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You can use this form to submit your convention or event report and we will list it in our Reports section and on the information page for that convention.

Types of links that are not accepted:

  • Links already in the list for that convention (unless you need to change the URL).
  • Links directly to photos (rather than pages containing photos).
  • Links to sites that require registration (free or pay) in order to view photos.
  • Links to articles written before the event started. We're looking for reports from the convention. Do not submit reports intended to promoting the convention in advance. (No local event calendars, preview articles, planning videos, press releases, etc.)
  • Links to message board, forum, mailing list, or newsgroup posts.
  • Links to,, or
  • Links to member galleries (other than those of official staff).
  • Links to individual YouTube or Google Video videos.
  • Multiple links for muliple days at one convention. (Just give us your main report URL for the convention, not a separate URL for every day of your report.)
  • Links to pages that have nothing of interest to others. (Nobody cares if all you have are photos of you and your friends partying in your hotel room.)
  • Links to sites where all the photos have been taken from someone else's site. (What's the point?)
  • Links to pornographic images.
  • "mailto:" and "news:" links.

NOTICE: If a site you are submitting has multiple pages reporting on a convention, please only submit one. Out of fairness to all sites reporting from conventions, we are instituting a one page per site per convention rule. (We will soon be removing previous submissions where sites submitted multiple pages for the same con.) If there are multiple pages on your site that cover one convention, pick just one to submit.

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