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There are seven Standing Select Committees appointed for the duration of a Parliament to undertake various functions. These are:

Other Select Committees

Besides the Standing Select Committees, Parliament sometimes forms ad hoc Select Committees set up on a motion approved by the House to deal with Bills or other matters referred to it. Select Committees are mostly set up to discuss the details of a Bill which affects the everyday life of the public, such as the Goods and Services Tax Bill, Maintenance of Parents Bill and the Advance Medical Directive Bill.

Select Committees on Bills are empowered, like some Standing Select Committees, to call for witnesses and send for documents and records. The Committee may hold closed-door or public hearings and reports its findings back to the House. All questions in Select Committees are decided by a majority of votes

Under the Constitution, if a Parliament resolves that there shall be nominated MPs during the term of that Parliament, a Special Select Committee on Nominations for Appointment as NMPs is set up to consider proposals submitted by the public as to persons who may be considered for nomination by the Committee. The Committee may nominate up to 9 persons for appointment by the President as nominated Members of Parliament.



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