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Parliament Secretariat
The Secretariat assists Parliament in its functions and in all matters connected with its procedures and practices, the organisation of its business and proceedings and the work undertaken by its committees, the Presidential Council for Minority Rights and the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organization.

The Clerk of Parliament is the Chief Executive of the Secretariat and serves as the principal adviser on parliamentary procedures and practices. In his role as the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer, the Clerk is supported by his Deputy Clerk, Principal Assistant Clerks and Assistant Clerks. The Clerks are responsible for the day-to-day management of the work undertaken by the various departments within the Secretariat which include: Parliamentary Clerks; Official Reports; Language Services; Security; Administration and Human Resource; Finance; Estate and Facilities; Parliamentary Education; Library/Research; and Computer Information Systems. Together, these departments support the Secretariat in its role as the provider of specialist advice in relation to the House's proceedings and other support services.


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