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A Guide To Censored Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies


Cartoon titles in red are either new or updated entries!!

"Patient Porky" (Clampett; 1940):

"Peck Up Your Troubles" (Freleng; 1945):

"People are Bunny" (McKimson; 1959)

"Person to Bunny" (Freleng; 1960):

"A Pest in the House" (Jones; 1947):

"The Phantom Ship" (King; 1936):

"Pied Piper Porky" (Clampett; 1939):

"Pilgrim Porky" (Clampett; 1940):

"Piker's Peak" (Freleng; 1957):

"Pizzicato Pussycat" (Freleng; 1955):

"Plane Daffy" (Tashlin; 1944):

"Polar Pals" (Clampett; 1939):

"Porky Chops" (Davis; 1949):

"Porky at the Crocadero" (Tashlin; 1938):

"Porky in Wackyland" (Clampett; 1938):

"Porky the Fireman" (Tashlin; 1938):

"Porky the Wrestler" (Avery; 1937):

"Porky's Baseball Broadcast" (Freleng; 1940):

"Porky's Duck Hunt" (Avery; 1937)

"Porky's Five and Ten" (Clampett; 1938):

"Porky's Hero Agency" (Clampett; 1937):

"Porky's Midnight Matinee" (Jones; 1941):

"Porky's Movie Mystery" (Clampett; 1939):

"Porky's Party" (Clampett; 1938):

"Porky's Picnic" (Clampett; 1939):

"Porky's Poppa" (Clampett; 1938):

"Porky's Preview" (Avery; 1941):

"Porky's Prize Pony" (Jones; 1941)

"Porky's Railroad" (Tashlin; 1937):

"Porky's Road Race" (Tashlin; 1937):

"Porky's Romance" (Tashlin; 1937):

"Porky's Snooze Reel" (Clampett and McCabe; 1941):

"Pre-Hysterical Hare" (McKimson; 1958):

"Prince Violent" (Freleng; 1961):

"Putty Tat Trouble" (Freleng; 1951):

All images (c) Warner Bros.
Thanks to Brian Cruz for image from "Plane Daffy"
Thanks to Larry Tremblay for images from "Porky's Baseball Broadcast" and "Pizzicato Pussycat"

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