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Will you be at Radio 1's Big Weekend?

A total of 34,000 people received tickets to Radio 1's Big Weekend in Mote Park, Maidstone, on May 10 and 11.

Did you get tickets? If so, who are you looking forward to seeing and why?

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someone is very sore that they didnt get tickets. nothing wrong with folkestone love we have a much lower crime rate than maidstone maybe that is why you were all less fortunate. tickets were won fair and square people just cannot accept that they were not successful

abby kinsley

folkestone, Wednesday 7 May 2008

My sister was lucky enough to be allocated 2 tickets. She registered on my behalf as I live in Ireland. I am coming over from Ireland for the show on Saturday. Im now worried that myself and my guest will be refused admission when they scan the ticket and see my sisters name (its also in her married name so different surname to my own!) Shes not going so its just me and my friend. SHould I risk coming to the event? I would appreciate anyones input/advice. Thanks

Stephen Burke

Ireland, Wednesday 7 May 2008

when i first heard that radio 1 was coming to maidstone i was really excited, so i registered for tickets and guess what no tickets!! how can this balloting procedure be fair?, my wife's friends live in brighton and guess what their going they got tickets for sunday, unfair or what!, even for people living in maidstone and they didnt get tickets. The bbc and mbc should have just proceeded without the allocation of the tickets and just opened the gates to anyone, at least then it would have been fair to everyone.

james ralph

gillingham, Wednesday 7 May 2008

ABBY- I can only assume they gave tickets to those less fortunate, like those who live in areas like Folkestone!

Kay C

maidstone, Wednesday 7 May 2008

Does anyone know if the rest of the park is still going to be accessible? We are 10 mins walk away. I want to take the kids down for a picnic and just take in the atmosphere as we were not able to get tickets but Ive phoned the MBC and they say they 'dont know' if residents can still use the rest of the park or if other entrances are going to be closed off.

Sara Eaton

Weavering, Maidstone, Wednesday 7 May 2008

my tickets would never go on ebay 1 entry was all it took and then they arrived in the post xx

abby kinsley

folkestone, Wednesday 7 May 2008

there is no way that we will ever be able to afford to take our children to see live music, so were really hoping we would get tickets...but we we've had to switch radio 1 off as we are constantly having to explain to the youngest ones that they wont be there, even though its all the DJs are talking about on the radio...

and the people on here gloating about tickets...i bet you've also tried to sell them ebay too (there are loads of them on there - until ebay remove the listing), with lots of smug greediness...and yes i am sore about it, so what!!!

Amanda Evans

Aylesford, Wednesday 7 May 2008

jealousy gets you nowhere ha ha i got tickets

abby kinsley

folkestone, Wednesday 7 May 2008

I and many friends and family all tried to get tckets, 19 people in total, not one of us got tickets and over half opted for the sunday? coinsidence or con?

Karl Gannon

Maidstone, Wednesday 7 May 2008

I was lucky enough to receive two tickets for the Saturday concert and can't wait!

Vikki Holness

Ashford, Kent, Wednesday 7 May 2008

As I was driving, listening to Radio 1 on Friday, some guy from Herne Bay was telling the DJ he got a pair of tickets. DJ commented the guy was lucky, and the guy said... My wife got a pair too. So much for lightning not striking twice. TWO PAIRS to the same house. And in sodding Herne Bay, whereas us Maidstone residents who will have to put up with all the mess, the gloating and lack of taxis that weekend, got nowt. Grrrr.

Jeremy Skyrme

Maidstone, Wednesday 7 May 2008


Hi im not very happy about this radio one big weekend i live next door to mote park and didnt even get a ticket even the other people that live round mote park didnt get tickets i herd alot of the buisness in maidstone did and alot of people who live out of maidstone its a right con and a lot of other people think so lisa elkington


maidstone, Tuesday 6 May 2008

I live very close to Mote Park I have the hell task of getting out of my home to do anything i work all week the weekend is the only time I can get out and its ruined I could not get tickets so I am going to be kept prisioner in my home while others from out of the town will ge to enjoy it all surely if If I pay council tax for maidstone I shouldbe allowed to enjoy the park activities typical of the council and goverment we all have to pay and shut up

rosanna warner

maidstone, Tuesday 6 May 2008

Well it would appear that from the various straw polls that something has gone seriously awry with the ticket allocation, I know of no one in the Maidstone area who received tickets and now 5 from Medway and further afield that did.

Although initially skeptical I am more and more convinced by the wrong postcode/ every ME postcode being included in the 'Maidstone Borough Council' 40%. If this is the case a huge number of those allocated will have gone to Medway homes, Medway being a Unitary Authority and outside of Maidstone Borough Council both in name and in funding. Radio 1 may be paying for the acts at this 'free' festival but the residents of Maidstone will be picking up the bill for everything else and that doesn't seem fair by a long chalk.

I'd also like to raise the point that Mote Park isn't a suitable venue of such an event and the Maidstone transport system will effectively gridlock causing those residents (very few of whom have tickets) to be trapped in their homes and have noisy messy salt rubbed in their wounds, if Maidstone's one way system can't cope with the traffic on a normal Tuesday morning (and believe me it couldn't this morning), then thousands of cars coming into the town with nowhere to park is going to cause total chaos and again we as residents will pick up the bill. There has been no effort to encourage those lucky enough to get tickets to use public transport and as far as I can see no special arrangements made to promote use of the park and ride system.

Absolute idiocy from Maidstone Council to agree to this fiasco and take away the only truly free festival in the process.

Well done for the KM for trying to get in the inside story on this I look forward to seeing the postcode allocations and a breakdown of the costs incurred by Maidstone residents as opposed to the BBC.

