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The Michigan Supreme Court upheld an Appellate Court ruling denying public employers the opportunity to provide domestic partner benefits. While many schools and municipalities have adjusted their eligibility rules to comply with the 2004 constitutional amendment, this ruling not only places Michigan at a disadvantage in hiring and attracting talent, but also places Michigan in the backwater of civil rights and equality. Read the Detroit Free Press article for more information.

Registration information for the AAUP's Annual Meeting is now available on the national AAUP website. This year's meeting is unusually important because the membership will be voting on the long-discussed restructuring proposal. For anyone interested in attending, please register as soon as possible. Space is limited and hotel space fills up especially quickly. To register for the annual meeting or to download additional information, click here.

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For ninety-two years, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) has been the only national organization solely devoted to representing the interests of higher educational faculties. Through this pursuit, the AAUP crafted the 1940 Statement on the Principles of Academic Freedom and Tenure. This document, coauthored with the American Association of Colleges and Universities and endorsed by more than 150 additional organizations, solidified the basis for academic freedom and tenure within the higher education community. Those two principles have created a higher educational system second to none. Paramount in this system is the open examination and dissemination of knowledge inside the classroom. Academic Freedom has bred an educational and research environment based on critical evaluation, but separate from political and religious beliefs. In support of these goals and accomplishments, an excess of 45,000 AAUP members hail from all 50 states.

The Michigan Conference of the AAUP champions the tenets of Academic Freedom, Tenure and Shared Governance within the state of Michigan. The Conference gathers and distributes information among its 17 chapters as well as representing their interests before the state government. With over 4,500 members at 30 college and universities across the state, the Michigan Conference is a powerful voice protecting the rights of faculty and ensuring the contribution of higher education to the common good.