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Type:  TV Series
Length:  13 episodes
Genre:  Romance/Comedy
One year ago, 150 aliens crash landed their spaceship on Earth. They became named "DearS" by humans and are granted Japanese citizenship. The DearS begin participating in a home-stay program with the local people in order to learn all about human culture. High school student Takeya finds a DearS on the street who behaves rather strangely. He takes her home and she begins living in his apartment.
DearS is your typical romantic comedy series. There is nothing here that stands out and it has a weak story. Basically, Takeya finds a cute girl and she ends up living with him in his apartment. He isn't sure why but she always refers to him as "master" and says that she is his slave. It plays out in a fairly straightforward manner, however, I had a good time watching it. Ren starts going to Takeya's school and soon after another DearS also attends the same school. Everyone in town is fascinated by the DearS and it's not long before they become regulars.

The show is pretty funny at times and it made me laugh out loud a lot. Even the stuff like Takeya needing over five alarms to go off before he wakes up and the way these three girls in Takeya's class always call him names because they think he is being mean to Ren tickle my funny bone. Then there is Takeya's teacher who is always barely dressed, makes her students translate erotic written books that she wrote into English, and turns every situation into a sexual one. There are also some hilarious-looking facial expressions that accompany many of these scenes. Some of the jokes are used almost every episode, but that is part of what makes them funny.

Takeya is a fun, likeable lead who isn't a wimp. He is somewhat indecisive, but he has a sense of justice to him. Ren is ignorant and needs to be taught a lot of basic things about how to behave. She has a huge appetite and craves melon bread. Then there is Takeya's childhood friend, Neneko, who is a surprisingly enjoyable character that I really like. I thought Miu, the other DearS, was annoying at first because she is always competing with Ren, but she became more likeable with each episode. Once I got into the second half it felt like I was watching a group of good friends spending time together. Takeya, Ren, Neneko and occassionaly Miu would spend time at school, walk home and hang out together, usually at Takeya's apartment. The lack of a story gives some episodes a laid back, homey feel.

The animation looks pretty nice and it has attractive character designs. It's a little cute at times with super deformed artwork for the characters. There is an abundant amount of fanservice with some nudity, but it's not detailed. When Miu wins a trip to a bath house in episode ten, the fanservice kicks way up with a lot of nudity.

While I am disappointed in DearS' story that doesn't really go anywhere, it saves itself with likeable characters and some good humor. DearS may not be very original, but it's a lot of fun at times. I wasn't let down by it and I feel that I got my money's worth.

Marc Frost, 2006

Very little profanity.
There is a bit of fighting near the end.
Reavealing outfits, quite a lot of undetailed nudity (there is one obscured scene that has nipples though), and some sexual situations.