Matt Bannister

Maidstone town centre, Tuesday 6 May 2008

So i originally told everyone that registering won't mean a ticket after reading the comments from last years Preston lot after none of their locals got tickets either!...well surprise surprise!!!...needless to say i don't know anyone with a ticket and i know hundreds of people in Maidstone having run a business for 8 years in the town and having lived here for over 20 years. the bbc will have to be accountable for their actions and their generous 45% offer to local residents of Maidstone...the event is but days away and they know full well that any such investigation into the allocation will produce results only after the event has come and still no tickets!...but compensation in a monetary form, paying for the leeds castle gigs to go ahead again-free this time i hope then, river festival policing etc which have been cancelled so us locals can entertain and play hosts to non-locals- it will be their time to cough up...someone mentioned a picket line?...great idea...what about non-payment of council tax/bbc license fee?...what about 20-30 dedicated volunteers approaching ticket holders in the queue about to go in and writing down where they have hailed from?.we can't even express any outrage on a bbc forum or mbc forum....what is a local to do????

fair play to all those who got a ticket-...i bought a few after party sat night tickets thank god...should be good...shame we wont be seeing the queen of pop etc

adrian stealth

Maidstone Town Center, Tuesday 6 May 2008

I too did't get tickets (neither did 12 other people all from the Kent and Maidstone areas)and have been frustrated at radio one's allocation of tickets the majority I have seen on ebay from outside of the local supposed allocation. But I feel even more sorry for the people who are right by Moat. I hope KM does get a copy of all the postcode allocations and shows us that Radio 1 screwed this up BIG TIME

Nikki Douthwaite

Kent, Tuesday 6 May 2008

Thankyou Radio 1 and MBC for not only lying to all about the majority of tickets going to maidstone residents but also for now dumping parked cars on our streets, probably litter and many other disturbing things that we really could do without!! I cannot believe that I only recieved a letter to be informed of sound checks a week prior to this whole thing!! We applied twice and also did not get tickets, It seems as though there may be a money making factor for MBC and that as we won't park or spend money then there is nothing being made from us residents!! I hope that everyone involved in the organisation is proud of themselves for this mess, I bet you all got tickets though!!

Gemma Boyt

School lane, Maidstone, Tuesday 6 May 2008

Just becuase some people didnt get tickets they are throwing in allegations of it being totally fixed. Look at the numbers of people applying and the actual amount of tickets going. People are just annoyed they didnt get tickets. There are plenty more events to go to and im sure plenty of people around the rest of the UK just as disapointed about not getting tickets. Causing a big fuss is a little pathetic

Beverley Pay

Canterbury, Tuesday 6 May 2008

i think that Maidstone were stitched up , have a look on ebay and see what people from outside Maidstone and Kent are selling there unwanted tickets for , Mote Park was given to the people of Maidstone !we should of been given all the tickets

nicki smith

maidstone, Tuesday 6 May 2008

I can't wait for the weekend. Tens of thousands of drunk revellers, who, consequently, live nowhere near Maidstone, descending on our town and rampaging past my house.

A ticket as compensation would have been nice, but it seems Radio 1's promises were hollow words to appease the natives.

I know not one person in Maidstone who has received a ticket.

I would try and buy one on ebay from the hoard of successful applicants who couldn't give two hoots about Jack White's blistering guitar riffs or the Editor's Joy Division-esque morbidity. Unfortunately I've spent all my money on council tax paying for these outsiders to have fun.

Yes I am bitter, and no, I would not be complaining if I had a ticket.

But I suppose I may be lucky, do I really want to be sitting in a field listening to a crusty old man in drag singing re-hashed Abba numbers?

Luke Hollands

Maidstone, Tuesday 6 May 2008

I have lived in Maidstone my whole life, and guess what. No Tickets.

If that rumour about the postcode cock up is true, I want to know if Radio 1 will be hosting an extra day for the Maidstone residents who should have got a ticket before this error occured?

Majority of tickets is NOT 45%.

If Maidstone had the majority of tickets, surely that would be over half (50%)?

It's disgusting that hardly anyone in Maidstone has got tickets and people from other areas have plenty. We will be the ones suffering from unbalanced public transport, surging weekend population, litter, and noise.

I also have reason to believe funding for the Policing of the river festival was pulled to pay for the Policing of the "Big Weekend". Why pull funding on an event everyone can go to, including all of Maidstones residents, for a music festival it appears a tiny fraction of Maidstone residents are invited to?

Alex Ellis

Maidstone, Kent, Tuesday 6 May 2008

I accept that people are upset but lets look at the facts. 30,000 tickets means 15,000 pairs, means 6750 pairs alloacted to people in maidstone. Maidstone has a population of approx 139k so the chances of getting tickets are 1 in 20. Just cause everyone knows 20 people doesn't mean it works like that.

Everyone knew when they entered that it was a lottery and all those who did not get tickets would not have voiced any discontent if they had got some.

i did get some and i am looking forward to the gig, but i actually thought i didn't get any and accepted it in good grace

Dan S

Medway, Tuesday 6 May 2008

Yes A BIG Cock Up, then what did you expect from MBC, Lets be honest they could not even thing about putting up some screens to relay the event around the town, which they did with the tour de france,

Well at least theres the fringe, get down to some gigs support some loacl talent, I mean who realy whant to see an old man in drag anyway !! LOL

Nathan Drury

Maidstone, Tuesday 6 May 2008

same as everybody else , where are the tickets for local residents , i konow people who live in Ireland that have tickets Y its meant to b a local event for local people,

its so typical of mbc . and kcc leys increase every ones poll tax and then let every other non resident of maidstone have tickets .

so totally unfair , we put up with all the distruption and mess and we dont get to go .

daryl ambler

maidstone, Tuesday 6 May 2008

I registered with Radio 1 like most people and applied for tickets at 8.25 (even though it was suppose to be 8.30) By then a 1000 tickets had gone. Not to me though. When you hear of funding not available to pay for river festival policeing so cancelled and now I have to pay out of my taxes for an event that I cant take my family too, its outrageous!

