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These are the Archived Messages of Support. . .

I read these news accounts with deep regret. So sorry to hear that this kid died because he was a punk. But more saddened by the realization that this hatred is still going strong today. I'm 29 years old and from 1983 to the present, I've been involved with punk and metal music. We had the same battles in the 80's with the jocks and preps and rednecks as we do now. But with the latest "fashion" being punk orientated, I thought there would be more of an acceptance for this style of dress. Guess not. Coming from a small town with a small faction of "us" was tough sometimes. If you think its tough today to walk around with liberty spikes, mohawks or long hair, it was 10 times as rough then! If I had a dollar everytime I heard the term "skater-fag" I'd be rich! We even had people come up to us at the mall and say,"If you were my kid, I'd kick your ass!" Thankfully, my parents were understanding and supported individualism, as it seems Brians are. I hold Brian as a punk rock hero and  a true warrior! I'm still in the scene at 29,   playing in VOMIT SNACK, and still saying "Fuck You" to people like Brians killer! I will forever support punks and metalheads and like Brian, will die fighting for it!
 Punks might die, but PUNKS NOT DEAD!
      Gene "LORD DESTROYER" Cook
  bass player- VOMIT SNACK
Dear Family of Brian Deneke,

The first I heard about your son was on television on 20:20.  I am very sorry for what happened.  I just want to let you know that I am concerned and have kept you guys in my prayers.  Lately I have been reading this book  called "Son of A Preacher Man" which is the story of Jay Bakker.  It really opens up your eyes and gives the reader a sense of forgiveness.  I would really like it if you guys look into this book, even if you are not a Christian it still hits some really good points for anybody.  Keep the faith and know that I am always here to support your cause.
Punks through Christ
Aaron Brumbaugh
I have been reading about this case for several years now.  I lived in Amarillo (and Dumas) for most of my life and the murder occurred right before I left.  I remember distinctly the people where I worked at talking about the case when I still lived in Amarillo and most of the comments boiled down to "it's a shame the kid died but I'm sure he deserved it, he was just a punk and the other kid (Justin Camp) comes from a good background".  I feel that statement pretty much sums up the underlying "different-ism" that has plagued the Texas panhandle for as long as I can remember.  While a lot of people point out that Brian was armed; it's AMAZING what a kid will resort to for self-protection when they spend most of their time being threatened, persecuted, or generally shunned in school and in the community for the horrible crime of "being different".  You have a town in which any difference. (Being smart, of a different race or ethnic background, listening to different kinds of music, wearing different clothes) from the status quo will almost certainly guarantee trouble of some kind.  People (especially kids) should never have to fear for their mental or physical safety for simply being WHO THEY ARE.  I have seen firsthand (through my experiences and those of my husband and daughter) what this mentality does to a person.  I finally made the decision to leave rather than to continue to subject my family to the abuse that is justified toward others in the name of "Uniformity".  I now have a daughter that has gone from hating school and being withdrawn to one, who is full of life, loves school and is one of the most popular kids in class.  She did not do this by stepping over the backs of other kids but by merely being herself.  Professionally and personally, I have done more in the last 3 years here than the 25+ years spent in the panhandle.  I have become what everyone said I would never be (because my family was poor, I was just a girl, I was too fat, disabled etc) successful and HAPPY. 

Amarillo has a MAJOR, dirty little secret in which it is in complete and utter denial.  They despise anyone who is not the same in speech, appearance, thought and political ideology.   That is why the town is doomed to continue to lose their "best and brightest" young people who will always seek to escape the city limits just as soon as graduation comes or escape through other means, (murder, suicide, drug/alcohol addiction, giving up and finally conforming to what is demanded of them by masses).   As they lose these children, Amarillo will lose the only chance the city has of REAL change and so the cycle perpetuates itself (very ironic). 

To Brian's parents; I am so very sorry for your loss and he will forever be imprinted in my thoughts and in my soul.
To the others that might read this, I leave a quote that I think really sums it all up.
"This way of life is so devised, to snuff out the mind that moves.  Moving with grace that men despise and women have learned to lose."

Melissa - Seattle, WA

Hello, I am very upset by this. This is my 1st time hearing about this horrible thing. I am very different as well. People think that just because we are different we are also heartless. But most of us are not. The nicest people i have meet were the differentest ones. Im sooo sorry for this. I hope it doesnt happen to me. For showing support, I bought a shirt.
"If Your Not Now You Never Were.......Straight Edge"
to the family of Brian Deneke:
             My name is Scott Navarrett, a fourteen year old from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  I first heard of Brian's story about a year ago and was deeply touched by it. I just wanted to say that I am terribly sorry for your loss and I can see how painfull it must be. I never knew Brian. But i can tell by the pictures of him that he was a great person. I saw how he was loving ( with the dog and baby)  I saw that he was well liked by his friends and he was an innocent person who did not deserve to have his life taking away. I also feel i know Brian because, like him, I don't conform to the "popular kid's" way of living and the jocks think they're so much better than me and my friends. I know that Brian did not want to fight that night but felt he had to finally stand up to the Jocks.  Your son died for a good cause and his story has really changed me. After hearing this I've learned to accept people and not shun them for being different.Well, that's what i wanted to say, thank you for listening.
My deepest consolation,  Scott Navarrett
last year i was a prep. i never liked it but for some reason i thought that if i wasnt what my parents and my friewnds wanted me to be my life would be horrible. It was anyways, i was depressed and now a year later i'm a 14 year old punk who's been through alot. In the past year i have learned alot about myself and i realized that the punk lifestyle helps me express myself the most and is the best way of thinking for me. onto something different. I hope that thru your losses and brian's death the world can at least start to look at the punk perspective.  i understand how some people feel out there but we shouldnt be judged on how we look. To really understand people, you need to know them form the inside out. what happened to brian was bacuase he was different and people are scared of different.i'm only in middle school and the only punk there. people here are scared of differenbt and the fact that dustin got away withno jail time shows that even the government is scared of di!
fferent. in the future i hope that it wont matter what u are and being different will be accepted, unlike now. Brian has changed my life. and many other's lives too. even though he is not here physically i will never ever forget him or what happened.
This is the type of thing that should stand out and be seen not just pushed away and hidden. I'm sick of it punks and other groups are outcasts just because of the way they dress or what they wear or if they have piercings.   When will people realize people are people and not be judged by what they wear or what kind of music they listen to. I think brian was more than a punk he was a morter for the cause that people should take a look and realise what they are doing.
By,  Jim Dunn
R.I.P. Brian May You Not  Have Died In Vain
i first heard about brian's tragic death about a year ago, and i thought it was just another one of those un-needed deaths that i  hear about so often.  it is definately an un-needed death, but it is so much more than that.  after reading everything i could on brian and what happened, hearing about what a great person he was, it made me realize a 3 inportant things. 

1) i don't need to give up on people entirely.  there are still a lot of people out there that care and are trying to make the world a better place. 

2) i am not being and doing everything i am capable of.  if i were to get killed tomorrow, it wouldn't be as great a tragedy as brian, not even close.  i want to make the world a better place, and maybe even be remembered for it.  brian makes me want to be a better person. 

3) i need to be more open to different kinds of people.  i consider myself to be punk, and i'm into unity and accepting differences and all that, but i have stereotyped preps.  brian was nice to everyone, as long as they were nice to him.   there are good preps and there are bad preps, just like there are good punks and there are bad punks.  i need to give more people a chance. 

i think what is being done in memory of brian is great.  keep up the good work, and thanks.

