Koheilan Adjuze was an original Arab horse imported from the desert to Babolna stud. This strain is known for big, extremely valiant horses with excellent athletic abilities. Representatives of this strain have won more prestigious races in Poland and Russia than any other strain. In 1924, the Poles imported from Babolna the grey stallion Koheilan I. Koheilan I sired Piolun at Janow Podlaski in Poland in 1934 and he was used at Tersk stud in Russia. In 1936 the Russians imported five stallions and 19 mares from Lady Wentworth's Crabbet Arabian Stud in England. When the Polish born stallion Piolun bred with the English mare Rissalma, one of the greatest sires of all-time was born at Tersk stud in Russia, his name was Priboj.

     Priboj was the lead sire at Tersk stud from 1948 to 1958 where 48 of his foals were retained for stud purposes. Priboj sired three legendary stallions at Tersk stud; the full brothers Topol and *Pietuszok (and full sister Ptashka out of the mare Taktika) and Pomeranets out of Mammona. Both Ptashka and Pomeranets were USSR National Champions, Pomeranets twice! Topol was a triple crown champion stallion retained by Tersk stud along with Pomeranets -- who combined with Priboj's progeny between 1954 and 1975 sired 16 out 37 National Champions and set 23 out 44 speed records! Topol combined size, beauty and stamina on the track that can only be found in Tersk bred horses. His son Naftalin was later used at Tersk and the Sons *Statuss and *Saljut found international proclaim in the U.S. and Germany. It is nearly impossible to find a great Arabian horse that originated from Poland or Russia without the testimony of Priboj's influence, such was his greatness.

     Noting the immense success of this sire line at Tersk, in 1958 Poland imported the bay colt *Pietuszok, foaled at Tersk in 1954. *Pietuszok's offspring were very stout race horses: Wosk won the Derby, Orla the Oaks, the Derby and Weight for Age, Beatrice the Oaks, and colt Bajram was the Canadian National Champion stallion in 1966. Pietuszok was used to cover the beautiful Witraz daughters. Other famous offspring include *Banda, *Orzel, *Gay Polka, Algonkina, Beatrice, and Wilma.  Dr. Allen's comprehensive study of this most successful line and numerous visits to Poland and Russia created his desire to use *Pietuszok blood.

     In 1972, Dr. Allen and Lynn headed to Poland to obtain *Pietuszok.  He remembers that even at 18 years of age, *Pietuszok's greatness was obvious.  Those gorgeous big eyes, regal air, expressive face and gentle disposition, coupled with his conformation and athletic ability increased his determination to own this remarkable stallion.  George recognized that exportation of Polish horses was a major part of the Polish economy.  The agreement was for the Allen's to import Polish sport horses and in return he might purchase *Pietuszok.  *Pietuszok arrived, along with a plane load of jumping horses, on January 16, 1973.  *Pietuszok was known to have suffered from emphasyma, and during his brief 22 months with us he had visitors from every part of the continent.  He left an indelible mark on all who had seen him.  He added to our lives a dimension and a depth of living that will never subside.  The great *Pietuszok died November 7, 1974 at 20 years of age.  *Pietuszok sired only four foals in North America (all colts) to include the look-alike son Pietuszok Dwa out of Canadian National Champion Silver Charm.  Pietuszok Dwa was the only line bred *Pietuszok son in the world, and to our knowledge, the only source of concentrated Priboj blood in the world.  Pietuszok Dwa produced only one foal crop, but in that foal crop was the outstanding colt, Pyatigorsk.   

     Pyatigorsk became a legend in his own time and is a top 100 stallion in the world. His foals are competing and winning in multiple venues both in Canada and the U.S. Pyatigorsk was the lead stallion during the prestigious multi-million dollar days of Willomar in Canada during the 70's and 80's. While Pyatigorsk continued his successful breeding career in Canada, another stallion from this athletic line made notable contributions as a stallion in America -- Protocall, a horse of excellent conformation and superb mind who consistently produces foals with excellent dispositions known for their trainability and endurance.

     The latest stallions from this prestigious line are Etaro and Main Smoke as previously mentioned. Dr. Allen bred Protocall to his best mare, Believe in Me, who has four lines to Priboj, including Pietuszok Dwa as a grand dam to get Etaro. This line bred Priboj colt possesses all of the qualities that the Russians had in mind when breeding Piolun to the English mare from Crabbet stud. Etaro has superb elasticity with keen hock action and excellent front end range of motion. Etaro is currently in Dressage training and is an excellent Sport Horse prospect. He stands at Gina Cook's in Olympia, Washington, her email is gina4497@hotmail.com Dr. Allen's international prestige in the world of Arabian horses stems from his ability to match sires and dam lines to produce outstanding horses of timeless quality. He has personally seen the majority of the horses in a typical five generation pedigree and knows first hand of their contributions and faults. Only the very best colts may become a stallion for Dr. Allen--based on their ability to add to the breed for future generations. As a client, you may now put this extensive knowledge of breeding practices to use by producing your very own Arabian horse that is united with old-world tradition and destined for prosperity.               


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