To hear tickets have to to people as far away as France outside Maidstone causing gridlock to our road systems for the weekend as our road cant even keep when there is a small amount of extra traffic.

Also Mote Park was given to the people of Maidstone my ancestors as I was born in Maidstone and have lived here all my life.

My teenage daughter is extremely upset as she cant go but people at her school in Ashford have tickets.

Vanessa Hall

Maidstone, Tuesday 6 May 2008

Apparently there was a computer glitch and the computer missed of the 1's in our ME16 read as ME6 and ME15 read as ME5 etc lowering our chances of getting the tickets....40% going to maidstone citizens....yeah right...totally unfair

Clive Hall

Kent, Monday 5 May 2008

I would just like to say good luck to those who did receive tickets and i hop you enjoy your night. Unfortunately i was unlucky and im sure i am not the only one, i did hear that the majority of people who live in maidstone were unlucky, i hope this is not true. We have had our river festival cancelled because of this and it just seems totally unfair, yet surely this is going to cost the council lots more to fund.Is there any other way this could have been done more fairly? i just feel so dissapointed and let down and my friend who also registered and didnt succeed, yet funny enough also lives in maidstone, miss c. rees maidstone

caroline rees

maidstone, Monday 5 May 2008

After applying for tickets under 4 different e mail address, surprise surprise no tickets. I cant believe that MBC has allowed the park to be shut to our children over a bank holiday weekend, but offers then the use of polar adventure for free. Ha Ha how many kids can you accomodate in there, and also this weekend was fab weather so who wants to be indoors. I think that all locals residents of maidstone should be given a free month of council tax, or our river festival back on, so that the people of maidstone get to enjoy a day out. My road is shut the whole weekend and gonna have massive parking problems. I feel like photocopying the permits they gave us just to cause more havoc. The noise of 15,000 people spilling out of the streets after 10pm is also going to be very disruptive, especially when they have school early monday morning. m Why was this not taken to detling showground, or have been a paid event then everyone would not be feeling fed up with the way tickets were unfairly given out. I know of no one who got tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!

d cosgrave

maidstone., Monday 5 May 2008



DOVER,KENT, Monday 5 May 2008

wot a farce this was a con for maidstone people and we did fall for it

dee smith

mote park, Sunday 4 May 2008

I am disgusted to see that these tickets are up for sale on ebay, mainly from people who do not even live any where near maidstone. We the people of maidstone and council tax payers, that are paying for this venue are having to sacrifice our FREE river festival that all people from maidstne choosing to attend benefit from. Has been cancelled for the radio one big weekend at our expense. Then to top that we are finding out the that the people of maidstone dont even have tickets!

sharon groves

maidstone, Sunday 4 May 2008

I am one of possibly 99.9% of people living in Maidstone who did not get tickets. I would like to see the actual allocation of tickets, I am sure we will find that Maidstone has become a very big place. I am with the guy who has said he wants to form a picket line, this would show Radio 1 just how unfair their allocation was and that their system is crap!!!

Maybe we should be thankful that if we all apply for tickets for the next big weekend that we are most likely to get them as none of us will live in the area it is being held in.


Lorraine Dryland

Maidstone, Sunday 4 May 2008

Will the KM be raising all of this with Radio 1 and MBC on behalf of all of us living by Mote Park to see if anything can be sorted out? MBC and Radio 1 simply not responding at all or repeating parrot fashion that 45% of tickets went to Maidstone - too many people saying they know no-one in Maidstone who got tickets - this seems especially true in the areas right by the park that will be seriously affected. My road is one affected and will be subject to road restrictions but not found anyone in my road that applied who got tickets. Here in High St Ward they were quick enough to ask for votes last week but are now invisible...hope they are looking at your website given there is no similar facility on the MBC or Radio 1 sites.

sam abbott

maidstone, Sunday 4 May 2008

my daughter has got a ticket she is the 3 rd one to get one in our road dont get me wrong iam glad she has one but we r next to the park and we have just been letters today to say sound checks are going take place all week and are gonna be loud so the rest of family who lost out will just have to listen in our gardens maidstone people have been conned

deb johnston

maidstone, Saturday 3 May 2008

I know of 4 people that got tickets, 1 lives in Maidstone and the others in Sandwich, Staines and Woking!!

I tink it's totally unfair that the residents of Maidstone are picking up the bill for this, and we've not even got the opportunity to go and see the event.

Suggest all those who feel, like I do, that this is a complete con by Radio 1, go to their website and tell them so, may not help us here in Maidstone, but perhaps they might listend before the next event, but then this is the BBC we're talking about, still having a good rant on their website made me feel better.

Dave Trimble

Maidstone, Saturday 3 May 2008

I am writing on behalf of my son who is bitterly disappointed not to be getting a ticket to Radio 1's Big Weekend. My son is 30 and has learning disabilities. He absolutely adores Radio 1. His life revolves round Top of the Pops on Sundays. So much so that he can't go away on holidays as he needs to be near his radio to listen to the Top 40. He has done this every Sunday since he was a teenager. As he was assaulted in town, for no particular reason, two months ago, I was really hoping that he would receive a well deserved ticket. Especially as he lives so close to Mote Park. How can I explain to him that tickets have gone to others who don't even live near the Park or who have made multiple applications??