     My name is Patrick Webb and i am a 13 year old from Mattapoisett Massachusetts.I was lookin at punk sites when i came across a Anti-Flag site and it said his name.It also had many articles..thousands.I stayed up all night last night reading through all of them.I came across a web site , www.briandeneke.org , and iI printed out the flyers and i copied them and handed them out on a street corner.I now have many people handing them out all over the tri town area.It will soon spread in Massachusetts.I am sorry that you have to go through whats you are going through still,even after three years.My brother was almost killed in a car crash.I give my hopes to you.I hope I will be able to talk to you before the festival.I might be travelin all the way down the counrty for youe fundraising concer.I hope you are succesful if i can't make it.Good luck and god bless you.
                      Your main supporter,
                               Patrick Webb
The stories about Brian touched me. The news article I read brought me to tears. I am so sorry about your loss. I just recently went through a death myself. Brian seemed like a very open minded and gentle person. He did not  deserve to die. The fact that the boy murdered him got away with just probation sickens me. How can the courts agree to that sentence? I can't believe that, Camp murdered someone so innocent and he gets away with   nothing. I know he has to feel guilt and I hope he lives with that guilt for the rest of his life. I can especially relate to Brian because I am "goth" and I understand the things he had to go through at school. I too won't change because some people yell things at me. Most goths and punks are open minded and gentle, and they do nothing wrong. I'm glad Brian stood up for what he believed in. I'm going to share this webpage with my friends. I hope  we can all keep the memory of Brian alive. I might even put up a webpage myself dedicated to him. If I do I'll be sure to send it to you. I'll always remeber the story of Brian.
-Jenn, 14, CA.
Hello I am from Maine. Just let me start off by saying that I am sorry about what happened to your son Brian Deneke. I just hope that maybe now schools and other frequented buildings and organizations will push even harder to educate kids on hate crimes and diversity.I live in a small town, where there are not many people that are diverse or even except it. I am a so called "goth" more of an individual in my eyes... but that is how I am seen. I walk into a grocery store and I am stared up and down but because of the spirit inside of me I will myself to just get over it. I try not to dwell on what they think. This whole matter deeply disturbs me. I think about how this was so tragic and wrong, and that no one deserves this treatment NO ONE. No one deserves to die because of other's closed mindedness. I try to respect all sorts of people regardless of what they look like how they dress and what kind of music they like. I try to do this because I know that it's not right to look at someone and say I hate them just because they don't look like I do.I know the feeling of being different all to well, and I really really hope that this horrible tragedy will not be forgotten. I hope that it will live on for the sake of people everywhere. I hope it unites people,and shows the world that its not just the people who look different that do bad things. We are not bad people. Sure we dress differently, we may like different tastes, BUT NO ONE IS THE SAME. NO ONE! And why should it matter? SHould we all walk around saying and liking, and looking the same? Should we all become robots for the sake of humanity? No because becoming robots and doing and saying the same as everyone else is not humane. Just because someone looks different than you or talks different or dresses different does not in ANYWAY give people the right to tear them down. Brian Deneke didn't deserve to die! I don't know him personally but this web site and all the support it has gained has truely touched me in ways I cannot describe. Again though like I said I hope this can be used as a teaching tool as well as means of healing for all of the people that were affected...
well i've known about this tragic tale for some time now but i just got the address for the site tonite. when i first saw the story it made me cry and also scared, because i am also a punk who gets bugged mostly for no good reason. i hope that nothing like this ever happens again. Because i know for one thing like my mom since she saw that story she has been all concerned because im the only girl with a mohawk and i've gotten beat up a couple of times. well im deaply saddened still and always will be. i hope that people are smarter then to hurt some one just because they are different.
Winnipeg Canada
My name Is Jeremy Gale. I attend Western Reserve High School in Ohio. Recently in my English class we had to write down one wish that we had. My wish was that all ignorance and hatred ended, and that no matter who you are justice gets served. This was about 6 months after the first time I visited your site. My heart dropped when I heard what happened to Brian. My heart felt apologies go out to you, the parents. After the 5th or 6th time I visited your site I wrote a poem. It goes:

Divided we stand, united we fall
They say they are fair, but not to us all.
Stereotypes split people, we are all the same
The homeless will die, with no friends and no name.
I am the same as you, yet you treat me differently
I don’t understand, what is wrong with me?
Is it because of my preferences, I don’t like what you do
It is because I dress different, won’t buy Nike shoes?
Why is it, some people are overlooked
They get murdered, their killers don’t get the book.
Because they aren’t the jock, why can’t they see
Good people can be different, remember Brian Deneke

We have grown up in a negitive world, we think that treating people badly is ok. We don't understand the people we hurt what they go through. And it's sad enough to see people judging, hateing, and making fun of others just becasue they are different. I was very hurt when I came across the website for your son Brian. the story brang tears to my eyes becasue not only a fortunate son was lost, but I can't belive how messed up this world is. If it makes a difference or not, i want you to know that Brian will be in my prayers. I will pray for the family and justice for Brian!!!
  I'd just like to say that I plan on informing everyone I know about this horrible hate crime. I plan on passing out flyers about it and also to write a song about it. I'm also writing an article in my 'zine about it. I only wish I found this site a long time ago. I think it's a great site and I give you my blessings on spreading the message about hate crimes and the what happened to Brian. I admire you all for it. It disappoints me greatly to know that people have to discriminate and hate other people because of small differences. When will we put these differences aside and just see eachother for who we are? Thankfully I've never lost a loved one to a hate crime, but  I've seen many friends get in fights with other people over their differences. It saddens me to know that we're growing up in a world like this.
Sincerely,      Aja Hiracheta
16 year old, Rowlett High School student
     I just wanted to say you have all my support and prayers.  Anything I can do I would be happy to do.  I am a single Mom from Ballston Spa, N.Y.  I have somewhat gone through  what you have gone through.  The place where we used to live was filled with narrow minded people.  People who couldn't get past the way a person looked to see that persons heart and soul were pure and loving.  I refer to my daughter.  She went to school in this small city and because she at the time was into the Gothic look all the kids made fun of her picking on her and laughing at her.
    She tried to commit suicide but thank the good Lord did not suceed. She ended up quitting school and taking corispondence courses which she did very well in and is now enrolled in a community college.  But I've jumped the trck here.  I always supported my daughter in her beliefs and choice of look because I knew her inner beauty.  I raised my children to be that way to see beyond a persons outward appearance.  I guess I don't understand why all parents can't raise their children that way. It was my daughter that showed me this web sight and I'm glad she did. It angers me that people are so narrow minded and mean and that so many innocent
victims arise from this.  My prayers are with your family and friends.
         God Bless,                   Valerie
i found and read brian's story about a year ago and i just wanted to say that it makes me sick to know that dustin camp is out walking the streets. he is a killer! he murdered a young man, yet he still roams the streets. how could  this have happened?? what was the jury thinking?? they are all a bunch of idiots. i have created a memorial page on my site dedicated to him. i've lost people close to me, but never because they were 'differant.' camp should be sentanced to life in jail and shown as the murderer he is! i hate him, and i don't even know him. in turn, even though i never met brian, i'm sure that he was a wonderful, smart, beautiful person. this tragedy will not go unheard of. i will become a messanger of peace and justice.
take care.
m. covell
newport, oregon
I think it's really great, what you've been doing about the death of Brian and getting people to recognize why he was murdered.  The thing about this story that really gets me is that he died for no good reason at all, and also because I think about how that could have been anyone of my friends....or even me.  If there is anything I could do to help where I am, please let me know.  I would like to do more to help.  
My wife and I would like to say how horrified, disgusted, and saddened we were and are about the death of Brian.  Our son was also a “punk,” whatever that means... . The words of Brian’s father were our words, too. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Denekes.  May his death not have been in vain.
Ingrid and Woody Barr (Mother and Father of Al Barr.)
I think it's is truly heroic what you are doing in memory of Brian.  In the town I live in I got beat up almost everyday for being a "punk", for not representing myself the way people thought i should. It's a dreadful thing to  think that America basis it's judgments on the way you look and not who you really are. Brian seemed like someone speacial, like someone if you only met him one time he would linger in your memory forever. I would like to send my regaurds to Mr&Mrs. Deneke and Brians brother, to let them know that I'll try and fight the good fight, Brians fight up here in New York.  But there is something I am wondering, what happened to his killer and was he ever sorry for the life he stole from so many people? If there is anything at all that  we can do up here please let us know.  It's about time the world looked at who we are and not what we look like.
Theres so many things to say but not enough words. I never met Brian, but I feel close to him. I know what happened, I, myself,  live in Dallas,Texas. The anger that wells within is almost painful, but it doesnt outweigh the  tragedy in itself that digs so deep into all that know about what has  happened. Brian didn't deserve to die. Dustin Camp took his life and got away with it. All I know is in the end, when he faces God,he should expect the worst. If the situation had been turned around, Brian probably would have gotten  the worst. Instead, the way it happened, Dustin walked off scott free for  killing another human being. I know what it is like to be persecuted for being different. I myself, am  different. I have been the subject of many hateful words and spars throughout my life because i was different. right now I dont know how to express myself and tell you how sorry I am for  your loss. Words seem to cheapen the emotion itself. I know that the hurt I  feel is nothing compared the the despair you've felt in losing a child. I can only say Im sorry, and that doesnt seem enough. And to everyone that was affected, losing a brother, losing a friend, there arent words that i can say to ease the pain. Im so sorry for the loss of such a wonderful person. All i know is that Brian is sitting in heaven. Watching down on all of us.

Dustin Camp will get it one day. One day, whether now or later, in this life or the next. What he has done,  there is no salvation for.When Dustin faces god, he will have to pay for what he has done.

