by Kriegsfall-U [CSR54CD]

Reviewed by Troy Southgate

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Available from Cold Spring Records, P.O. Box 40, Northampton NN6 7PT, England.

S TAMPED with a curious blend of monarchical fidelity and the deeply esoteric, this album is dedicated to the memory of both King Charles IV (1887-1922) and Béla Hamvas (1897-1968). The former, also known as Emperor Charles I of Austria between 1916-18, was the last ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Indeed, despite his committed attempts to save the Empire from disintegration, in 1919 King Charles was eventually forced to flee to Switzerland with his family and as recently as 2004 was beatified. Béla Hamvas, on the other hand, was a Hungarian writer and philosopher and perhaps best known for introducing the Traditionalist ideas of Rene Guenon into the country. His complex articles on Alchemy (‘Tabula Smaragdina’) and Hermeticism (‘Introductions’) continue to ensure that