Pieter Brice

Terrace Road, Maidstone, Saturday 3 May 2008

I speak on behalf of a one year old and all the other very young children who were successful in their bid. I was just wondering if there are nappy changing facilites? We played fair, others registared every one in their household!! AND were successful!!! To those how played by the rules have a super time but for those cheats just remember what goes around comes around.

D Holt

Maidstone, Saturday 3 May 2008

I live in central Maidstone and I know of at least 4 local residents who were lucky enough to be selected for tickets.

I have to say though that I am shocked at Maidstone Borough Council's priorities when it comes to funding the policing of large events. Surely to goodness Radio One, which is part of a huge and wealthy corporation, should foot the bill for the policing of this event and the council should fund the policing of the River Festival? It beggars belief that they have chosen the reverse.

Alison Simmons

Maidstone, Saturday 3 May 2008

Suprise, Suprise, I live in Maidstone town centre and I didnt get tickets for the Big Weekend. Was there a technical error with the allocation process as the only people I know who have tickets dont live any where near Maidstone, and this Seems to be the story of everybody else I know in Maidstone.

The people I feel sorry for most are the people who live on the doorstep of Mote Park my sister is one of them. Her road is closed for two days and what do they get for putting up with that, a two page letter of rules and regulations but NO TICKETS!! Good to see that KCC have considered them in the planning of all this.

Zara French

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I have tickets and feel really lucky, But am angry so Many in Maidstone didnt. For EBay to let people sell it is Criminal, esecially when the reasons are pathetic. Someone is selling free tickets in a envelope which costs £500 -

An Absolute Joke to all those who have not got tickets and have lived and paid taxes all their life.

Jo Humphrey

Bearsted, Friday 2 May 2008

It seems from reading the comments, mainly from the people of Maidstone, that the BBC and MBC have got the ticket allocations completely wrong. Yes, the people who live adjacent to the park, who will be affected by the show, SHOULD have had priority as they are the ones who will suffer most from the disruption, whether they have tickets or not! Shame on MBC to have not thought this through thoroughly, they should have closed off ALL the roads surrounding the park, not just those by the main entrance. Have they forgotten there are other entrances where visitors will park their cars and block parking for residents? Of course they have. Typical Council!!! It's the 'I'm OK Jack' attitude. Time to stand up and be counted. I hope all those who have complained on this site about the lack of forethought are also going to email the council AND Radio 1 and insist on a proper response to the people who keep them in work!!!

Kate McKillop

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I only know of one person who got tickets for the weekend, I definitely didn't. What annoys me is that apparently any ME postcode was counted as Maidstone, but it is only Maidstone residents that will be inconvenienced. I have now planned to stay in for the weekend cos I can only imagine the gridlock over the river, its bad enough for when we try to get home from the Race for Life but at least that has a good cause.

Lucy Henderson

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I read with sympathy about all of the residents who didn't get tickets, but as an ex Maidstoneite I am appalled at the mahority of badly written comments - come on everyone you can spell better than that - don't let others laugh at you for that

Steff Scott

London, Friday 2 May 2008

another disappointed performance by the people who promise.Yet again another lie to get away whith.No one got in from york road but now we cannot either get out.GOT YA!

maria woolvett

me15 7qs, Friday 2 May 2008

it stated on the web site that everyone who applied for tickets would recieve an e-mail would recieve a reply whether it was succesful or not, so where's mine and my neighbours?

steve bowring

between maidstone and medway, Friday 2 May 2008

I live just off Mote Road and think its an absolute joke that local residents were not given priority.

The figures that Radio 1 provide saying that 45% of tickets went to Maidstone residents is clearly nothing more than fiction. I have yet to find anyone in the local area that has a ticket but i know of friends in Medway and surrounding areas that do.

I think Maidstone Borough Council and Radio 1 have some explaining to do !

Matthew Phillips

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

What a let down by radio 1 and MBC, heard that employee's at the council have tickets to hand out to friends and family, hardly fair, maybe thats where our tickets went. I think residents who live in around the park area should receive a reduction in our council tax bills after all no river festival to look forward to either, at least attending the event would have made it easier to swallow. A friend of my sons from school had an interview with radio 1 and low and behold has 2 pairs of tickets and lives in canterbury. Perhaps we should get the ombudsman to look into the been allocation process of these tickets and so many it would seem to the same people. I'm a working loan parent, I struggle to pay my council tax bill at the best of times, but to foot bill for policing this event on top of not going, along with the noise and the disruption and vertually being held prisoner for the weekend is totally a slap in the face to all the residents on the outskirts of the park. To all those that are Maidstone residents that have been successful congratulations have a great time.

Chloe Dunlop

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

Being born in Maidstone and living a 10 minute walk from the park I expected to get tickets.In fact nobody I know who applied has been"lucky"I may be older and perhaps beyond the age of Radio One listeners but I have always wanted to see Madonna and the big day in Maidstone on my doorstep was the perfect opportunity alas not to be.Disgruntled Maidstone


Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

Like the majority of people who live next to Mote Park and who knows no one in this area who got tickets, I feel this has been one major con by Radio 1. Perhaps those in the roads nearest to the park can put their parking spaces up for rent over the two days on ebay to help compensate for not getting tickets! - oh no silly me their roads will be shut. It is nice to know where some of my council tax will be going to.

Congratulations to all that did get tickets.

hook sandra

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I think the event is sited in the wrong place. Detling would have been better, the area is huge and there is lots of parking. It is not so densly populated so wouldn't disturb to many people and could be policed easier. Allowing a public park to stay just that public.

Jane Slender

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

Having scrolled down and looked at many of the comments it seems that the majority of people that are saying that they got tickets are not from Maidstone. I share the same postcode as Mote Park and recieved nothing. Over 30 of my friends that live in very close proximity to Mote Park did not get tickets. I have also heard of someone who actually lives within the grounds of Mote Park that did not recieve tickets! I mean how close do you have to be to get tickets I think there has to be something wrong with the allocation process for there to be this many complaints.

