally horny. It was freaky!
What did it for this show was the start of the first episode, where Maisey yells, "Miles, you suck!" People objected to this in droves, and the response by CBS was mostly, "We're only doing what Fox is doing!" Fine, but you're supposed to be above that, so leave the trash tactics to Fox! Then, as a result, CBS moved the show all over the schedule, to diffuse the furor over the language, the mentality apparently being, "Maybe this audience won't know or care about the bad press over Maisey's mouth!" Too bad it didn't work
I only remember one episode of this show - but it's very vivid in my memory. The reason is because even though I was maybe only 12, I sat there thinking "this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen." The plot of the episode involved the oldest girl winning the starring role in a commercial. BUT OH NO! - the commercial is being shot on the same day as senior skip day! So instead of filming the commercial (and getting to skip school in the process) she first tries to eat a bunch of chocolate the night before to give herself zits. Then Uncle Buck - being so understanding and cool, goes with her to the shoot and pretends like he's her manipulative agent - and tells the director what to do and how to do it - and the director gets so mad that he fires the girl. And the girl turns around and hugs her uncle and says "thank you"! So the whole episode she's so upset because she has a paying role in a commercial (and clear skin) and her biggest problem is not being able to go hang out the arcade for the day with her friends. Good thing Uncle Buck was there! Thanks Uncle Buck!
This show JTS from day one because (1) the premise was different from the movie (Buck became the sole guardian of his brother's three kid when his brother and his wife were killed in a car accident), (2) it starred stand-up comic Kevin Meany (No John Candy! THAT'S NOT RIGHHHT!!!), and (3) no child actors as memorable as Macaulay Culkin from the movie version -- just your generic TV child actors. That's all I remembered about the show. I wouldn't be surprised that the TV series' locale was different from the movie version. Both CBS and the creator of the original movie obviously wanted to cash in the popularity of the movie. At least viewers will always continue enjoying the John Candy movie version while the TV series version will rot in network hell alongside "greats" like Ferris Bueller (the TV series).
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Uncle Buck
First Show 1990
Slot Time 8 pm
Last Show 1991
Slot Day Monday
Genre Comedy
Network CBS