Love always, with all of my heart,

    My name is Oliver Mathews. You do not know me, but i have a friend who lives in utah who is doing an english paper on Brain Deneke and i was hoping you could help her by giving her some information that is hard to find.  i never knew about brian till today. And what i have found out has angered me for i know what it is like. What people dont understand they fear what they fear they wish to destroy!!
                Oliver "Utah" Mathews
Hey, my name is Jennifer from Garland Texas. This is one of the saddest stories I have ever heard. It makes me
sick. These "preps" are the kids that make fun of kids for being different. These "preps" are the ones that have been the root of the recent school shootings. To think that someone could be so narrow-minded and not except someone to the point of hurting them is unbelievable. I'm only 13 years old and see kids being left out and emotionally hurt and think its just a matter of time before they are psychically hurt by these kids that leave them out and bully them. I'm not saying you should hurt these "preps."... But I understand. Every one of them will get what they deserve sooner or later.
Hello, my name is Ellis Byrd, I grew up in swindon england during the early 80's and was very active in the punk scene there. I now am in my mid-late 30's but still hold the beliefs I did when I was young. I have been fired from many jobs due to my beliefs. I am unemployed now, reason- helping High School students feel excepted in a very unstable school enviroment ( I was a teacher for learning Disablities) I had many punks etc. that just wanted to be understood. I did now I have no job.
Well the real reason I am writing to you is to let you know that I am promoting 2 very large Punk shows in Columbus Ohio on March 31st and May 12th. I am setting up a jar for a collection for the Brian Deneke Fund. I will turn it into a check and mail it at some point. I cannot promise much, but anything helps. I feel the pain you are suffering with this. I was wrongfully accussed of something I didn't do and was victimized for my beliefs. At least I lived. My young children are taking an interest in sk8 punk and I let them enjoy what they find exciting to them. God hopes nothing happens to them because of the way they look.
Thanks Ellis
this is indeed a tragedy to everyone who is the slightest bit caring and understanding. this is a prime example of what our society has created a haven upon. i as a young individual have often been a victim of   discrimination for being only who i am. i beleive this is absolute ignorance and needs to change. is this what it takes in life for people to realize that things need to change and one should not be hated upon for their individuality? only if. but its obvious nothing changes due to one incident that is so common in our society that it has forced people to turn their backs. forced people to endure in apathy for they have no morals and backbone. for the deneke family i give my greastest sorrow. for i know where i live this is a common case. im happy to know that one such as brian was so greatly recognized and for that i have reason to be a better person. but i wish it were for a better reason. because i know the feeling. i hope to someday see an end to this all. in the mean time i will strive to make it  happen.
sincerely,       ~marco rayos~
I must say, I am in shock.  I just learned from a friend of mine from Amarillo (my home town) about Brian's death.  Actaully, it had been metioned to me right afterwards, but never in any detail and never any names....when I found out that it was a friend of mine...I was speechless.

As I mentioned, I am from Amarillo...now in Kansas City. Brian and I went to Junior High together and became friends in the year or two before I moved. Brian was (honestly) one of the kindest individuals I have ever encountered.  I have been scrolling through the numerous websites gathering bits and peices, maybe searching for an answer; I don't know.   When I saw the pictures of him, I felt numb.  It is so unbelievable to me that someone could have ever harmed him...especially in such a cold and brutal manner. 

I really hope that time has offered some healing for everyone who cares about Brain.   This being such new news to me...I hope it brings the same to me. 

The one thing (if there is something good that could come of this) that brings me hope is the way people have really pulled together on this thing.  This whole thing is so typical of Amarillo.  I, too, was harrassed because of my non-traditional appearance...man, that seems to be all I DO remember about Amarillo.  That and friends who were few and far between.  I am glad to be able to say I knew the kind of person Brian was.  I can filter through all of the BS and excuses and know that it wasn't an evil "punk" who got run down that night, it was an awesome member of society, and a hell of a guy in general.  I really admire all of the work you have put into informing people...whether it be on sterotypes, social groups, violence, or just the senslesness of it all.  I will never be able to visit Amarillo without getting the chills.  I am absolutely disgusted that people can be so shallow and cruel.

I am a firm believer in fate....and although it could have been avoided, maybe it was in his cards....maybe this serves as an eye opener to the rest of the world (and I really hope it does)...ignorance and hate kill!

Rest in Peace Brian....
Tiffany Tracey - Kansas City
I'm a young punk from Guildford, England. I heard about the tragedy through a friend, and i cannot believe the foolishness on both sides. Like Brian, i respect everybody for their choices, but i too have been harrassed for the  way i dress and many a time i have been started on simply for having a mohawk. I was reading some of the letters sent to you and on one of them the person says 'you shood be judged for hoo you are and not for your clothes or music taste'. well im not discouting that opinion, but my personal view on the matter is that, in a perfect world we woodnt be judged at all, becoz judging leads to stereotyping which leads to discriminatory hatred. it sickens me to think about Brians friends and family, and the loss the city of Amorillo has taken. i was almost stabbed about a month ago simply becoz of wot i am, not hoo i am. to the 'jocks' or wot we in england call 'garys', i am but a face, i am just a body attached to the tag that is punk. i feel deep sorrow for the Denekes, and for everybody that knew Brian. From wot I have heard, he was the nicest person you cood ever meet. I hope that the tragedy will continue to inspire people everywhere, as it has inspired me,
Yours truly, chris
im deeply hurt by what has ever so unfortunately happened brian you were a great man , and you have inspired and helped many, i am one of the stars in the sky that you have made glow brighter all of my love and support goes to brians brave family wherever you may be i hope you are happy
i love you brian
well i live in el paso,texas and i just caught the story of your son on snnbc today and was full of anger when i heard of it.camp should not have walk.i understand your pain,my little brother angel chafino (www.angelchafino.com) was murder april 99 in a driveby shooting,u could check out his website. there were two guys involved the shooter got 20 yrs. even after he sighned a confession,hes now serving time at huntsville,the other guy was a star football player and he got off completely,we even suffered a blow when he was crowned homecoming king at his school that yr.im sorry there was no justice in your case,i understand your pain.if u guys plan on having a benefit or something like that let me know maybe we can help,im having a stop the violence benefit concert in the summer and were bringing in top music acts for this concert.this violence has got to stop and the justice system has got to change for the better.please,let me know anything we can do
      mike chafino
I have been an advocator and educator of Brian Deneke since last year, and feel storngly about the issue- I was wondering which I adress, or if it is possible at all, to send to a money order to purchase 'hate kills' t-shirt,  because I do not have a credit card and unfortunatly cannot convince my parents of the cause, thank you in advance.
My heart goes out to the friends and family of Brian.  It hurts me to hear about people being killed for their looks.  I've been a punk for 8 years and in my town where the rednecks out number punks 20 to 1, you can't avoid childish name calling.   Basicly I'm the only punk in my town of Claxton Ga.  Down hear when other people hear about something like this they think since the person was so different...they had it coming.  Down hear no one sees things for what they are.  I mean they never take away stereotypes.  It sounds justified when someone hears a prep killed a punk.  But look at it for real.  A person killed another person.  Camp took an individual off this earth because he was different from him.  And it pisses me off.  To everyone in the punk community I say this "Don't believe the words the rest of the world says...just shine it on!"  We are not a generation of slackers we are the poets of our time and our time is now and forever.
From Claxton Ga.
Will Boatwright
Hello , Deneke's
                      I just want to say  first off i am sry for what happened to Brian and second i just want to that thank
you for reading this!:-)
  I am a punk kid(17) or atleast i think i am! I just clicked on to the link for ur web page and in my little town punks are not excepted! i respect people for who they are but see me as some kid getting into trouble when i walk around in my "get up" (wordrobe)and i get harrased by everyone except for my freinds and family but my freinds few and far if i can get any cuz acorrding to people i am punk i hate the government and all that crap that gets put on the punk lable and its not true but i have come to except that people view me like that. well what i wanted to say that i really dont know what to say but ur son, brother,freind lives on he will live on in the punk community and the community as a whole! i personaly know will never forget him i may not have known him but in some way i do because we had something in common we both stoud up for what we beleived in and the people are equal and that america is free and people can be who they want to be no matter what poeple say. One of the thing s that hit me really hard is that i get harrased just for what i am people see what i wear and how i dress as the whole story and its wronge as hell. I get constently harrassed from students at skool and i take it cuz everyone think i am out to make trouble and get in trouble when i am really not!theyir is a good side to me and its always their its just that only a few people see it  well i have much more to wrote but i dont know how to write it cuz i dont have the words!                            
i just wanted to let you know that i live in RI way over  on the east cost and i saw a flyer telling the story of Brian in a store the other day, and your message is getting around
I am 15 years old, a punk, and damn proud of it. no matter what kind of shit jocks throw at me, i stand my guard, as I'm sure Brian did. Brian's struggle touched me. It just goes to show that even in this day and age, there is useless bigotry in the "civilized world".  I mean, what kind of world is this where a murderer can get off scott-free because the victim was a punk?? Civilized? I think not. I beg the police to re-open the case, and bring Brian's murderer to justice (just so you know, I'm anti-death penalty.)

To show my support, and to remember Brian, I am wearing a black armband in his honor around school. People ask what it's for, and I say "It's to mourn the murder of a punk who was murdered for no reason other than his appearance". 

