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Wasington Informer

The Washington Informer is published weekly and reports only positive news and reaches more than 50,000 readers serving The District of Columbia, Prince George ’s County, Montgomery County, and Northern Virginia.


Distribution: 15,000 to newsstands, boxes, stores, churches, libraries -- 750 to subscribers

Sponsor: the City-Wide Spelling Bee

Newspaper and staff are recognized for community service

Target: the African American * community

The Washington Informer adopts the African proverb that states: “It takes an entire village to raise a child.” We believe this to be true, not only for the nurturing and development of youth, but for all members of the community. This is why for more than 40 years, The Washington Informer has been committed to only publishing and distributing news, which is positive and beneficial for citizens of the greater Washington metropolitan area. We firmly believe that by publishing uplifting news and useful information, we can support the community as it finds positive and constructive ways to help itself. Our long-standing commitment towards this mission has allowed the Washington Informer to gain the reputation as a newspaper with integrity, vision and genuine concern for the community and its readers. The Washington Informer not only reports local community news, but it contributes to the community in many meaningful ways, as well.

The Washington Informer is an African American, woman-owned newspaper founded on October 16, 1964 by the late Dr. Calvin W. Rolark. Over the past 38 years, The Washington Informer has grown from an 8 to 12-page weekly to an average of 32 pages or more covering a broad range of topics including politics, education, business, health, finance, religion, sports, national and international affairs, concerns of the elderly, and so much more,

The Washington Informer is published on Thursday, and has a current readership of more than 50,000 residents in the District of Columbia , suburban Maryland and Virginia . The newspaper is distributed by mail to more than 750 households, and to more than 150 vendors, news boxes and other outlets in D.C., Maryland and Virginia . In addition, The Washington Informer is delivered to more than 30 churches, local schools and senior citizens homes.

The Washington Informer does not cover any crime news. When covering issues related to crime, the focus is usually on ways in which the community has managed to create solutions that help to improve the quality of life for all Washington area residents.

The Washington Informer is a member of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), the oldest trade association of African American-owned newspapers across the country with more than 250 members. It is also a member of the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), a trade organization with more than 18,000 daily and weekly newspapers in America . The Washington Informer is active in many local schools, helping to support school-based newspapers where expertise and resources are desperately needed.

The Washington Informer is the official sponsor of the D.C. City-Wide Spelling Bee in which nearly 3,000 students participate each year. The Washington Informer is the first weekly and the first African American-owned publication in the nation to receive sponsorship privileges more than 19 years ago when the bee was first brought back to the District of Columbia .

The Washington Informer is the recipient of numerous Merit Awards presented by the NNPA for categories including Best Layout and Design, Use of Photographs and Best Church Page. The Washington Informer and members of its staff have been recognized for outstanding contributions to the community and for excellence in Journalism. Most recently, the National Black Chamber of Commerce named The Washington Informer the Most Outstanding Newspaper in America

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