Ghost Ring Sights for the CZ 452

The standard sights that come with CZ's 452 Lux and Special/Standard/Trainer models are the best open sights made today. They are adjustable for windage and once calibrated the "ladder" can be used to shoot accurately at any range from 25 to 200 meters. The only complaint I have about them is that for those of us with aging eyes it is difficult to adjust focus from rear sight to front sight to target and back again. For some of us it is impossible to get the rear sight in focus.

Fast, easy, accurate.

One alternative is the ghost ring sight - an aperture that "ghosts" as you focus on the front sight or target. Your brain automatically aligns your eye with the center of the ghost ring all that remains is to put the front sight on the target. This seems too easy but it works. Fast, easy, accurate. Once you get used to this you will never go back.

I have produced a ghost ring sight for the CZ 452. This sight makes the iron sights considerably easier to use and more accurate. With these I can consistently put most of my shots into an 8 inch target at 200 yards. If the wind isn't blowing too hard I can put almost all of them into that same target. Best of all it can be done more quickly and with less eyestrain than open sights. Just dial in the range and fire.

Some of the things you can do with these sights:


photo of ghost ring sight

These are drop-in replacements for the rear sight blade made from laser cut steel finished with black oxide. The apertures available are 1/8", 3/32", 5/64", and 1/16" (3.2mm, 2.4mm, 2.0mm. and 1.6mm).

I'm not sure how to recommend different apertures as they all work well. You might go with a smaller aperture for target work and a larger aperture for hunting or in low light. I am happy to exchange apertures if you decide you'd like a larger or smaller one. The 3/32" and 5/64" are the most popular - even people with less than perfect eyesight are finding them easy to use. I am using the 5/64" on my Ultra with excellent results.


Simply loosen one of the windage screws, take out the factory blade, put in my blade, and tighten the windage screw. Once installed, sight it in at 25 or 50 yards or meters by recalibrating the front sight and adjusting the windage. Set the slide to indicate 25 or 50 and then adjust the front sight to get the elevation right. You are now ready for just about anything. Not all ammunition will fit the built in trajectory of the ladder sight however it does fit what most of us use: 40gr high velocity ammunition. You should test at different ranges to verify the calibration and perhaps make adustments to minimize errors. It might be better to be on target at 100 yards and a quarter inch off at 25 yards depending on how you use the gun.

The Love of Iron

Many of us cut our teeth on iron sights. Today many parents insist that their children master open sights first. Scopes are great but it is hard to avoid the pull of iron sights: the clean lines and smooth handling of a gun without a scope - pulling it in close and looking straight over the barrel. The hogback stocks on the Lux and Special models are made for iron sights - you feel like you are wearing the gun, not just holding it.

Here are a few more reasons:

I'm hoping that these sights will encourage more people to use the iron sights on the 452. These are great guns with a great sight system.


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