I have done drawings, and I am writing songs in Brian's honor. When I get the drawings scanned, I will e-mail them to this site.
R.I.P. Brian Deneke
-Damien Inbred-
AKA Damien Alvarez-Toye

Hello, my name is steven jackson, and I first heard about Brian from the dropkick murphys song, fortunes of war, and soon found the website. I'm so sorry that brian was taken away. I'm so sorry, I  came to tears reading through the website. I know exactly what it is like to be picked on for being a punk and having a mohawk. I am a 16 year old punk rocker, and I live near the mexican border in tucson arizona. I get picked on all the time at school and outside of school by mexicans because I have a mohawk. It just makes me so mad that people feel so insecure. That people judge me by my looks when they don't know who I am. I am not out to make anyone feel insecure, I am not out to defy anyone. I don't start fights with people who are different from me, but I will stick up for my friends, just like brian, because I am a loving caring person. I can't even imagine what it is like for Brians family, especially his brother. anyways, I would just like to let you know that the you have my condolences and 100% support of what the memorial site is for. I will be sending a donation off soon. God, all this kid got for killing somebody was a *$*%%! probation, i'm sorry but this just really really makes me mad. I didn't know I could cry for somebody I never met, but like the dropkick murphys song says  "someday this kid will know the price when God repays him for his wrongs" once again, im so sorry, and I will be sending a donation Steven Jackson  age 16, tucson az
"we must learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish together as fools"
hey--it's me again!
i read all the support messages for the past few months, and i just wanted to continue on. i cannot say i know your pain- i have not lost a child, and losing a relative that is distant is not near what u all are feeling. i am so  angry at the government, society, and the "justice syetmem"- i have tolaugh at the word justice! How is it justice when a killer can walk around and brag and baost about killing another human being? How is that fair or just? How can we feel safe? Howis it fair that someone is raped, and this person can go on living, scott free?! i know how you feel about "justice" because what i just described happened to me, and it is not just. i saw a report on brian on the leeza show a while back, and people still try to blame this on brian, saying he "deserved it" because he dressed and listened to punk. nobody deserves to be murdered in cold blood. nobody deserves to be remembered this way- as a punk that was killed. i wish he could have been remembered as someone that lived a long life, for his dreams and aspirations,etc. i wish that all punks would take a stand and remember brian and let his spirit be a driving force in us to help erase punk stereotypes! erase ALL stereotypes! i wanna hear from all u punks out there, tell me what u think.......help me get this message of brian and  unity out there.......write to: shampunkrockr@yahoo.com
and see my webpage at: www.geocities.com/shampunkrockr/shampunkrockrspage.html
thank you brian, for uniting people-god bless punks and their families everywhere
bianca, CaLi
i just wanted to say that the world is a much lesser place without a person like brian. we need more people that are not afriad to be someone that is different and  that can stand up and have pride in that. it is sad to say that there are  very few REAL HEROES that are unafraid of noncomformity, and what others may  think. i am sorry to say, though, that there are many more people that are  threatened by orginality and anything that is not portrayed by the media as  normal. many people think that punks are menaces to society and that punks  are looking to destroy world order and all this malarchy that is simply not  true! i am so sorry that small minded people have to take out their  irrational fears onto other humans.......brian was a human, same as you or i,  and because he chose a different view or path, he was an outcast to many. but  in my opinion, did this not happen to great people like martin luther king   jr., gandhi, and jesus? i am a punk, and in being one, whatever that means,   as i try to say, labels are for groceries, not for people, i am taking on a whole new scrutiny from society that does not understand it's own people. i  am so sorry that one of "my own" and that one of the world's brothers had to  die for what he believed and lived for. i encourage everyone look for  character, not for some outward appearence that may be deceiving. i am sorry  that he died, sorry that people view punks as a threat and  harmful, sorry  that the world we live in is so caught up on being tied up in a neat little  abercrombie and fitch package that is a fairy tale. it is funny to me,  because punks are some of the tightest bonded people, and this drives us even farther away from the "norm".  rest in peace, brother, because all of us down here look to you for  inspiration!
                                LIVE AND LET LIVE
from bianca-california
My name is Shannon Daugherty and I am a 17 year old student from Euclid, Ohio. I would like to know how I can help towards the Brian Deneke case,and what will I involve myself in. The reason why I am deeply interested is because of my involvement in the ''punk scene''. My friends and myself get ridiculed for being different, but we have adopted to tolerance and would like to help in any way possible to spread the word.We find great disgust in what had happend,we feel the need to fight an immoral justice.I thank you very much if you could send me something at my e-mail address,such as clubs to join,or website names in honor of Brian Deneke.
Shannon Daugherty
I knew about Brians story for a while now, i just felt really bad, until i started really reading into him and what happened people should not be predjudiced against anyone for any reason really your ideals and thoughts about things, but that is no reason why you cant get along, and even if you cant, dont sit there and put yourself through being near someone you dislike what happened to brian  was horrible the person that did it should be taken out and shot in the face crass is awesome
UP THE PUNX! for life
Hi. My name is Holly, I am 16 and I live in Warren, MI. I first heard about this disturbing story only 2 months ago. Needless to say, I was completely disgusted and appalled that things like this still happen. I am so sorry to  the friends and family of Brian and anyone who ever had the pleasure of  meeting him. I did not, and knowing that it is because of some close-minded  idiot, makes me sick. This case speaks volumes about the US justice system.  To me it seems as though they are saying that it's ok to commit horrible  crimes as long as you dress or look a certain way. It's not. And it's nice to  see so many people standing up for what they believe in. It's too  bad though, that it takes something like this to happen to make people see that violence and prejudice are wrong. To Brian's family - you have a lot of people standing behind you! I know that may seem strange coming from someone you've never met, but along with everyone else, it's sincere.                  *hoLLy*
    Hello, my name is Danielle.  I live in "good-old Amarillo."  I was here in town when I heard the news.  My sister was a very good friend of Brian's, and I had the pleasure of meeting this special guy.  I probably met him about two, three, maybe even four times.  What I did see of him those few times was truly amazing.  I am not trying to say that I was one of Brian's best friends, but after the first three minutes of meeting him, I knew.  I knew that he was someone special.  He told me something about life--some advice--that I will always carry with me.  Maybe it is so important to me because he died shortly after he gave me this advice.  All I do know is that after I spent a few minutes with him that first time, I felt like I finall fit in.  Brian had a way of making new people to the scene feel like that was were they belonged.  My family had just moved here from Ohio, and I really didn't have many friends.  I remember the first show that I went to.  Brian was there, and I wanted to dance, but I was afraid--Im a small figured girl.  Brian pulled me in to the dance circle and when I fell, not only he, but Chris and a few others pulled me up. 
    I know that I am basically babbling on now.  I just wanted to share a little of what I remembered, and just remember.
    Mr. and Mrs. Deneke, you had a wonderful son, and I believe that you knew and still know that.  Everytime I see you guys out at Roasters or at the mall, or even just driving, it shows me how strong you guys are.  You guys  had to and still have to put up with the fact that one of your sons had died, and all of the craziness that surrounds this whole ordeal.  I admire your strength and courage.   
    Your son may have died, and a friend, and a brother, who had so much to give to everyone.  He affected so many people in this town.  Now it is time to affect others all over.  I feel that the more people know about what  happened, the more likely people will be understanding about diversity. 
    Thank you for the time for me to babble on.  Brian did mean a lot to me even though I met him a few times. His spirit and what his friends, family and the people that new him best will go on.  Again, thank you for this opportunity.
   Danielle of Amarillo
i was just writing to say that this is very sad and unfortunate , my friends are different and i know alot of people who don't agree with the things we do or wear.  Hate crimes suck and i'm sorry that this had to happen to u. With love, Vanessa
    Hello, my name is Tabby. I think what happened to Brian was very sad. I would like to help in anyway possible. Just because he was different just doesn't give the right for someone to take his life and get away with it. It's not fair! The person who took our friend, Brain, away should of not just gotten probation he should of been put in jail. Just because he was different doesn't mean anything. He still  had a family, friends, a life, a future and so much more. I would really like to help in any way. Here is my e-mail address, tmentzer1@earthlink.net
Contact me at any. My heart goes out to Brian's family and friends.                                                              Sincerely,   Tabby
i just found out 'bout your site. i am doing a homework on minorities,and the way they're discriminiated, 'cause it's something i face everyday. i am not quite as radical, neither on my look nor in my lifestyle, but sometimes i know that the rest of the people look at me in a way that certainly bothers me. i hate that! i am a normal girl, and i think that we all have the right to be respected, just as simple as that.
brian deneke is now another cause to fight for. and it is just so sad to realize that things have to come to such a sad end for us to notice them.
caroleenah m.
mexico city.
I was sorry to hear about the death of Brian Deneke. It's so tragic when you  find that society doesn't give to shits about the ones that try and make it better. Most people think that punk stands for "chaos and destruction", but who r they kidding they don't know us they don't want to get to know us. That's what is truly tragic. This all goes back to prejudice dicks whom have nothing better to do than ridicule people that aren't like them. If everyone was the same then this world would be lame. I find it kind of funny how society pin points punks as "destructive" when we aren't the ones going around killing nonpunks. I firmly believe in unity and what happened to Brian will always live on in my heart i'll keep ur family in my prayers, and when my band gets going i'll protest the killing of ur son, because it should not be ignored. I hope that through my music that the ignorant "boy" whom killed your son will be revenged upon. That even thought he got off with probation, everytime he turns around punks around the world will sing about him and how horrible a person he is, and that is justice through music, since society is full of bullshit!
Jessica Lantz
Hi. My name is Deandra and I live in Metamora, Illinois.  I regret to say that I had not heard of Brian's story until last night on television.  I have to say that I found it horribly unjust.  I can't believe that his murderer did not go to prison.   My brother broke his probation and spent 9 months in prison.  I guess it just goes to show that we can't depend on the justice system.
I guess I just wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I  live in a small town, and I know how it feels to be looked upon as  different.  I can't say that I am a punk, but I never really fit in with the "in crowd" either.   Anyway, my thoughts are with you in this tragic situation.
Deandra Ehringer
That website, on Brain. Was the best. I was at a show here in Cincinnati, ohio and a lot of people were  handing out flyers on him. I have sent money b 4, if its nessecary still, i will send more.Please write me back
I'm so sorry to hear about this. I myself am a goth but I have punk friends and we're all in the same boat, people don't like people who are different, nonconformists. I've never been beaten up for what I look like but I get abuse non-stop and I'm very careful where I go. It's awful that things like this should happen, Brian's case goes to show how far people will go with their small-minded beliefs. You have my deepest sympathies. To those out there who are fellow nonconformists - keep strong, keep together.
Caspar Flannery - 17 years old Leeds, England
    Hello, my name is Paola Garrido.  I just read through your website and I must say how much it affected me.  I have moped around the house for the last couple of days.  I could never imagine losing a friend in such a viscious way.  I knpow nothing I say could ever help out in any way, but I am passing out flyers and hanging them up in public places.  You see, I live in a small town, and when the whole Columbine inncident happened, people were saying that this could possibly be the next place something like that could happen in.  At the time, I rally had no idea how to go about this situation.  So I did as any other frightened kid would do, I did nothing.  Now I have reached a point in my life that this web site has taught me, that I want people to be aware of eachother, and tolerate.  You may not agree with everyone, but you can respect their values as you want yours to be respected.  No one or nothing can replace Brian, but there will always be his beliefs.  I'm glad to say those beliefs will be passed on to people around  my community and maybe somebody will open their eyes and see that people are people, not just a thing that can be taken away and replaced.  I hope this will help my little town.  I also hope that if you need help with anything at all, I am always available.  My e-mail address is: punky_brewsterus@yahoo.com
Sincerely, Paola Garrido
Hello.  I am a 15 year old kid from NJ and I go to schalick high school.  My friend gave me a link to your website... and I was suddently overwhelmed with sadness.  You'd be surprised to hear it... but I am a FOOTBALL player... and I have pretty much all PUNK friends.  I am one of the people in this world that doesn't care about what people look like... as long as the have a firm personality and hopefuly a belief in God.  I also don't think most of you people understand the message that this site is giving.  There is a message in all caps by Matt on the message page that says that he was so pissed at that trendy.  That isn't what the site was going for... they are going to stop the hate.  Hate kills... in the immortal words of the Jedi master Yoda... "Fear leads to anger.  Anger leads to hate.  Hate leads to suffering."  Nothing good can come from hate.  Everyone... regardless of race, creed, religion, intellegence, martial status... we need to stop the hate.  Unity leads to success.  Success leads to happiness.  Happiness leads to the proper remembrance of Brian.

