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Alicia extends airplay lead; Kanye streaks to second

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Alicia Keys is threatening to make a runaway of the race for No. 1 on the national radio airplay audience chart, as tabulated by Nielsen BDS, Arbitron and Radio & Records. No One gains 14.3% more audience impressions this week to solidify its hold on No. 1 in its second week in that spot.

Kanye West's Good Life makes a fine jump, from No. 5 to No. 2, but is farther behind Keys this week than it was last week, so its prospects for No. 1 are dimmed. A better prospect for future chart-topping may be Chris Brown's Kiss Kiss, which jumps 9-5, behind the declining Crank That by Soulja Boy and Stronger by West.

The rest of the top 10 is made up of J. Holiday's Bed, Timbaland's twin hits Apologize and The Way I Are, Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry and the top 10 debut of Colbie Caillat's Bubbly.

Further details and daring handicapping follow.

> The annotated top 10:

1-1 last week  Alicia Keys, No One (14.3% audience gain): Two weeks at No. 1, and it looks good for at least another couple.

2-5  Kanye West, Good Life (+10.1%): Great move, but it goes from 15.5 million audience impressions behind Alicia to nearly 22 million. That's going to be tough to make up.

3-2  Soulja Boy, Crank That (-6.5%): Tell'em it's over.

4-3  Kanye West, Stronger (-3.4%): Despite its second-fiddle status among Kanye singles, it was actually stronger this week than last. Still downbound, though.

5-9  Chris Brown, Kiss Kiss (+20.7%): It's red-hot Chris Brown, it had a huge jump, and T-Pain's the featured guest. How could it miss? Stay tuned over the next few weeks to find out if it makes it to No. 1.

6-4  J. Holiday, Bed (-5.7%): In chart terms, we're on the wrong side of the Bed by now, although it didn't fall off by as much as it did last week.

7-8  Timbaland, Apologize (+11.3%): In which Timbaland's new one passes the old one. Could be top 5 next week.

8-6  Timbaland, The Way I Are (-10.0%): Time to retitle this one The Way I Were.

9-7  Fergie, Big Girls Don't Cry (-6.1%): They don't exit the top 10 quickly, either. Could easily hang on for another week.

10-12  Colbie Caillat, Bubbly (+15.75): Not likely to go flat for some weeks to come.

> Next week's top 10 contenders:

Nothing smoking hot is on the verge of cracking the top 10. Rihanna's Hate That I Love You, which jumped 16-13 and gained 8.2% in audience, is probably the closest, but it gained 5 million audience impressions and needs about 8 million more to have a good shot next week.

> This week's hottest songs:

Again, not a ton of red-hot movers. Soulja Boy's Soulja Girl tops the list with a 33.0% audience gain, resulting in a 70-46 chart move in its third week.  Plies' Hypnotized is up 28.5% in its third week, moving 86-59 on the chart. Jordin Sparks' Tattoo is up 21.6% for a 90-69 move in its second week. The previously mentioned Chris Brown song is the only other track gaining more than 20%.

> This week's debuts on the top 100:

Jay-Z has the top debut this week, as Roc Boys enters the chart at No. 84. Rascal Flatts' Winner at a Losing Game is at 88, Sugarland's Stay is 90, Good Charlotte's I Don't Wanna Be in Love is 94, and DJ Felli Fel's Get Buck in Here (which is probably not a plea to resuscitate Buck Owens) comes in at 99.

If you have any questions about how any current song not mentioned above is doing on the chart, please don't hesitate to ask. I'd rather have the info out there than sitting idly in a database.

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