Microsoft’s next move? Code-name Falcon

By Dean Takahashi
Monday, July 9th, 2007 at 12:02 am in General.

Here’s a trade secret that Microsoft is unlikely to publicly acknowledge. 

Sony’s cutting the price on the PlayStation 3. How will Microsoft react? We’ll find out soon. But a key part of the strategy is going to be a project code-named Falcon.

Falcon is the name for the latest internal electronics in the Xbox 360. It will have an IBM microprocessor and an AMD/ATI graphics chip that are manufactured in a 65-nanometer production process. These are cost-reduced chips that do the same thing as their 90-nanometer predecessors, but they’re smaller.

With smaller chips, Microsoft gets a bunch of benefits. They won’t generate as much heat. So the risks of overheating — one of the main reasons behind Microsoft’s billion-dollar write-off for repairs and extended warranties — are much lower. The chips may also cost half of what it took to make them before because they use less material and fewer manufacturing steps to produce.

Everyone knows that console makers cut the prices and costs on their consoles over time. But you may not be aware that the primary chips – microprocessor, graphics, and the Ana video processing chip – are the bulk of the cost of the machine. Microsoft started making the Xbox 360s in August, 2005, with a 90-nanometer process. It is overdue to switch to the newest technology, 65 nanometers, but that day has finally come. It may be some time — a year, maybe two — before it moves on the a 45-nanometer process.

But it’s worth it. I recall that Ken Kutaragi said that by moving along the semiconductor manufacturing cost curve with the PlayStation 2, Sony was able to reduce the size — and therefore cost — of the PlayStation 2’s original chips to just 13 percent of the original over the life cycle of the PS 2.

If you cut the costs on the chips, you can cut the overall cost of the system. You get ancillary benefits such as using a smaller motherboard, more air flow inside the console, and the ability to take the big giant power supply in the Xbox 360’s power brick and put it inside the console.

Microsoft is in the process of qualifying the new Falcon chips and motherboard this summer. I expect it will launch Xbox 360s with the new Falcon innards this fall. That is why the company has been able to say that it has solved its manufacturing quality problems. Microsoft is likely to spend a little more money on heat sinks to make sure that the overheating problem doesn’t resurface with Falcon.

The good thing about the smaller chips is that they will likely be easier to make in mass quantities and they shouldn’t fail as often. Quality should automatically go up. That’s what folks said about the 90-nanometer generation. But the 65-nanometer production process is a known quantity at this point at places such as IBM for sure and possibly at other suppliers such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. So rather than fix the problems with the 90-nanometer machine, Microsoft has the easier problem now of getting a 65-nanometer machine to work right. I suspect that is why Robbie Bach, president of the Entertainment & Devices group, said on Thursday on a conference call with analysts that the company has “its hands around it at the engineering level.”

But once this machine is in the field, Microsoft will have a few options. It can take the power brick and put it inside the same chassis. It can also make a smaller version of the core, but this involves considerable redesign and retooling resources. And it could also beef up the console and make room for more costly things — as it did with the Elite.

It’s anybody’s guess as to what Microsoft will do with the Falcon as its base platform going forward. But Sony had better watch out. Microsoft is moving ahead of Sony on the cost-reduction curve. It would be risky for Sony to get into a price war with Microsoft.

Now it’s easier to see why Microsoft still expects to be profitable in fiscal 2008 with the Xbox 360 business. In this fiscal year, Microsoft will introduce a major cost reduction with the Falcon platform. It will launch Halo 3. And it has already written off in fiscal 2007 the costs of repairing consoles for the next few years.

Falcon is a fundamental part of the strategy that Microsoft is using to try to beat Sony. Is it going to be good enough to beat Nintendo on costs? Very doubtful. Nintendo can play the cost-reduction game just as Microsoft can. Falcon certainly means that Microsoft can afford to cut the price of the Xbox 360 going forward. Whether it does so depends on how aggressive it wants to be at winning the lead market share in the business. But everyone knows that if you cut your hardware price too much, you lose money. After all, Microsoft lost an estimated $3.7 billion on the original Xbox.