-James Hathaway

I heard about what happened to Brian about a year ago from my friend Sharon.    Sharon was trying to raise money at
our school to donate at the Memorial show in Chicago.  She tried to get money from the school and the clubs.  Well, the school would not let her put up signs about or even pass out flyers to students because it wasn't a school activity.  Then she went to the clubs, and the clubs were even worse.  She went to the Tibetan Freedom club first and they were not interested because it's not the trendy thing to do.  It makes me sick that people only help other people if it is the in thing to do.  Well, anyway our school isn't a complete lost cause.  My English teacher  Mrs. Cooper asks if I knew about Brian because I dress like a punk and I said  yes.  She told me that we were going to talk about what happened with Brian in class.  So I'm sure you are glad to here that even though Glenbrook   South's is full of trendy self centered do gooders their are at least some teachers that try to teach students not to hate what is different but try to understand it.                                                                               
 Sincerely,    Ryan Kane
hi, my name is Cory and i am 14 years old living in ohio, I am a "freak" and one of my friends was passing out flyers about this story,and I cried, i want to offer my support because i know it is hard to lose someone. i don't  understand how people could judge anyone by how they look. it's nothing but wrong and sick.i get critisized and judged by how I look and i know how cruel people can be.i just wanted to say love them anyways because in the long run people that judge are the ones left behind. take care you have my prayers
Hi my name is Maria my friends and I started handing out flyers in school to inform people about what happens. We
are trying to send donations and we gave a speech at our school. I think that it is sad for someone to be killed just for expressing himself. and it also scares my friends and I because we express ourselves in the same way. People have to understand that they shouldn't hate people cause they're different. people shouldn't even hate  other people. My friends and I plan to continue handing out flyers to give donations and to make them aware of what's going on. ~maria~
I have looked through your website and the whole story really slapped me in the face.

I do not understand that after all these years, decades even centuries people can still judge someone by their beliefs, religion, or even about how they look like. I wish mankind could finally see how you can live your life well.

I wish you good luck in your further life and I have alot of respect for not reacting with violence in this case.
life with passion and don't let anyone pull you down to the ground, believe in what you stand for.
peace, love and unity
-- Pieter
Roeselare, Belgium
Hi, my names Keith Beecher, and I'm a 15 year old punk/skin from Manassas, VA. I can relate to what hapened to Brian. Everyday in this town i get crap from everyone, my parents, police, jocks, EVERYONE. I've been attacked and so on, so i partially know what Brian went through. I want to let you know the hearts of the Manassas Skins and Punks go out to you, and i will raise money for you!!!!!!!!!
        i'm crying right now, and i havent even read much on your site so far. the fact that this happened was enough to start the tears in my eyes.
        i'm 22 now, but i remember growing up different than others, and paying for it, just not as harshly as brian did. i've been left out, hated, beaten, and worse for just being myself; things should never have to be like this for anyone. i encourage people like the visitors to your site to do the same as you--to not stand for it. it's just not right!
        your story will not be forgotten by me or anyone else visiting your site, please know that. you're making a huge difference, and i'll definitely help spread the word.
anne-marie fogh
enderby, bc canada
I fully appreciate this website and all that it shows.The fact that this kid was killed is sickening, it makes me feel horrible that something could go so far as to end in death. I just very recently found out about this and I have been spreading the site about. I have always known that punks and jocks cannot and probably will never get along, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. The stereo-typing of punks is simply horrid, because many punks; despite how they dress, are people who care deeply for what they believe. This is something that should be spoken out against, something that should be known by as many people as possible, and I intend to spread it to the best of my ability. I myself thought the rivalry of punks and jocks was there, was intense, yet I never dreamed it would go beyond fights and insults. Keep going on with this, it is bound to inspire many to feel differently and be more aware of the situation in the world.
    Jamie, NY
Im sorry to hear about what happened to your son.  My wife and I where visiting her family in Connecticut and we saw your story on a talk show.  It is so sad that these savages labeled as "normal," can take the life of another human because they look different. Well knowing that if the tables where turned, Brian would have received the death penalty or life in prison.  I know that nothing anyone can type can make him come back or the hurting go away, but all i can say is that you have the love and support of every person who is posted on your web site.  I'm sure that your son would be proud that his was able to unify so many people in support and emotion.
i think it is so stupid that people judge each other by the why they look
or the music they listen to and the thing they do and to go kill someone because of that is stupid its just like someone killing someone because they are homosexual or because they dont have the same opinions as you its not write and its not forgivable
I heard this story on 20/20 and it broke my heart. hate kills, and it needs to stop, your in my prayers!
Hello! I have been researching on your son,Brian Deneke, and this is the most devastating story I have ever read.My friends and I are judged as "freaks" at school and we have come to find many discrimination towards us just for being "different". It's so sad how things can end up this way for us different people.Anyway I fully respect your wonderful,brave son and I'm going to start to raise money for his cause soon & I will spread the story..... it's the least I can do.My heart goes out to everyone that knew him it must have been so hard!Thanx for putting this site out!It's great!
love always, Crystal
hi first i want to tell you that i dont speak very good english. the other day i was looking for some operation ivy information and i found a link to brian deneke web page, i enter and i begin to look at it, i haved never listened about brian deneke, but when i started reading the news about he murder and all that my tears get from my eyes, i believe in punk music and its message i think we all should be punks, i think why did those people haved to kill him, just for his way of thinking, i am sure brian haved operation ivy cd, please listen unity song #7, thats what we need.you are not alone, sorry for my english.i would love to tell more things but my english cant permit it. from queretaro, mexico   Rodrigo Suarez.
hi , i'd just like to say that i read about what happened and I'm outraged and sadend about what happened.. brian did not deserve to die whatso ever.. it affected me so much .. i decided to do a speech on it for school.. it  should prove to be well
well , goodbye
I,m from xpain, i have known this today and i don't know so well the story, but i'm srry.this is so casual in this times, the death of a punk is not a death like the others."good people"doesn't mind about people who wants to make world a better place to live, making people think by himself, and broke the jerarkies who make ourselves slaves to a apathic life. i think i'm a punk, i wear punk clothes & hairdress, but it's not the only think that make us a punk, that make our a punks is to want to destroy the oppressure & love people 4 what they are. i'm really sorry about his murder.sorry about my english. PEACE&ANARCHY.
I'm a 17 year old Punk from Germany and the first time I read the story about Brian was a year in zine.It made me so sick and I was full of hate about the people who did that.It shows that this world  is full intolerant and stupid jerks.The DROPKICK MURPHYS dedicated a song to Brian and it goes like this:

