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About Us

The Local Government (Ireland) Act 1898, provided the framework for the establishment of County Councils throughout Ireland and the first meeting of Westmeath County Council was held on 22nd April 1899.
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Over the course of the last century the brief of the Council has expanded and the council's role is changing in line with the process of renewal and modernisation which is taking place throughout the public sector and in local government in particular.

While still maintaining its traditional role as a provider of essential local services, the Council has now been given a broader remit, including (a) to support community involvement with Local Authorities in a more participative local democracy and (b) to enhance the role of Elected Members.

The council consists of twenty three members, directly elected by the system of proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote. The functions of Westmeath County Council are divided into reserved and executive functions. The elected members discharge the reserved functions e.g. adoption of the annual estimates, the borrowing of money, the making of the development plans etc.

The County Manager performs executive functions which include employment of staff, property management, planning decisions, and the day to day administration of the Council's business.

Westmeath County Council, like other Local Authorities, has gone through a period of substantial change as provided for in Better Local Government and it now delivers its services on an area-based system, under the guidance of the new Strategic Policy Committees and Corporate Policy Group. The management structure has been strengthened with the provision of five Directors of Services in the following areas :

  1. Environment, Economic Development & Planning
  2. Transportation & Infrastructure
  3. Housing, Social & Cultural Affairs
  4. Community & Enterpris
  5. Finance

Decentralised support and service provision would enhance the decision making and influence of members in their local areas.

The community and enterprise sector headed up by the Director of Community and Enterprise will be an important cross cutting link, interacting with both service delivery and policy areas.

Copies of Westmeath County Council's current Corporate Plan and Customer Service Action Plan may be downloaded from the Homepage of this website. The challenge for the Council is the implementation and monitoring of these Plans.


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