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Roswell, New Mexico is famous for Aliens from Outer Space and the location of Lonnie and Barbara Allsup�s first store. From their humble beginnings in 1956 then known as �Lonnie�s Drive in Grocery,� Roswell was the birthplace of a Convenience Store retailing phenomenon now known as Allsup�s Convenience Stores.

Today the corporate home office is located in Clovis, New Mexico and is ranked #1 as New Mexico�s top privately owned corporation and rated as the 35th largest Convenience Store Chain in the United States.

With 301 C-Store�s located across New Mexico and Texas, Allsup�s is a nationally recognized leader in Convenience Store Retailing. Lonnie Allsup, Allsup�s Convenience Stores CEO, has long been recognized as the original innovator of selling cooked foods through convenience stores. From Burritos to Bar-B-Q and Corn Dogs to Chicken, Allsup�s has it all.

It�s difficult to remember but Allsup�s Convenience Stores was also one of the first C-Store Chains to sell gasoline. Most Convenience Stores back in the 50�s didn�t offer gas. People bought gasoline at a gas station where they pumped it for you. Lonnie Allsup was one of the first to understand that customers have a �need for speed� and began offering 24-hour self-serve gasoline at his stores. Hence the birth of the modern day Convenience Store.

Today Allsup�s proudly flies the branded Shell, Fina, ConocoPhillips, Exxon and the Allsup�s On the Go flags.

Innovation didn�t stop with the invention of �fast foods� and Self Service Fueling. Another innovator in the Allsup family is Barbara Allsup. Barbara is the Corporations Chief Financial Officer. As a �hands on� administrator, Barbara was frustrated with the Convenience Stores industry�s lack of sophisticated technology business tools.

In 1993 Barbara oversaw the development of Allsups own proprietary Point of Sale and Price Book technology. Today all of the 301 Allsup Convenience Stores have implemented scanning, PC Point of Sale Systems, AS/400 ASP support, Broad Band Satellite and credit card switching. Barbara comments, "technology has allowed us to be even more responsive to our customers needs, streamline our overhead while increasing our corporate efficiencies�.

Bearing the titles of �Mother and Father of the Modern Day Convenience Store� is something Barbara and Lonnie Allsup have learned to live with. In addition to their C-Store empire the Allsups own a Petroleum Jobber Ship, Software Development Company, a chain of Radio Stations and World Championship Cutting Horse Ranches in Texas and New Mexico.

When asked what Lonnie Allsup�s number one accomplishment is, He�s was quick to reply, �I�ll get back with you on that one, We�re still busy working at being the best we can be�!

At Allsup�s being the best means working hard all the time to serve and please our many customers.

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