" Each Town has It's Cliques those who don't get along and then there's towns I know where certain kids just don't belong So know your rivals and watch your back 'cause no one's gone be there when the enemy attacks

When the justice eludes you it's the fortunes of war wouldn't things be different had the tables been turned?If the people won.t protect you you must fend yourself when the justice eludes you it's the fortunes of war

You drove right over him and then you speed away how does it feel to kill and know you didn't pay?So walk away even though a life is gone someday you'll know the price when God replays you for your wrongs"

I feel really sorry for his family and his friend I'm gone get a T-shirt a try to support for what he stood for

im ian from alamo california a very rich afluent area where you will get a dirty look walking down the street if you just have a chain on. i want to thank you and give you much respect (the parents of brian) that you did not lash out in anger but tried to make something possitive.

jesse michaels, operation ivy-unity unity youve heard it all before this time its not exclusive we want to stop a war
I want to start by saying to the friends and family of Brian that I'm sorry for your loss and I know how you must feel.  About four years ago my best friend killed himself.   He wasn't just another punk either his was a person  and a friend to many, just like Brian.  I hate that "difference" was the cause of his death.   It makes me sick.  I know what it's like especially since I'm the only punk in my small town of Claxton GA.  I saw the story of  Brian on 20/20 a while back and it never was far from my mind.  Because with overwhelming number of preps and rednecks in my town I'm scared that my faint could be like Brian.  I've been a punk for 7 years and I love every  minute of it and I would never give it up.  I would like to keep in touch with anyone who reads this.  Once again I'm sorry for your lose.
The best of us (punks) are sadly the first to go.
I am a young punk just getting in to the punk-rock seen im in a punk band and i am totally sorry about brian. This
just shows the evil and hate in this world that can only be cured by God and no one else can take care of that. I  am sorry to hear this and i encourage anyone who reads this to get closer to God and get to know as you personal Lord and Savior after all he died for you...the least you could do is die to the world
 my name is ben sopchak, i have loved punkrock and skateboarding and the whole deal for my entire life,  however i have always dreamed of being a pro athlete, those 2 donot mix very well. as you know. i have been growing closer w/ my jock/prep friends and apart from my punk friends.... i bought trendy cloths, cut my hair, the whole deal. at first it was great because all of the girls liked me and for once i was in w/ the popular people. it is extremely hard to juggle between those 2 lifestyles. i couldnot make up my mind and things were getting quite bad. i very recently found out about brian deneke and everything that he was about and what had happened to him. i realized for sure that i am a punk at heart and i donot belong w/ the preps.  i am on the verge of doing a mohawk right now!!!! but the sacrifices would be huge, i mean, football, lacrosse and hocky all hold promising futures for me but i am a punk and i need to decide, because of brian, i realized that i should forget the whole jock shit and be myslef, a punkrocker.  i donot nkow how to go about doing this becuase everyday i see how its like to be liked, rather than beaten, i am not going to give into them. i would rather get beat the rest of my life than lie about my values.  i need some help and the only people i can think to talk to would be you. i wan to let you know that brian deneke has insprired me tremendously and i am soooo sorry about his death years ago. i would like you to plese write back to me to try and help me solve my problem, this is like my entire life. i am going to get a job soon, and i will do my best do donate a portion of my paycheck every moth to the BDMC and you will hear more from me. PUNKROCK!! once again, i am sorry and please respond, best wishes
I am sure you know, but in case you dont, Dropkick Murphys have dedicated a song to the memory of Brian Deneke.
It is called "The fortunes of war"

Each town has its cliques those who dont get along,
and then there's towns i know where certain kids just don't belong
so know your rivals and watch your back
'cause no one's gonna be there when your enemy attacks

When the justice eludes you it's the fortunes of war
wouldnt things be different had the tables been turned?
If the people wont protect you, you must fend for yourself
when the justice eludes you its the fortunes of war

You drove right over him and then you sped away.
How does it feel to kill and know you didnt pay?
So walk away even though a life is gone.
Someday, you'll know the price when god repays you for your wrongs

It is horrible what happened to him.  I was glad to see this song was written
Steve Belfi

Hi! I just read your site today. I was deeply saddened by reading it. I have lost loved ones also and I know how much pain this causes. I am a school teacher in Washington, Missouri and I hope my community never has to go through an incident like your community did. I also believe a serious injustice was done to your son and family. I was so angered by the outcome of the case that I e-mailed the Texas Justice Department. Just thinking about a boy, who murdered some one, walking free makes me so angry. I just want you to know that you are in my prayers forever more. By reading the articles surrounding this case, you can take comfort in what Brian's friends thought of him. Brian sounded like a wonderful person and a very talented one also. I have printed some of the articles, I hope you don't mind, to use in my classroom. I think we can all learn something from reading and trying to understand why this happened to your son. Maybe we can keep it from happening again.                                                                 Sincerely, Chris Lanemann
                                                                Social Studies Teacher, Washington High School
                                                                Washington, MO
I am so sorry at the loss you have endured.  Brian seemed like a gifted and interesting person.  The web site you have created is amazing.  I just wanted to write and tell you that this is a tragedy and I am deeply affected by what I have read and experienced.  A similar occurance happened with my boyfriend, who also listens to punk rock and dresses a little "different" then most.  Like wise he is a gentle soul who never creates conflict. He was brutally attacked by approx. 20 young men at a party for no apparent reason. He didn't instigate anything.  He was beaten repeatedly and was rushed to the hospital.  He had to recieve an emergency surgery because his jaw was broken in three places and his airway was blocked.  He would have died if he hadn't been taken to the hospital in time.  It is sad to imagine.   And I realize that I am very lucky, as is his family to have him here, alive.   I am sorry that Brian and his loved ones weren't so lucky.  The similarity lies in the depction of the criminals in newspaper articles as "good" people. One of the attackers in my boyfriend's case was glorified as a star athlete and full of school spirit.  As if that has any bearing on the fact that he intended on harming someone, almost fatally.  This same attackers' girlfriend wrote telling how he (the attacker) was the love of her life!!!!!How can newspapers print this!  It is disturbing.   Also the criminals in his case were sentenced to probation and one recieved a month in jail.  It's a sad world... and even sadder that the people who could make it better, may not, and in brian's case don't have the chance to do that! Brian is an inspiration and his story has made a difference!!
     thank you for the brian deneke memorial fund site. i had read about his death quite a few years ago and was very saddened. altho i did not know him, i feel his family's pain.he could have been my family myself (me being a punk myself) or anyone of my friends, and its a shame that something like that in this day could happen to anyone. the amount of closed mindedness in society today is dredful.
well anyways i'm very sorry that this had to happen to an individual like brian.take care.... i will always remember brian.. i'm just sorry it's becuz of his death
Hi....My name is Aaron....I'm from PA....
First of all, I want to say that in high school (I'm now in college) I played football, and was on the track team.  I loved it, and still do love sports.  But I wasn't a "jock". I listen to punk.  However, some of my teammates, classmates, etc..., had that "jock" mentality.  Many of my friends, however, my GOOD friends, weren't athletes.  They dressed different, listened to punk, ska, etc... And they too were harassed by the ignorant, stupid ones (though not nearly as bad as what happens in other parts of the country).  In fact almost all of the jocks and preppy dick-heads that I knew in high school, and see now in college are not intelligant AT ALL....And they all drink and do drugs more than ANY skater or punk that I ever knew....But yet, the punks, skins, skaters, etc...all have the bad reputation for doing those things.
    Anyway, I listen to punk.....and tonight, listening to Dropkick Murphy's new song "The Fortunes of War", which is dedicated to Brian Deneke, really got me upset.
    There's just NO RESPECT anymore.  No one has any respect for anyone else.  There are LOTS of people I don't like, AT ALL.  BUT, I RESPECT them, and THAT'S the key.  I hate the fact that these mindless, arrogant, ignorant bastards (those "jocks" and such...) are going to grow up and raise their children to be just the same - just as THEIR parents did.  I've seen it.  I've seen parents who are just plain STUPID, and then look at their kids , who are JUST THE SAME.
   My younger brother also likes punk and all.  He dresses alot like some of the groups he sees - the cut-up pants and shirts, pins, boots, etc... I myself don't dress like that, at least as much as my brother does....but it's not about how you dress, or how you look.  It's about how you think.  And it's about how much you respect and accept others, no matter how different.  But the really sad thing is that people have no respect for others SIMPLY BECAUSE of the way the others dress!  My brother gets hastled too, and I wish I was still back at high school, because I would kick everyone's ass who does it.
    I would like to say to Brian's parents that I am truly sorry.  I know that maybe it doesn't mean as much coming from a total stranger - but I am sincere.   I will keep Brian in my prayers forever.