Radio 1 admit your mistake!!

Nick Turrell

Loose, Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

We got 2 tickets for Saturday and only registered for them on the off chance...

I think its terrible that the country didn't have an equal chance of getting the tickets and that maidstone had 40% of the tickets distrubuted in their area...

Their are BOUND to be SOME people in maidstone who didn't get tickets... they can't please everyone... no matter if you have lived opposite the gates for 17years and if you walk your dog there everyday and if you like to relax there and if half the people aren't going to go back ever again...

some people are just sore.

Its only 2 days of the year and people should stop moaning that they didnt get tickets.

Chelsea Thomas

Brighton, Friday 2 May 2008

My wife and I have just walked around the park, well the bits we could get to. The childrens playgound and skate park are closed of, bad move considering bank holiday is round the corner. It is all very well offering the leisure centre facilities but what good is the polar adventure when your child is 13 and wants to use his bike. Kids are very territorial and dont take to kindly to other kids playing on their ramps. I thought it was a public park. I hope the Council is going to pay for the policing of the river festival which is for ALL not just the chosen few. This is the least they can do after this fiasco.

Colin Slender

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I live in Maidstone and no-one I know has won ticket's, It's sucks that people outside of Maidstone did. Where are all of these people supposed to park as Mote-Park hasn't got a big car park, will they be clogging up all the roads in and out of town next weekend.

sam smith

maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

i am also very annoyed i didnt get a ticket, out of all my family and neighbours we got 1 pair between us and we live right on the doorstep of mote park, i think maidstones residants, especially the ones who live so close to the park have been treated extremely poorly. i am feeling extremely cheated by the bbc and radio 1 over the whole matter as i can now get nowhere over the next week and cant even go to the park!

Chris Green

maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

How unfair is all this ticket allocating. When this concert was first announced we were told that everyone in Maidstone would get a ticket.I live a 15 minute walk from Mote Park as does my daughter and her family. We both applied for tickets and didn't get them. But a friends daughter living in Bexley did, how does that work? Surely people living within a certain radius of the park should have had priority choice as to whether they wanted tickets or not. Then other people living outside that area could have been picked from the ballot. We now have to put up with excess traffic and noise and pay for the policing of this event and we won't even be able to enjoy it. I think I speak on behalf of many people when I say "we have been conned !"


MAIDSTONE, Friday 2 May 2008

We live in one of the roads that will be closed off for the whole weekend and will have all the noise, disruption and real inconvenience and like others all my family applied and we got nothing. Absolutely no thought by MBC or Radio 1 about residents such as ourselves. Am sure weekend will be great if you are there but it is going to be awful for those of us who will just be stuck and have to put up with it all. At work and eslewhere only people I know who got tickets live in Medway, Sittingbourne, Ashford, Tunbridge Wells and Manchester!! Extremely fed up and not sure I believe what is being said about the ticket allocation process. Are MBC going to do anything about this - for those of us in Square Hill, Blythe Rd, Mote Ave etc this feels pretty unfair.

Jeanne Abbott

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I am really disappionted that myself and my family which all signed on for the tickets didn't receive any . What has come to my attention is that the only entrance to the park will be down our road (West Park Road) that means 15000 people walking shouting maybe causing damage to my property and not once have we had a letter from radio one or the KCC about the the problem this will cause. Will either of them pay for any damage caused? And what about the sleepless nights ahead? What really gets up my nose is the fact us people who live closest to Mote Park didn't receive the tickets DONT YOU THINK THIS IS UNFAIR???? Just think if it was you living a round this area you would think just the same, as us in West Park Road, Mote Road Upper Road, South Park Road and so on. I Don't think the KCC and radio one planned this well at. So let me give Radio one and KCC a warning is any damage is cause to our property then most of us in the surounding areas will take this higher.

Michelle James

West Park Road, Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I am pleased for all the people who did get tickets well done!

It was luck of the draw but when there are people living on Mote Parks doorstep having all the inconvienence and disruption to them surely they should have cared enough to put them first.

When everyone has gone back home its them people who will still live there.

Its not a case of being selfish or jelous that us close by didnt get tickets its the fact that we wasnt even given priority. It wouldnt of taken up more than 1000 tickets if everyone who had roads closed were offered them. Half may have not wanted to go because they are elderly etc, but im sure all these complaints wouldnt be happening if some1 had sat down and thought about it.

kay Couchman

maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I was annoyed to find that me and my brother didn't get tickets to the Radio 1 weekend even though we live opposite Mote park.

I don't mean to sound like a bore but we have lived opposite the gates for 17 years I walked my dogs there every morning and I find it one of the only places I can go to get away and relax. When Radio1s weekend was announced i thought that we would get some tickets due to the inconvenience and disruption the weekend is going to cause in our street.

To find we didn't get tickets upset me because my road is being closed for two days as a result of radio1 and im going to have 30,000 people marching up my street some who may of never even been interested in going there until now.

Now I feel like im going to have it rubbed in my face when I see the place ive grown up being trampled my 30,000 people who Mote park means nothing to.

The noise and the trouble from people coming out of the place over the weekend will mean myself and other people in my street will have there weekend ruined we will not be able to leave our houses and go out due to the traffic from cars and wondering people.

Our cars will be parked at our houses - what if they get damaged?

All this we have to put up with and we didnt even get offered tickets to let us join in and enjoy ourselves, after all when its all been and gone its us who will still continue to enjoy Mote park - why couldn't we be part of this to????