When I asked David Hufford, a Microsoft spokesman, about Falcon on Friday, he said I was telling him something new. When I asked Peter Moore, head of games at Microsoft, about Falcon on Thursday, he said, “We have a bunch of different projects that cost reduce and improve quality as you find issues, as does our competition. Once you get millions in the field, you learn about the box under all kinds of different circumstances, you can adjust and tweak what you do accordingly.”


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  1. polygamia - community blog » Blog Archive » Sokół z Redmont Says:

    […] Poranna elektroniczna prasówka przy kawie zaowocowała znalezieniem dość interesującego artykułu na The Merucry News. Opisuje on w nim prawdopodobną odpowiedź Microsoftu na obniżkę ceny PS3 zapowiedzianą przez Sony. Otóż jednym z kluczowych elementów ich strategii będzie urządzenie o nazwie kodowej Falcon. W środku Sokoła znajdziemy procesor IBMa i kartę graficzną ATI z chipami wyprodukowanymi w technologii 65 nm. Jakie to daje korzyści? Oprócz tego, że jest to sporo tańsze, wydziela też znacząco mniej ciepła; a za tym, jak możemy się domyślić idzie zmniejszona awaryjność konsol, co nie generuje gigantycznych kosztów związanych z obsługą gwarancyjną. Do tego - będzie można pozbyć się zewnętrznego zasilacza, albo zmniejszyć rozmiar 360. Brzmi słodko, prawda? Z tego co mówią plotki tego lata Microsoft zakończy testowanie Falcona i będzie gotowy do wypuszczenia go na rynek tej jesieni. Stąd też brak zmian w aktualnych wersjach konsoli. Cała para idzie nie w łatania przestarzałych podzespołów, a testowanie aktualnych (65nm) i najnowszych (45nm). Miejmy nadzieję, że Sokół będzie cichszy od swojego poprzednika. Czy zostanie to ogłoszone na E3? Raczej nie. Nowa, lepsza wersja konsoli zahamowałaby sprzedaż tego co leży teraz na półkach. Prędzej możemy spodziewać się jakichś oficjalnych wieści a TGS. Mimo to, naprawdę sporo bym dał za cichszego i mniej awaryjnego 360. […]

  2. TheCranium Says:

    Fascinating reading.

    I’ve been holding out for a cooler, cost reduced 360, it looks like I may actually end up with one this year. All fingers crossed.

    Anyone else notice that the PS3 pricecut is more like a HD upgrade? Slotting in the 80Gb unit at $599 and shifting the 60Gb unit to the now obsolite 20Gb units old $499 pricepoint?

    Effectively no -real- change in pricepoints except HD sizes grow 20 & 40Gb respectively.

    Gotta love “clever” Sony-spin.

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  4. leafa Says:

    just because ms think there’s a price war doesn’t mean there is. sony charged $200 more for their console. that right there is evidence sony isnt in a price war with ms. sony lowered the price before ms did. again proves sony is not in a price war.

    sony is lowering the price to sell ps3s and when they hit a price that does they will stay no matter what the price of a xbox 360 is

    ms always looks to sony for their next move. this is no different

    sony: “ps3 can play hd movies”
    ms: “uhm so can the 360 now with this clever add-on. look!”

    sony: “ps3 can do 1080p”
    ms: “so can the 360 now!”

    sony: “our console works”
    ms: “so doe… oh… just wait until we do 65nm, 2 years after launch, sony!”

  5. oldest gamer Says:

    Too bad they waited for 2 years to acknowledge what we all knew. m$ rushed to market a new console 3 years into the original xbox life span and did not fully test / engineer it’s 360 hardware properly. Now after the 65 n tech comes out they have learned nothing except the consumer watch groups have no power over what is in the market place. m$ have had 20 years to figure software out and can’t. Why trust them any longer with hardware?

  6. LPM Says:

    @Oldest Gamer
    because they have the best games.

  7. leafa Says:

    “because they have the best games.”

    ms have halo

    everything else that makes the 360 great is 3rd party games

    both nintendo and sony have far better 1st party offerings than ms

  8. Tomeo Says:

    Do we know if the production of the “Falcon” revision has just started ?