To Dustin Camp:
"...Someday, you'll know the price when God repays you for your wrongs."
--Dropkick Murphy's, "The Fortunes Of War"


    I don't know Brian, but I see a great spirit. People like him are why we we're put on this world, to feel free without worry. I hate people who think discrimanation is right, they have no spirit, there just the low-lifes who walk the streets looking for trouble. I have just restarted my band and I will dedicate it to Brian and my friend who died for having dredlocks. Rest in peace brother, for you wouldn't want to rest in a world of hate.
My name is Laine Houston, and I live in San Antonio. I have seen numerous reports on this tragedy. I am now for the first time looking at this site. I wanted to let you know that Brian was never alone in his stuggle to enlighten minds, and he apparently fought the good fight. I was beaten repeatedly throughout my youth for holding the same values as Brian, the scars never heal. Brian is a hero to us all in the fight against ignorance, his name should be repeated everywhere not only as an example of the tragedy at hand. But as an example that there should be room for all walks of life in this nation and no one should have to fight for individuality, it is a right. The spirit of your son will live in my heart and mind although I never knew him. It very well could have been me, my brother, or my own son. People nationwide should cry out against this horrible injustice.
Though i never had the pleasure of meeting Brian, i feel that in some way he and every other punk/non-comformist are a part of one big extended family.That is why i think so many people mourn his untimely passing,not just because it is so obvious that he would have made such a huge and beneficial impact on scociety(actually he already has), but because we all feel  a connection w/ him in some way.We all believe that someone should be judged on who they are not how they look,some of us sadly know what it is like to be  persecuted because we are "differant",I think this site and Brians story are a testament to the commitment of so many people to make this world a better place, a more tolerant place.You all have turned a tragedy the likes of   which most of us can never truly understand, into an amazingly positive thing.This world can be an ugly place, and sometimes its so easy to forget the good in life.Thank you, and thank Brian for helping me to remember how  good people can be,for giving me some faith in humanity.I tell people constantly about Brian and his story and it always softens their heart, the word is spreading slowly but surely.  I believe the world can become the kind of place Brian envisioned.Thank you once again, i wish you all the best.
Brian S.
Sandwich Massachusetts
Age 23
i came to your website. i read the stories and i saw the pictures and i never thought i could cry over the death of someone i didn't know existed until only a few hours ago. but i did i realized this could be me. or anyone i know.
i'm dissopinted in the government. the fact that camp killed a man shouldn't have anything to do with what brian was like. brian just ruled and that jury should have given camp a hell of a lot more than a slap on the wrist. so anyway i just thought i'd express that i never thought i could cry over a complete and total stranger.
the first time i heard the story of your son was when i was at church when my church was in a hotel waiting on our building, and i was sitting out in the lobby drinking some coffee, i was switching thru the channels, and i saw  was it dateline or night line, one of those, you probably know what i'm talkin about, but i sat there, screaming at the tv, while the hotel workers looked at me in amazment, cause i was about to cry, because what the court case of the jock stated that it was now legal to write off the lives of people who were against the flow of society, ......it was now legal to kill what is left of our culture...

i mean, god, to know that me or my friends could be walking down the street, and the captian of the basketball team could be showin off to his groupies, run over us, kill us, and be playing the next week at their damn championship......what the...?!?!?!?!

i've fought legalism, prejudice remarks, and i have to tell rednecks to fuck off with their damn neo-nasi newsletters....i try to do good, but it's not good the world is looking for...it's submission...it's slaves...and for the  ones who refuse to throw themselves into opression, our lives are not protected by the law...by the god damn constitution

"all men created equal"........one day.....it shall be true......please keep that hope
north carolina
first off I would like to say that it is really nice that you all set up a memorial page for him! I can relate to how
everybody feels about this and I dont even know brian! seccond, I am different from alot of people also. in my school, people like me are comonly known as freaks. but I look at it this way... we our our own people and we are not scared to be different like alot of other people in this world. people like us are always hated because we are different, like brian. alot of people are scared to talk to us because people sterio type us and make us out to be somebody that we are not! and it is really staarting to piss me off, but I have to keep my cool because I know that this world will never change, no matter how much we try! I get teased every day because I dont look like a prep, dress like a prep, and act like most of them, I mean dont get me wrong or anything, because some preps can be preetty cool! but what hapend to brian is totally fucked up and whoevers sorry ass that did it, well, I hope that they burn in hell because  they deserve it! I got a flyer about this yesterday wheen my band was playing at a local band concert and it affected me greatly! well I have to go but I hope that justice is served and the person that did it gets the death penaltty because him going to jail is just not enough! I wish that I could help out with this all but I do not know how too! well sorry that this world is as fucked up as it is but we cannot change it! and I am sorry that something like this would have never happened and I am sorry that his parents and friends had to go through all of this!
chris     mail: thesickness125@hotmail.com
i am totally moved by this,i tis a horible tragadity.and i would of like to have done something about it.i get shit all the
time for being a punk,and having liberty spikes,....and many fights have occured because i am willing to stand up for what i believe in,and thank god i wasnt killed for it.i am sad to hear about brian dying,and it is a damn shame.    sincerly,  steven           
My Name is Patrick North but everyone calls me "gusto noska" and I'm from Vestal, NY (near binghamton). I attend high school, keep out of trouble, maintain fairly good grades, but, alas I'm a "punk" (whatever that means) at least 10 times a day i get a prep asking me, "whats with the braclets, fag"  or something to that effect. I try hard to be myself and not even my parents understand, they too judge by looks saying stuff about "the real world,"

"preps" need to change and just acept people for who they are, not give them shit for not conforming. at pep-rallies me and my few freinds sit quietly and today i spread the word about brian after spenind many class periods on the internet, and we got booed for not chanting with the rest of our class.

In the NPR radio thing one of the last things it said was about if brian ran over that asshole Dustin would he have gotten off so easy? i don't think so.

I'm not saying all preps are bad either... i know some very nice open minded people who are preps for the same reason we are punks... it makes us feel good.

"why do people with closed minds always open their mouthes"