I feel hurt that residents have not been respected and thought of we over any of the 30,000 tickets deserve priority surely?

Kayleigh C

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I live in Maidstone & have listened to radio one for 10 years daily, when i heard radio one was having one big weekend here I was estatic, then I get an email saying I was unsucessful, there is no words to describe how disappointed I am in this. I know about 3 people in Maidstone that actually got tickets & most of them are on the outskirts, it's a joke.

Teresa Dodd

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

i did not get tickets and am not impressed. everyone in my household applied and my boyfriends household and we did not get a single ticket between us. We are the ones that are going to have to put up with the ridiculous traffic and noise and we can't even go!

danielle paine

medway, Friday 2 May 2008

i bet you anything that after its all over, the council and radio 1 and the bbc "big it up" for the news saying how it was a success and a good weekend, there wont be any mention of the ticket cock up!!! this forum seems to be the only way we get to have our say!! and i bet the big knobs wont be reading any of these complaints! and if they do i bet they dont care. they should cancel the whole thing and re issue the tickets. the people who got more tickets than they were entitled to should be made to hand them back

toni langridge

maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

this should have been staged at detling showgroud where there is more room, and its less likely to disrupt so many people. im not going to be able to hear my t.v as i live right on top of the park!! what about the people who work nights and need to sleep during the day? also i bet some of the older people who were lucky to get tickets will go for an hour or two then go home cos theyve had enough, what a waste of a ticket. and its not like they could even give the ticket to someone else!! (i know a couple who will do exactly that!). bring back the green fair!!! that showcased local musicians, who really wants to see madonna?? shes made her fortune let unknown local bands have a pop at fame!!

toni langridge

maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I feel that Maidstone residents would have stood a better chance of winning the lottery than getting tickets for the Big Weekend.I know of five couples from Maidstone and a couple from Medway who applied for tickets.No prizes for guessing who got the tickets? Surely the most sensible way to have issued tickets would have been to use Mote Park as the central point and allocated in a radius from there! Just another shambles from people in authority! Anyone lucky enough to be going,have a great day!!

richard bray

maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

radio 1s big weekend? huh more like radio 1s big con!!!

toni wheeler

maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

What a joke we live 2 minute walk from Mote Park and got nothing as did about 20 of our friends who also live very close to Mote Park. What happened to giving priority to local residents? Very dissapointed. KM FM for me.

Simon Jeffery

Loose, Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

If the majority of the Big Weekend tickets were going to be allocated to the Maidstone residents and nearby surrounding area's the the law of average's say that it would work out that 1 in 7/8 people should have been allocated 1 set of tickets well if that is so then I am one of ten people that are locals that registered within the first 10 minutes of the lines opening and not one of us were lucky.. so the law of averages is well and truely wrong. Then out of everyone I work with (and thats at least 150) and live within the ME zone, only 1 person got a pair of tickets. To be honest this well and truely SUCKS.. so I'm going to sound bitter but I TRUELY hope and pray that for 3/4 days before the event I hope that the heavens open each 24hrs of those days and its a washout. Mind you the one person I would never have wanted to see up close n personal is Madonna; its time that woman wore proper clothes for her age. Her and I are the same age and even if I had a slim figure my son's and daughter would'nt let me out for the night wearing the outfits she does, why does'nt someone in her family tell her to keep her clothes on, she DOES NOT look good in leotard type clothing now, COVER UP LOVE.

Geraldine Cole

Barming, Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

My daughter and all her friends applied for tickets, not one of them has been successful and yet a friend she went to school with in Maidenhead has also a friend in essex they all live in Maidstone and didnt stand a chance what a shame.

Sue Stevens

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I would just like to point out that myself and my family members are all born and bred in Maidstone. For our lifetime we have always paid our way to the MBC, but now feel that MBC, has let us down AS USUAL They should've made sure that those in the restricted areas have first refusal of tickets. They have only cancelled the river festival to save money and make us pay for the radio 1 big weekend so they can bring in more money from outsiders coming to the area, neglecting the people of maidstone who have helped to pay and run this town....SSoooo, my point is the people of Maidstone and surrounding local areas especially, those whose roads are blocked off and will have the inconvenience of noise etc. Not just those who work for the council to get tickets. This is so unfair for the people of Maidstone. The people of Maidstone who weren't lucky to get tickets...should show their discontent at the gates of Mote Park. Tickets should've been handed out first to those who wanted tickets whose roads are being closed.

Alison Couchman

Mote Park, Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

after asking around it seems that most of the tickets went outside of maidstone. seems to me that "the powers that be" have given tickets to non maidstone residents in the hope that they will come and spend a lot of money in maidstone. the only people i know who have tickets actually work for maidstone council!!! the kids of maidstone should have been given priorty

toni langridge

maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I live in Maidstone and was lucky enough to receive tickets. Also, lots of my friends received tickets too. Why is there such a negative attitude in today's society??????

I'm gonna have a great time - whoop!!!!!

Hollie Maxwell

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I was begining to think that just may be we were making a fuss over the Mote park event, that it was only going to last 2 days then it would all be over but after walking my dog in Mote park just this morning i could see the red flags flying and the green fenching and all the prepartions that being put in place, for the event and my heart SANK, i felt SO DISSAPOINTED that i would not be able to join in and not just for myself but for all the children,familys,youngpeople etc who live in Maidstone and also you live on the border of the park who so wanted to go and can't. This kind of event may never happen again in Maidstone, so we will have to put up with hearing the music( although it wont be any good) from our homes hearing cheering, shouting, clapping all the things that go with an event like this, its unbelieveable what has happened and all we have to look forward to is NOTHING!!!!! well thanks alot Radio 1 and M.B.C and for all those who think that we are just moaning because we did not get tickets, then i would like to see how you would feel, if your town put on something thats ment to be of benenfit to YOUR TOWN and you did not even get a look in then i think you would have some thing to say.

