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 Jens Kidman - vocals
 M�rten Hagstr�m - guitar
 Fredrik Thordenthal - guitar
 Dick Lövgren - bass
 Tomas Haake - drums

"One of the ten most important hard and heavy bands� that�s how the prestigious Rolling Stone Magazine describes Swedish sonic extremists MESHUGGAH. It is impossible to talk about experimental or avant-garde metal without mentioning this truly groundbreaking act: MESHUGGAH mix ultra-complicated rhythmic patterns with massive riffs and aggressive growls, combining Death Metal, Grindcore, Mathcore, Thrash and Progressive Metal to create their unique style. Trying to categorize MESHUGGAH? Think again�

Manic low-tuned riffs repeated in seemingly endless loops, desperate and aggressive growls and screams, and drum fills and patterns from another dimension � these are some of the traits of character of �Catch Thirty-Three�, MESHUGGAH`S latest attack on the central nervous system.
Nobody could ever compare MESHUGGAH`S music to a walk in the park � a slaughter in the park is more of a fitting comparison! A perfect example for this fine piece of Swedish madness is the opening track �Autonomy Lost�: without caring for things like intros, a slow start or other niceties, MESHUGGAH immediately deliver exactly their full-tilt blaze of brutality and insanity! Using programmed drums for the first time in their career, MESHUGGAH`S sound hasn�t weakened a single bit � if possible, it has even gained more aggression while coming across with an harsher and colder edge. Combining sinister and disturbing interludes with the sheer riff-massacre of tracks like �Shed�, �Catch Thirty-Three� and its bitter lyrical concept is food for seriously disturbing pictures in your head. �Like the way you would watch a movie�, MESHUGGAH recommend to perceive their new body of work.

It has been a long, long way for MESHUGGAH from their first steps into the world of all things audibly sick and twisted with their 1989 vinyl-only release "Psykisk Testbild� (now a highly sought-after gem for MESHUGGAH fans) up to their latest bone-crushing release, "Catch Thirty-Three�. In 1991, a broader audience took notice of a monster called MESHUGGAH when the self-titled debut mini-LP was released, shortly after followed by debut album "Contradictions Collapse�. "None� and the classic EP "Selfcaged� were next, but it wasn`t until 1995 and MESHUGGAH`S masterpiece album "Destroy Erase Improve� that almost the whole metal scene stood up in amazement and faced this incredible new force coming from Sweden. "Chaosphere� saw the band touring with Thrash Metal gods SLAYER in America and further established MESHUGGAH`S status as �next big thing�. After the release of the rarities and demo collection "Rare Trax�, the band returned to America in support of their album "Nothing� this time playing in front of stunned "Ozzfest� crowds. Needless to say � MESHUGGAH had conquered the U.S., just like they had conquered Europe before.

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