  9. Eden Says:

    I had PS2 and Xbox, PS2 had more good titles, but Xbox was worth it just for halo2 on live. More addictive than sugar. For those who say it only had halo, well sure, but that’s enough for some at the old Xbox pricepoint, anyway.

  10. The7Gamers » ‘Falcon’ to Reduce 360’s Cost and Size Says:

    […] ‘Falcon’ to Reduce 360’s Cost and Size Posted By: Saran  Published in News, XBOX 360 9Jul Mercury News’ Dean Takahashi is reporting that Microsoft will use some money reducing technique to make their gaming division profiable in the 2008 fiscal year. It’s all about making the switch the a 65nm processor which will ultimetly reduce the size, costs and overheating on the XBOX 360. […]

  11. smoothn00dle Says:

    Falcon, another M$’s PR stunt to take away the focus on the faulty issue and PS3 cost cut. PS3 price cut is at the M$ worst moment. M$ has little creditability left. Even Xbox360 price cut, consumer will stay away because of poor reputation. Will Falcon fix the causes of “ring of death” that is still a question mark?

    PS3 take the initiative. The way I look at it. In cost war, Sony has the upper hand? Why? Experience, Sony has 10 years of experience in cost cutting by sharing the component between variety of it own consumer electronic: PSP, PS2, HDTV, BluRay player and others. M$ don’t have that option.

  12. smoothn00dle Says:

    “because they have the best game”

    Red Ring of death = no game *v*

  13. anonymous Says:

    microsoft needs to step up their game some. it is obvious that they copy sony in everything that they do (hd-dvd add-on and 1080p) and their consoles have a failure rate of like 30%. halo 3 doesn’t look as nearly as good as halo 2 did in its day. i think sony will pull ahead soon

  14. Press The Buttons Says:

    Yippee-Kay-Yay, Project Falcon…

    You just gotta love those secretive internal project code names. Rumor has it (from a reliable source, no less) that Microsoft is hard at work on Project Falcon, a redesigned set of innards for the Xbox 360. Falcon is the…

  15. Mike B. Says:

    It’s great to hear more specifics on this. But we have heard about this 65nm chip for the 360 for many months now. I keep hearing it’ll be this fall when they make the switch. But when exactly? Before Halo 3? or more like Thanksgiving or even close to Xmas?

    Either way this is what I’ve been waiting for to get one.

  16. Xboxic » New chipset on the way for 360s Says:

    […] New chipset on the way for 360s Posted in Business, Hardware, Xbox 360, General by Alex King on July 9th, 2007 at 19:36 Mercury News has an enlightening piece up about the new a 65nm chipset for the 360. While it is known that 65nm chipset was being developed, when it would be implemented was not until now. The chipset, code named Falcon, is being qualified this summer and could be ready to ship as soon as this fall. […]

  17. BeenAroundGamer Says:

    I think this at the end of this gen your going to see pretty much a three way tie. Wii has casual gamers, the cheapest price, and nintendo loyalist. MS has the financially lower end gamers (cheaper system and games), an earlier start, plus a slightly better catalogue than Sony. Sony has the best system in terms of features (free online play, Blu-ray, and a hard drive in each system which developers can count on), plus (it seems like) the most fanboys. This is a good thing! Competion = good for gamers. I’ve been around since intellevision and it seems that all of the systems are good for once! So stop picking sides fanboys. Just play…

  18. Dan Johnson Says:

    It all seems logical. I’ve been saying ever since the first cries of “price cut!” that M$ wouldn’t do so until it’d released Halo 3. The timeline presented here seems right in line with Halo 3 being released end of september, reduced 360 about a month afterwards. I personally see it as a shot in the foot if they cut the price before hand, because Halo 3 will sell systems, no doubt.

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    […] This newer, cheaper chipset will offer Microsoft more room to play with on their balance sheet—possibly enough to counter Sony’s recent PS3 price drop with one of their own—but not for at least a few months. Reasons for delay include a shortage of falconer gloves and the difficulty of training a bird to fly over Sony and crap on their head. Microsoft’s Next Move [mercurynews] […]

  20. GearsofWar Says:

    So what you are saying, Dean, is don’t be stupid and buy an Xbox 360 or Xbox360 Elite today. Wait for the new ones that may come in the Fall?