Jane Nagle

maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

I live 3 miles from Mote Park and I know of 20 people who applied for tickets (all live close by) and none of them got tickets. By looking on discussion sites like Facebook there seem to have been plenty of people from outside Kent who have managed to get tickets. I don't think the ticket allocation was in favour of Maidstone at all - either that, or there was a big mess up somewhere. It will by major disruption for the residents of Maidstone and they do not appear to have been compensated for this

Peter C

Maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

so some people outside of maidstone have tickets and they are telling us to stop moaning? well how about they foot the bill for the concert they want to see so much then?

toni langridge

maidstone, Friday 2 May 2008

Well, these tickets seem well sought after.....bids of £6,000+ on Ebay

Anyway, I was really looking forward to seeing Madonna and Robyn in am really disappointed.

Richard Clark

Folkestone, Friday 2 May 2008

Well tbh radio 1 cant do a different festival to every single place in england so obviously if you live somewhere near maidstone like i do your likey to have priority aswell not just those in maidstone

stop moaning! it was luck of the draw! (i got mine so yay)

also some one from maidstone said on facebook .. I dont care about whos performing all i care is that i live in maidstone and didnt get a ticket!

well maybe tickets should be given on priority on who actually likes the music and wants to go! going to a festival just for the sake that it wont cost you any petrol is pathetic!

Sarah Jones

Rainham, Thursday 1 May 2008

I dont know ONE person who is a Maidstone resident who has been lucky enough to have a ticket. Yet I am aware of Tunbridge Wells, Ashford, Greenwich and Thurrock obtaining them - a major mistake I feel bearing in mind that its your Maidtone residents council tax that will be paying for the extra policing required. To be hoenst this sucks big time. Lucky Mote Park is a public open space then so just turn up and listen the bands! I will be as I have yet to recieve a satisfactory answer from the "big knobs" at Radio 1 why this event was promoted as local residents receiving priority tickets.

Martin Wood

Maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

I applied for tickets several times but didn't receive any yet people from outside Maidstone are selling theirs on Ebay for £400. I live on the park and feel that people around the park should have been offered a pair of tickets as a matter of course. The whole thing is a fiasco.

Jane Slender

Maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

we knew it was pot luck for tickets but not a single ticket has gone to anyone in our area! i think tickets have gone outside maidstone because the council want people to come in and spend spend spend!! well they wont be doing that if they are in the park are they?!! so our taxes are funding this and we cant even go!! i spoke to a neighbour whose work colleague got tickets for both days!! how unfair is that?!! we have to put up with all the disruption of closed roads and loud music for nothing. all the kids round here are really upset.

toni langridge

maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

i live literally right next to mote park and didnt get tickets. i have complained to the bbc and they do not want to know. they said they will get back to me in 10 working days which we have calculated is after the event, which in our opinion is too late for apologies. does the bbc know what they are doing? obviously not if there is so many people who live close to the event did not get tickets. do i have to live in Australia to see an event i pay my council tax for? something has to be done if these people that are selling them on ebay did not want to go why ask for tickets. they have given them to people who are selling them for personal gain.

Gemma Nash

Town- Maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

i live 2 mins away from mote park and i didnt get tickets. maidstone people get priority? i dont think so. im gonna get all of the noise all the hassle and non of the joy.maybe id have got tickets if id lived in lancs or scotland like some people.

angela nash

maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

a couple i know from dorset have a pair of tickets come on radio 1 i thought this was for people in maidstone i live 2 mins away and didnt get none

richard winter

maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

The rumours going around are that prioroty was given to people living in ME1,a cock up by the BBC presuming ME1 was in Maidstone.

geoff hunt

maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

Check out this E-bay link-

Two tickets at £399.95 +postage BUY IT NOW

two tickets at £175.00 +postage


Just criminal.

Brian Nagle

Maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

I am disappointed with the lack of Tickets that seem to be allocated to LOCAL Residents of Maidstone.

I have spkoen to many people in My area and not one have had any tickets and yet someone else had 3 sets of two at one Address who live out side of Maidstone.

Does Radio 1 Know where Mote Park is, I think not because it would seem that Local people are last not first.

Surley to cut down on Traffic problems it would make more sense to give local people the tickets.

Joan Sawyer

Miadstone Holland Road, Thursday 1 May 2008

I live 20ft away form Mote park and only 10 yards form a main entrance, how close do you have to live to be so called 'priorty' we did not recieve one ticket and as far as i know as yet nor have any of my neighbours, it seems to me that maidstone people have been over looked and we are paying for this event, just think about that whether you like it or not, whether you got a ticket or not you are PAYING for other people from out side of maidstone out side of kent to come, you are PAYING for them, i thought Mote park was left to the people of Maidstone, i think not, or is it that because we live on the door step of the Park we don't need tickets because we can hear it form our back gardens. The whole thing is a farce and a con Radio 1 you have really let us down.

Jane Nagle

maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

Well that's just great. I would have thought living in Folkestone I would have stood a high chance of getting tickets. But neither I, nor 2 of my work colleagues that live in Folkestone got tickets.

One of my girlfriends work colleagues got tickets though. She lives in Sandwich, but her boyfriend works in Maidstone so registered under his works address. How sickening :(

Richard Clark

Folkestone, Thursday 1 May 2008

I sent in my one registraion per household not really expecting anything for my children. I was very upset when two of my freinds rang at about one hour after the release time, to find that they both had got three pairs each, at the same address!!. That means that four households had no chance of any tickets. One of them said that they would sell any spare tickets they had on E-bay and would not pass it on for free.

