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Advanced Systems and Concepts Office (ASCO)

ASCO Publications

This page contains links to work ASCO has published for public release.

View the International Compilation of Human Subject Research Protections.

Title Date Author Abstract File
Terrifying Landscapes: A Study of Scientific Research into Understanding Motivations of Non-State Actors to aquire and or Use Weapons of Mass Destruction Jun 07 Nancy Kay Hayden   [pdf]
Comparative Strategic Cultures Curriculum Project - Phase II Feb 07      
Port Security Metrics: Proposed Measurement of Deterence Capability Jan 07     [pdf]
Mitigation of Threats to the Continuation of Marine Recruit Training Posed by a Category 4/5 Influenza Pandemic Jan 07 Clete DiGiovanni, M.D., Arnold S. Monto, M.D., CAPT. John D. Malone, MC, USN (ret)   [pdf]
Foreign Perspectives on U.S. Nuclear Policy and Posture Dec 06 Dr. Lewis A. Dunn - Project Leader, Mr. Gregory Giles, Dr. Jeffrey Larsen, Mr. Thomas Skypek   [pdf]
Comparative Strategic Cultures Workshop - Phase I Sept 05 Ms. Elizabeth L. Stone, Dr. Christopher P. Twomey, Dr. Peter R. Lavoy   [pdf]
Exploration and Development of the National Security Institute Concept Mar 05      
Small Arms and Light Weapons Disarmament Programs: Challenges, Utility, and Lessons Learned 2004     [pdf]
Minimum Nuclear Deterrence Phase 2 Mar 04 Gregory Giles, Christine Cleary and Michele Ledgerwood   [pdf]
Triage for Civil Support Mar 04 The RAND Corporation   [pdf]
Manned Gaming and Simulation Relating to Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction Apr 04 Monterey Institute for International Studies, Center for Nonproliferation Studies   [pdf]
Limiting the Contribution of the Open Scientific Literature to the Biological Weapons Threat Dec 02 Homeland Security   [pdf]
Baseline Assessment of DoD Staff Nuclear Expertise     [View] [pdf]
Centralized Radiological, Biological, and Chemical Sensor/Detector Standards, Calibration, and Performance Evaluation Center Study (WSMS) 15 Nov 02   [View] [pdf]
Critical Review of Geographic Epidemiology Modeling (GEM) Study (University of Missouri) 1 Apr 03   [View] [pdf]
Far East and Middle East: An Investigation of Linkages (IDA) 15 Sep 02   [View] [pdf]
Follow-On Minimum Nuclear Deterrence Research (SAIC) 14 Apr 03   [View] [pdf]
Non-Nuclear Strategic Deterrence Study (SPARTA) 19 Oct 01   [View] [pdf]
Northeast Asia Stability Study (IDA) 30 Sep 01   [View] [pdf]
Nuclear Stability Roundtable Seminar (SAIC) 15 Apr 02   [View] [pdf]
Prion Biology Study (Dr. Rocco Casagrande) 31 Jul 02   [View] [pdf]
Quantification of Open Source Research publications in Biological Sciences for Biological Weapons Development Utility (WSMS) 18 Jun 03   [View] [pdf]
Strategic Offense, Defense, and Arms Control (SPARTA) 27 Jan 03   [View] [pdf]
Asymmetric Conflict 2010 Nov 2000     [pdf]
Strategic Personality and the Effectiveness on Nuclear Deterrence (IDA) 31 Dec 00   [View] [pdf]
Alternatives Futures Approach to Nuclear Deterrence 01 May 03   [View] [pdf]
Development of Tools to Support Nuclear Stability Analysis 15 Oct 01   [View] [pdf]
Disposal of Excess Weapons Plutonium in Russia 15 Oct 01   [View] [pdf]
Future of the U.S. - China Strategic Relationship 18 Dec 01   [View] [pdf]
Future of Transatlantic Cooperation 01 Nov 04   [View] [pdf]
Protecting the U.S. Against Terrorist Nuclear Attacks 25 Oct 01   [View] [pdf]
Reactions of an American Community to a Bioterrorist Attack 01 Jan 02   [View] [pdf]

ASCO Publications
Veterans' Advisory Board on Dose Reconstruction

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