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You Are What You Eat
Holistic nutritionist GILLIAN MCKEITH, presenter of Celador Production's hit series for Channel 4, You Are What You Eat, has been studying and researching in the fields of nutrition and diet for nearly 20 years.

Gillian grew up in the Scottish Highlands, and at the time her diet included plenty of stodgy and pre-packaged foods. In her twenties she moved to America and became the presenter of a health interest radio show. Ironically, at the time, she felt in poor health, lacking energy and suffering from headaches and aches and pains. Since discovering how to change her health and well being through diet and nutrition Gillian has never looked back, and she is now passionate about good food and what it can do to for all of us.

Gillian began studying and researching in the fields of nutrition and diet in 1985. Prior to that she attained a Bachelors in Language and Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh in 1981 and a Masters in International Relations specializing in International Business from the University of Pennsylvania in 1984.

After graduating from University of Pennsylvania, Gillian began to attend seminars in food and nutrition and study whilst also working in the business world lecturing in management studies and international business.

Gillian is the author of the number one bestseller You Are What You Eat, based on the series, and Living Food for Health. She has written for a number of publications, and currently has a weekly column in Reveal magazine. She presented the Feel Fab Forever' strand on This Morning, and her US broadcast credits include Celebrity Health Reporter for The Joan Rivers Television Show.

Gillian is the formulator of specialised living food products and her private clientele include a number of high profile figures.

Gillian is now based in London, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.

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