I over heard people complaining of the very same thing today.

I am disabled and live on the border of mote park with one main and one pedestrian entrance within 10 yrds of my house. There are about 30 houses in this area, I have been told by Maidstone council that our cul-de-sac road is not to have any parking restriction or patrol during the event.

I am going to be subject to noise pollution, vandilism, lager louts and be blocked in all weekend.

And before you think I am an old fart who hates the young and music, I have been around the world on tour with famous bands before my disabilty and seen all I need to know at what disruption a totally ill thouhgt out rock gig causes. The are problems even at venues that have done this for years and years.

The Council and Radio one should have resited this event, to say detling showground.

The Council have been blinded by fame and stardom, they have put the consideration of the people of Maidstone second and the loacl Mote Park residence even lower than that.

I am very dissapoited by the unfairness of the whole event.

We all so will loose our river festival because of this, well done MBC.

Brian Nagle

Claygate, Mote park, Thursday 1 May 2008

I live no more than 20 minutes away from the park and was not given a ticket, a friend who lives in Rainham was given a ticket, i am very disappointed and now not looking forward to the Radio One Big Weekend.

Nicola Godden

Maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

Of the 20 or so Maidstone based friends and colleagues that applied for tickets, none have received any. Friends of my daughter in the Medway Towns have. Do the people at Radio 1 actually know where Maidstone is? The council have been conned.

Stewart Mankelow

Maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

I believe it is all a hoax, I have not won tickets, nor have any of my friends and we all live either in Maidstone or around Maidstone, the only one person I know that is going to the big weekend is actually working there for Stt Johns!!!! It's ridiculous.

Rosie Nash

Ditton, Thursday 1 May 2008

i live oppisite park as do twenty family and friends none of us have tickets

dee smith

maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

I along with 5 different members of my family all live in or very close to Maidstone. None of us won any tickets.

How is that fair??

Paul W

Maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

I am disgusted that my hard earned money and paid in council tax, is being used to subsidise this event. No one asked ME if I wanted this event to take place. I did not want it, as I bet thousands of others didn't want it.

It will lead to noise pollution, drunken behaviour, vandalism, robberies, assaults and so on, mark my words. For the two days, I will be staying in and protecting myself and my home.

Before you assume I am an old git, I am actually 40 years old and a musician. MY money should not have been used for this without public consultation. I have a good mind to deduct my proportion for this stupid, waste of time event, form my next council tax payment. I may also boycott it and form a picket line at Mote Park.

Dirk Wickenden

Maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

I am disgusted i live 300 yards away from the entrance to mote park and i didnt recieve any tickets. Alot of my neighbours has not received any either. My road is closed for those 2 days and nobody can get through the road blocks in less they have a utility bill from me. I no that people as far away as tunbridge wells , to gravesend who have got them. For the disruption i have to put up with for the whole 2 days you would of thought they would have made sure people who were put out would of received them as priority. The idea that Maidstone was a priorty is nothing but a con.

s wallis

maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

I won tickets and was so, so surprised as my luck isn't normally that good. I'm sorry for those living nearer who lost out but, hey, that's the luck of the draw and, for once, I've been lucky!!!! My son and I will have a great time xx

Jen Smith

Larkfield, Thursday 1 May 2008

The BBC state that "tickets will be allocated randomly, but weighted in favour of those living in Maidstone". A quick poll of 20 Maidstone friends who applied for tickets shows that no one actually received tickets. The laws of probability just do not add up here!

I live 10 minutes walk from Mote Park and use the park on a daily basis (for running), so am very disappointed that I have been excluded from this event, but will have to put up with the weeks of disruption associated with it.

This has been heralded as the "best thing ever to happen to Maidstone"; however, with so many Maidstone residents excluded, I am not sure many people will agree. All Maidstone residents have to look forward to is traffic congestion, road closures, parking nightmares and deafening sounds. Likewise, if you do want to go out over the weekend, you will be hit with exaggerated prices and entrance fees whilst every bar, club and restaurant tries to cash in. Will people really be willing to pay extra, just to go to their usual pub or attend "after parties" when they have been specifically excluded from the main event?

Meanwhile, the one notable date in many peoples calendars – The River Festival – has been cancelled through lack of funding. Come on Maidstone, a fortune is being spent on an event that very few Maidstone people will benefit from, whilst a similar event which brings enjoyment to the whole town has been cancelled. Madness!

People of Maidstone, you have been conned!

Simon Crowhurst

Maidstone, Thursday 1 May 2008

I live 10 minutes walk from the park and didn't get tickets for the event. How close do you have to be to be? Priority given to Maidstone residents? I haven't heard from one local resident who has received tickets. What a scam!!

Dave G

Maidstone, Wednesday 30 April 2008

NO!! I didn't get tickets and I can see the park from my house!! so will have to spend wkend blocking out the noise from the park and dealing with the cars that are guaranteed to park down my road for the entire wkend. Could Radio 1 not have guaranteed tickets to everyone within 0.5 mile radius of the park?? I'm gutted.. the best thing to happen in maidstone in years and I won't be there.

Chloe Rains

Maidstone, Wednesday 30 April 2008

I run a tv/film production company from maidstone and we successfully air our shows on SKY one show in-particular is based on the uk's festivals, last year we covered all including reading and leeds. however due to the BBC we are not able to produce this show . I personally find this terrible as this the big weekend is in our back-garden and the BBC are not giving local companies such as mine support. It costs them nothing to provide press passes and we promote their show in good light, giving more coverage for them. I know my company isn't the first maidstone based outfit to be turned away either!

Jon Bing

Maidstone, Wednesday 30 April 2008

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