    I will take that advice!

  21. » Codename “Falcon” = Possible 360 price drop? Says:

    […] Today, Takahashi confirmed that Microsoft’s upcoming 65nm die shrink for the Xbox 360’s microprocessor and GPU will is codenamed “Falcon.” Takahashi reports that Microsoft is currently qualifying the new Falcon chips along with a redesigned motherboard. The 65nm-equipped Xbox 360s are due to hit store shelves this fall. […]

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  23. Video Game News » Blog Archive » A smaller, cooler Falcon should be soaring this Fall Says:

    […] Falcon. That’s the code name for the project that’ll not only make future Xbox 360s more reliable and make the hardware cheaper, but will also help Microsoft sleep better at night. Over at The Mercury News, Dean Takahashi talks about the Falcon project and how the new 65nm technology could be the answer to Microsoft’s red ring woes. It is expected that the new 65nm CPU/GPU combo could be implemented as soon this Fall and would seriously help with hardware stability as the smaller chips produce less heat. The benefits are enormous and range from cheaper hardware, to more reliable chips, to less heat being generated. With project Falcon being so beneficial it’d be hard to believe that Microsoft isn’t pushing to get the technology up and out the door as soon as possible. This Falcon could very well be the single best thing to ever happen to the 360. […]

  24. Great job MS Says:

    Great move, M$. Guerrilla marketing at its finest. Perfect timing. … ah what … hold on a minute. It will out in fall. Thx, now I shouldn’t buy a 360 now, better wait until fall. Man, I could go and buy a PS3 right now (well, darn’, theses Sony boys did not only relaese two revisions of the PS3 within 6 month (American and PAL version), how dare they would be to do the same and release the 65nm CELL and remove the EE/GS all together - and cut another $100 buy next year - or after they’ve sold their current production for $499 ?).
    But, yeah, great timing. Better not sell any Xbox360 until fall before anyone comes up with the idea to loose one against the PS3…
    I like that “but me too” attitude in the article!

  25. » Microsoft Readying New Xbox 360 “Falcon” »  InsideMicrosoft - part of the Blog News Channel Says:

    […] Dean Takahashi reports that Microsoft is almost ready to start selling the next generation of the Xbox 360, code-named “Falcon”. Dean says that “Falcon” uses a 65-nanometer manufacturing process for both the CPU and the ATI graphics chip, reducing manufacturing costs and overheating for the console. Once the revision makes its way into the manufacturing pipeline, something Dean says will be completed this summer, Microsoft will have multiple options for the Xbox 360. […]

  26. CPU e GPU di XBox 360 a 65 nanometri - ConsoleWorld Forum Says:

    […] Il giornalista del San Jose Mercury News Dean Takahashi, grande esperto della console Microsoft e gi� autore dei libri "Opening the Xbox" e "The Xbox 360 Uncloaked", ha pubblicato un articolo nel quale rivela che Microsoft � pronta ad immettere sul mercato, gi� dal prossimo autunno, la nuova versione di Xbox 360 con tecnologia a 65nm, chiamata internamente con il nome in codice "Falcon". Takahashi spiega che la console avr� la CPU di IBM ed il chip grafico di ATI in tecnologia 65nm, quindi molto pi� piccoli rispetto alle versioni attuali a 90nm. Questo comporter� una riduzione dei consumi della console, minori ingombri interni, minor dissipazione di calore ed un risparmio sui costi dei chip del 50% rispetto alla produzione attuale. Secondo il giornalista, poi, l’arrivo di Falcon � il motivo per cui Microsoft ha recentemente affermato di aver risolto tutti i problemi di guasti per surriscaldamento: sembra infatti che, oltre a generare meno calore, la scheda madre della console sia stata completamente ridisegnata per ovviare a questo tipo di problemi. Takahashi specula poi sul fatto che, grazie alla riduzione di dimensioni di scheda madre ed alimentatore per via dei ridotti consumi, la casa di Redmond potrebbe decidere, anzich� di ridurre le dimensioni della console, di mantenere le stesse dimensioni integrando per� l’alimentatore all’interno della stessa. Per finire, il costruttore potrebbe anche approfittare di questa revisione della console per integrare l’uscita video HDMI in tutti i modelli. Insomma, a quanto pare con una sola mossa Microsoft si appresterebbe a ridurre i costi della console, per poter cos� avere come gi� dichiarato i primi veri profitti nel 2008, e risolvere l’annoso problema dei tre led rossi per il quale ha dovuto portare la garanzia a tre anni. Per ora si tratta per� di informazioni ottenute "sottobanco" da Takahashi grazie ai suoi molti contatti a Redmond: attendiamo una conferma ufficiale da parte di Microsoft. __________________ […]

