See that new tab up there? Yup, that one. Go ahead, take a look. We’ll wait.

That’s the brand new Commenters’ Bill of Rights. In-house political guru, Jon Schnaars ratified it late last night and we’re unveiling it to you today. Its pretty much the most important document created by man since the Mitchell Report.

The Big Lead aims to cover sports and the media that covers those sports. As we produce “stories” that we see fit for your consumption you in turn have the privilege of commenting. Like any privilege, it comes with responsibility.

We want people to feel comfortable commenting here. You shouldn’t have to put up with personal attacks or worry about being outed from the basement. We want this community - and that’s how we feel about our readers and commenters; this is an online community. And we want it to keep growing.

We want new readers to scan the comments and think, “Boy, there sure are some funny people commenting here. And they seem so friendly!” Then that reader posts his or her own hilarious comment and we pass out +1’s like high-fives at a Nickleback concert.

Keep in mind that your new Bill of Rights is meant for your benefit. No one should have to put up with anything personally offensive on this blog. Discussions can turn into arguments - we know that. Who knows how many puppies you would kick throughout the day if you don’t get that Kobe-LeBron debate out of you by 10am. But just because we sometimes encourage a discourse that we know will lean towards bickering, doesn’t mean that we want it to go any further than, “Your teams sucks! My team is destined for greatness!” Just remember to respect each other.

We don’t want to delete comments. It’s only come to that a few times in the more than two years that TBL has been around. Our number one goal here is to inform and entertain. (Though not always in that order.)

So read your Bill of Rights. Memorize it. Most importantly, keep it in the back of your mind whenever you comment. We want everyone to feel like they’re among friends when they visit The Big Lead.