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Westnet Joins Forces with iiNet

Thursday 8 May 2008

Westnet announced today that the Board of Directors have reached an agreement which will see Perth based internet service provider iiNet acquire Westnet.

Both iiNet and Westnet have identified a strong opportunity to combine two independently successful ISPs and create the 3rd largest internet customer base in the country.  

iiNet recognises Westnet’s achievements, notably in sales channel management, marketing and in particular; customer service excellence.

The two companies will continue to manage two separate brands and operate separately. From a Westnet customer and staff perspective, it will be business as usual.

Westnet is set to benefit from the best of what iiNet has to offer to assist its growth strategy. This includes access to selected iiNet products to be resold by Westnet, such as naked DSL, VoIP (voice over internet protocol), and increased ADSL2+ availability. iiNet is set to benefit in a numbers of ways, such as access to award winning customer service techniques, and several innovative product developments.

Westnet CEO Peter Brown commented: “We are really pleased to have joined forces with a company which respects our customer service ethos, and we look forward to building upon our recognised market position around customer service with new products and growth opportunities”

He added: “For Westnet customers, it is ‘business as usual’ regarding the delivery of their services. The only change for customers will be positive, with new products becoming available for Westnet members.”

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