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There are 17 muscles in a horse's ear.

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We held a conference in 2006 to celebrate the 34th Summer Studies happening in such a nicely-divisible year.

Where have HCSSiM alumns been attending college in recent years?

Here's a sampling from students who attended HCSSiM in 2003 or later...

Brown University
California Institute of Technology
Cambridge University
Carleton College
Columbia University
Harvey Mudd College
Haverford College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

New York University
Oxford University
Princeton University
Stanford University
University of Chicago
University of Pennsylvania
Williams College
Yale University

Awards won by HCSSiM alumns...

In recent years we've had Intel and Siemens winners and finalists, the first König Prize winner, an American Institute of Mathematics Fellow, a Guggenheim Fellow, a world-class ranked Rubik's solver, and a UPA Ultimate Player of the Year. Two HCSSiM alumns are MacArthur Fellows and two are Morgan Prize winners (with an additional Honorable Mention). Alumns often qualify for the USAMO and do well on the Mandelbrot and the Putnam. In particular, 26 HCSSiM-ers have been on the US IMO team in 20 different years, and 16 alumns have placed in the top 5 on the Putnam in 18 different years. Alumns have formed successful teams for the iTest and PUMaC as well.

Web pages or sites about HCSSiM, hosted by alumns of the program

Sara Smollett's YP page
an outdated page by Hank Chien
YP links; click on "Our Editors" to see the connection
John Zhang's HCSSiM page

Here are some not-as-recent alumns of the program, and what they're doing now. (This list was generated mostly at random. If you want to be added, let us know.)

Daniel Zwillinger is a Senior Principal Engineer at Raytheon, Founder and CTO of Aztec Corporation, and the editor of the CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae.

Susan Landau is a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, and works primarily with cryptography.

Eric Lander is a Member of the Whitehead Institute, Director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and professor of biology at MIT. Here is a link to a mathematical article about Eric Lander.

Bram Cohen created/founded/works at BitTorrent.

Carmen Egido is (or was) Director of the Applications Research Labs at Intel Corporation.

Danny Glasser works for Total World Domination Industries as a Software Design Engineer.

Eugene Volokh teaches law at UCLA, and is known for his work on free speech and cyberspace law.

Jessica Riskin works on history of science in the Department of History at Stanford University.

Erik Winfree is a faculty member in Computer Science and Computation and Neural Systems at Caltech.

Gregory Sorkin is a Research Staff Member in Mathematics at IBM.

Also at IBM, Martin Wattenberg.

Steven Alexander practiced intellectual property law until he decided to teach high school mathematics instead.

Amy Liu is a Physics faculty member at Georgetown University.

Scott Cantor is a clinical decision analyst at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Lisa Randall does theoretical high-energy physics at Harvard.

Robert Lipshutz is the Vice President of Affymetrix.

Geoff Davis is a software consultant and works with wavelet image compression.

Aaron Ellison does research in community ecology at Harvard.

Michael Miller is an Epidemiology faculty member at the University of Minnesota.

Julie Ahringer does cancer research at the University of Cambridge.

Scot Kuo is a Bioengineering faculty member at Johns Hopkins.

Donna Crystal Llewellyn is the Director of the Georgia Tech Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning.

Larry Buxbaum is an MD/PhD Infectious Disease researcher at the University of

PJ Karafiol is in the Math Department at Walter Peyton College Prep (Chicago, IL).

Loren Shure is the director of math and signal processing development at MathWorks. (Here's her blog.)

Mitchell Burman founded Analytics Operations Engineering.

Eve Ostriker is an Astronomy faculty member at the University of Maryland.

Glenn Ellison is an Economics faculty member at MIT.

Susan Feigenbaum is an Economics faculty member at University of Missouri, St. Louis.

Larry Ausubel is an Economics faculty member at the University of Maryland.

Sue Hannaford is a neurobiologist at the University of Puget Sound.

Stella Grosser is in the Office of Biostatistics in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research of the US Food and Drug Administration.

Doris Stoffers is an MD/PhD Endocrinology faculty member at U Penn.

Peter Oppenheimer is a Research Engineer at Human Interface Technology Lab, U Washington.

David Steinsaltz is in the Department of Statistics at Worcester College in Oxford University, and does research in demography, music, and more...

...and, of course, we have many alumns who are mathematics faculty, including (but not limited to) Jason Fulman, Elizabeth Wilmer, Japheth Wood, Jennifer Taback, Jim Propp, Ann Trenk, Bjorn Poonen, Judith Miller, Mike Reid, Dana Randall, Art Duval, John Sullivan, Kathryn Lesh, Susan Staples, Robin Forman, Marcia Groszek, Benji Fisher, Rennie Mirollo, Michael King, Paul Feit, Russell Lyons, Victor Wickerhauser, Daniel Ullman, Ed Scheinerman, David Manderscheid, and Larry Riddle.

...and plenty of computer science faculty as well, such as Neil Immerman, Lenore Cowen, Afra Zomorodian, Marie desJardins, Calvin Lin, Dina Goldin, Joe Kilian, Serap Savari, David Zuckerman, and Judy Goldsmith.

Finally, a picture...

This was taken in November 2002, in Seventeen, Ohio. Shown are Steve Pav '91, sarah-marie belcastro (senior staff), David Levitt '01, Tom Hull (senior staff), and Abie Flaxman '95 (also junior staff).