Patrick "gusto noska" North
I am saddened and sickened every time I think about what happened to Brian. You would think after 200 years..this piddling, pathetic little country would get it right. I am always hearing about how the United States sets an example for the rest of world, well, what kind of a mentor looks the other way a people get brutally murdered for being the way they want to be? My band, ColorBlind, has written songs about Brian, I just wish they could have been written on happier terms. We should celebrate his life, even though we still mourn his death. Even though I am jsut on person, I am trying as best I can to discouarge this random violence and encourage every one to do the same.
   In memorium, Nick 
Tucson, Arizona
To the Family and Friends of Brian Deneke:
      I am a 15 year old high school student. Like Brian and many others, I am a punk. And reading about Brian has touched me in many ways. Sadness and anger fill me up and I can't even begin to say sorry as many times as I would like to. It REALLY FUCKEN SICKENS ME that there are SO MANY PEOPLE who are SO  CLOSE MINDED to do such HORRIBLE things to people who do nothing but be themselves!!!! I can tell you that I am not accepted by many people, and it has gotten as bad as my mother not even accepting me!!! MY OWN MOTHER!! As I grew, I began to drift away from her and began to change in a more "different" way than any other one of my 5 siblings. This has caused her not  even to accept me even as a person. People, like my mother, are so fucken thick headed that it angers me to the fullest. And now, after reading about Brian, I am so sickened by all of the shit that is going on in this world that it is unbelievable. I have fought people, even guys, for attacking me just for being different. And I am sick of these fucken idiots who just dont know how to open their eyes to seeing that different isn't bad. Again I say I am sorry. Best of luck to you all..........Viva Oi Punk!!!!!!
~Christina from New City, NY
This just stabs my stomach in a little further. Something not as brutal, but same reason, happened to my friend just a few days ago. He was beaten up because he dressed like a "freak" they say. He has blue spiky hair and wears big red boots. He's a non-conformist, just like Brian was, and yet beaten down because of the way he looks. He was in the hospital for 2 days. All i can say is the world is sick...i cant believe what happened to Brian. But in supporting this website, i let you know that, your not alone. Its  happening everywhere.
-Anna Connor
Fenton, Michigan
Age 16
I am so sorry for what happened to your son. I found this website while on a punk rock website. I really didn't think
something like this could happened. After reading this I thought I was going to puke. It absolutely disgusts me  that people could be so niave. Then my brother came home. He is a freshman and part of the trendy or jock groups in my school. I showed him the flyer and he seemed to be upset by this until he said. I can't believe this website is using the death of this kid to raise money for them selves". Then he quoted some lines from the flyer. I told him he asbsolutely disgusted me and I was truely ashamed to know him. He said something about Brian and other punks are dirty and something. Who would think such a person could be living in my house. He lives with me a punk rocker every single day of the year and yet continues to judge others by their appearances. I'm sorry for him. I'm sorry that he won't get to know people who are different than he is. Good Luck in your fight against the killers. Take them down!
i just would like to say that it is a disgrace for Brian to die over intolerance and because he was a non-conformist. i am truly sorry that he died because someone  felt that he could take someone else's life over  something so ridiculous and childish, i think that his views and opinions  should have been respected and not condemned. sincerely,  jamie
Hello, My name is Adie McCollum, and I live in Central Illinois.  I heard about the story of Brian shortly after it happened.  About a month ago, I started handing out fliers around school, and decided to raise money to send to your Memorial Committee.   People have responded amazingly!  Both punx and non-punx (I am a punk chick) have given so much.  They given compassion, not only money.  They've helped me to distribute fliers at youth groups, at local band shows, and also around school.   The story has angered my peers and I over the injustice that Brian has suffered.   I don't know him, but I truly love him.  He is a martyr for everyone who respects diversity in life styles and mentalities.  I pray for him, and I cry for this stranger, because he seemed to have touched so many people's lives.  How much harm could a person bring who's nickname was "Sunshine"?  And what sickens me is that he (Dustin Camp) did not spend one night in jail.  Shows how much justice our prejudiced system brings!  My friend's Dad is sent to jail for 7 years for stealing a fucking computer, and a person who murdered a person because of how they dressed and how they lived got nothing!!!  Sorry, I'm feeling the anger and sadness wash over me again.  I have raised over a HUNDRED DOLLARS for your foundation, and have gotten the majority of those people to sign a sheet, so I could send it with the money so they could get credit, but since my friends were also collecting money for me, I didn't get about 20 people's signatures.  I know that $100 doesn't seem like alot, but for all of us, our heart goes with every dollar donated.  I was e-mailing you to make sure that this organization still exists, so I can send you your money.  Please write ack.  My love and prayers (along with this whole town's) go out to you. 
                     Yours for a classless society,
I would like to show my appreciation for what you are doing here. This is exactly what people need. What those jocks did mad me sick when i read about it. I wish people would look beyond how people dress and how they do their hair and see what they are like inside. I personally know some narrow minded people and boy do they piss me off. I wish i could just tell them and teach them about being open minded. In fact i am gonna tlak to them about this tonight. Any ways i hope you can reach more people and open up there minds so we can learn from this tragic experience and let it not happen again. Thank you for taking the time to read this and i wish you luck in the future.
     Sincerely,          Alex
P.S: i am a gonna be a punk soon myself.
Hello Mr. and Mrs.Deneke,
  My name is Kat, I am sixteen years old and i live in Minnesota.  I came across your memorial site for Brian while at a punk band's website and thought i should take a look.  I was deeply pained at what i found.  I can't believe the kind of injustice that happens in this world and it makes me sick to think that more isn't happening to this, excuse my language, BASTARD that did this to Brian.  I cried while i looked through the pictures you have up on the site, thinking about all of how precious life is and how easily it can be taken away by someone who doesn't understand..or has never tried to.  I'm a punk girl myself and i am active in my scene.  I don't know what something like this would do to the kids in the scene and i hope i never find out.  There is alot of hatred in this world and it needs to stop.  If there is anything at all that i could do for your family let me know.  Please let me know.   I would be happy to set up benifit shows..anything at all.  I know i could get the kids together to do it, thats just the way punks are.  There for eachother.   I'm so very sorry for your terrible loss and i hope that you find comfort in the people around you and someday i hope you find justice.  Even after reading the little bits and pieces and seeing the pictures, i would like to give Brian a hug.  I have witnessed firsthand, the effects of hatred in my community, but through nothing more than severe beatings.  I can't believe that someone could be so completely heartless.   Keep faith and never stop loving. 
I am so sorry to hear about your son. I to lost a sister two years ago. I can relate. I will pray for you family and know there are many people out there who care!
God Bless
Every individual like myself and like Brian Deneke was knows the harrasment that comes from people like the people who killed him. The Rich , The Popular all get more than the underdog the person trying just to be themselves. I never knew that kind of social ignorance went this far. When murderers are set free because of the way some one ealse dressed? The music they listened too? Their way of life? Thats Ludicris and Horrible to think that this sort of thing happens all the time. If it had been the other way around though the out come would have been the completely the opposite. People judging people for what they are and not who they are it happens all the time  especially in places like a high school, it's a very childish thing. But when it comes to someones life and remeberence... In a self-proclaimed "Civil Society" youd think it wouldnt happen........
I did not know Brian nor did I find out about this unitil a few months ago but his story has touched me as it will im sure anyone who hears it.
This is so sad. "Jocks and preppies" are played out to be these clean-cut wholesome kids who never do anything wrong. We Goths, Punks, and Skaters have the stereotype of being pot heads Juvenile delinquents and a bad influence on fellow teens today. I finds this very sick and disturbing as to what happened to Brian Deneke. He was a good person and didn't deserve to die at such a young age and for such a stupid reason. I fully support the Brian Deneke Memorial committee and am so sorry this had to happen.
All my love and support,  SARAH
Hello I am from Mechanicsburg, PA, And I along with all of my friends would like to inform you that you have our complete support here in PA. We feel that what happened to Brian was completely unfair and unjust. And we would like to help in whatever way we can. I have posted your page, along with information about brian on my web sight, and i have sent out an email to everyone i know to inform that about brian. If there is anything we can do for you, please let me know
Hana Rosen
I am sickened at the fact that someone was killed in what I would call a hate crime.   All hate crimes are the same.  A person is hurt or killed because they are different.  How much sicker can the world get?  I think that Dustin Camp is a murderer and I hope that some day he gets exactly what he deserves.  Sure, shit happens, but not things like this.  NO ONE deserves to die b/c of the person they are.  Clothes are simply a needle and thread, and to take someones life over something so stupid is disgusting.  With all my sympathy...
I heard about brian first only a few days ago. It really got to me after I first viited the site and read some of the articles. I understand all too well the pain punks go through. I am only in grade 9 but I live through pure agony every day. there is 4 punks in my school and we all get it bad. As I walk home every day, I keep looking over my back in fear that the jocks will jump me. People we don't even know, threaten to kill us as we walk by. The  jocks seem to believe that punk is about violence, which is totally the opposite. I feel so bad for brians friends and family, and of course him. I hope this war beetween the punks and conformative society will soon end. good bye and thanks.
Aaron, Alberta Canada
My name is sonya, and im from Scottsdale, arizona, a friend told me to visit this site, i had had never heard this story, and read it and heard audio clips form the trial for the first time today. It was devistating to read, and I can't even imagine how hard it must have to been to deal with at the time. Though it makes me feel good that the word is being spread through this website, and hopefully will teach kids, teens, and adults of all types of social cliques that violence should never be a resort. Hopefully instead of discrimination... the words that most punks that I know use will be widely spread, this word : UNITY As Jesse Micheals put it "Unity, that is why we stand together" My best wishes to the town of amarillo, to the punx, the parents, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the skins, the goths, the PEOPLE, as they all are.  I encourage all of you to continue being strong. This was a disturbing story, and it was so disturbing because it is unfortunatley true, the real thing, no movie, no dream. A rude awakening for many, that I cant even imagine how it feels, and for that I look up to the family and friends of Brian Deneke. Continue to pass the word on, continue to show people just exactly where hate takes you, it honestly could save the life of another.
goodluck-  sonya
To the family and friends of Brian Deneke... I came across the website as a link from the Tuuli site. I would just like to express my sympathy to you all, it is so very sad to think that such an apparently sweet and happy young man was killed simply for having funky hair; I sincerely hope that the effort to promote tolerance of individuality in your community far exceeds your greatest expectations!
Thank you, Kurt          Schefter - Toronto, Canada.

Punk Angel.,
Punk Angel,
Will you be mine?
I promise the world will serve justice next time.

Punk Angel
Punk Angel
How can the world sleep?
Knowing of horrors and tragedies they reap.

Punk Angel
Punk Angel,
We won't forget.
To your case of injustice,
The planet's in debt.

Punk Angel
Punk Angel,
The world's dead, for you're gone.
But don't fret, punk angel, we'll right all their wrongs.

I send my condolences to Brian's family and friends.I hope the fact that Brian is still changing the world for the better gives you new hope that something like this won't happen again.  Keep selling shirts, buttons and stickers. We're spreading his story.
-Marisa, Orland Park IL.-

In 1999 I learned of what happened to Brain. It was a desperate attempt by the teachers of my school to encourage understanding. They passed out copies of the article in the New York Times about Brian's murder, and I was the only person in my class who thought that it was murder and did not deserve to die.
I just want you to know that I'm sorry for your loss, and I know that this world has lost a wonderful individual. I want you to know that I am thinking of him and you.
Kylen O'Sullivan
Stratdor, Ct
    Hey, I read and heard  about the Brian Deneke thing a long while ago, but just right now really thought about it. I am only 12 , so in school people are always taunting me because of my difference, just like many others. I  heard a story similar to  the  Brian Deneke one on the news a couple of months ago. some guy comes out of a metal concert , and goes to del taco  to get a snack & to wait for his Mom to pick him up, when some "gangster" guy comes in & starts staring at him weird, so, he starts walking away.the  "gangster" guy  follows him through a mall , and starts chasing him , and stabs & kills him. after that he says "i kill punkers."when i saw this one the news, it almost brought tears to my eyes, and also made me feel like throwing up. because i am mostly taunted & made fun of by people of other races, i started to build up an idea in my mind that all people of those  races where like that (i  don't think like this anymore, this was in the past).So I guess you could say i used to be a little "racist" , till i realized that not all people are the same, and discriminating them would be very hypocritical ,. it would be like the other people discriminating me. they where no different really, but now i look down  on my past ignorant thoughts & ideas in discust.i hope this brings no offense to anyone ,