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Thursday 22nd September 2005
UK student makes pixels pay 11:07AM, Thursday 22nd September 2005
A UK student has found an innovative way to pay his way through university by selling pixels on a website.

The one million pixels on the Million Dollar Homepage are being sold in 10x10 sections for $1 per pixel. Purchasers can then use the space to display an ad or logo which is linked to their own site.

The student, 21-year-old Alex Tew has already sold enough pixels to finance his studies and promises to display the page for at least five years. However he hopes it will be around for much longer than that.

'The idea is to create something of an Internet time capsule: a homepage that is unique and permanent,' he said. 'Everything on the Internet keeps changing so fast, it will be nice to have something that stays solid and permanent for many years.'

Million Dollar Homepage can be found at

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