  27. JSG Says:

    Sony already failed this generation. Nobody is interested in making games for a console without a meaningful installed base… like the PS3.

    At this point, Sony is going to have to offer some sweet deals for exclusivity, but reportedly they aren’t even doing that. The most they’ve asked companies to do is fake exclusivity for a while… before they announce a parallel release on the 360.

    And unlike Nintendo, Sony doesn’t have the first-party titles to carry them to the break-even point.

    This generation, MS didn’t have to be #1, they just had to beat Sony. And lucky for them, Sony was accommodating that goal every step of the way.

    Who knows? Maybe by this time 2010, Bill Gates will be signing the paychecks for all Sony employees.

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    […] Now, you may be wondering how exactly Microsoft would go about dropping prices with their consoles without taking too much of a hit. Well, in short, it’s a project code-named “Falcon“. What’s Falcon? In short: It’s the new 65nm processor that is widely believed to help the Xbox 360 run smoother and cooler, resulting in fewer ring-of-death-related console failures. It’s widely believed that the new 65nm processor would also be cheaper to produce. […]

  30. RealityCheck Says:

    Sony fanboys give it a rest.. You people are like used car salesmen.

    From someone who owns both a PS3 and Xbox 360 I can say without a doubt the 360 has the PS3 beat when it comes to games, online, community, controller. Yes, the 360 has some issues with hardware(I have never had 1 problem) but I would never in a million years get rid of it and play just the PS3. After playing the 360 and then over to the PS3 the PS3 feels pieced together and just doesn’t do much but look pretty. I buy a game console to game not watch movies, if so you can always get the HD-DVD add-on. But for a game machine the 360 has it all. All multiplatform games look better on the 360 (except Oblivion) and the controller blows the sixaxis out of the water. Sorry to bust the Sony loyalists bubble but this is my experience.

  31. Xbox 360 Falcon to Feature 65nm Processors reducing heat and hopefully improving reliability Says:

    […] Mercury news is reporting that Microsoft is going to give the Xbox 360 new innards featuring 65nm core. […]

  32. slipstream bro Says:

    Now the only issue will be with the old school 360’s 3 ring error’s being replaced with this newer hardware when it is released. For all those with original hardware just hope it makes it till they end up with this chip on the assembly line.

    Thanks for a great scoop. See I knew you’d get one back after your other disappointment.

  33. Xbox 360 - Rumors of new internals code named "Falcon" - Mykres Space Says:

    […] "Falcon is the name for the latest internal electronics in the Xbox 360. It will have an IBM microprocessor and an AMD/ATI graphics chip that are manufactured in a 65-nanometer production process. These are cost-reduced chips that do the same thing as their 90-nanometer predecessors, but they’re smaller." Mercury News.. […]

  34. Microsoft’s Falcon to Lead to Xbox 360 Price Cut? | Game Stooge Says:

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  35. Steve Says:

    So MS countered Sony’s price cut, which should’ve been a big deal, with a price cut of their own and a hardware revision? Sony just can’t get a break. LOL! Serves them right for acting like suck arrogant pricks before the PS3 launched. Sony better have some amazing games at E3 or else they are going to be officially finished for this round of the console wars after Christmas, because right now their holiday lineup looks decent, but both MS and Nintendo’s are amazing.

  36. Joe Smith Says:

    We need to be honest; we have reached a point in time where it is very common for Xbox 360 games to be released significantly earlier than the Playstation 3 versions. Usually the difference is about six months in time, or longer. Even with that big difference in time, the Playstation 3 versions of the games are always rated lower when reviewed by professionals from magazines and websites.

    Sometimes there is extra content added to the PS3 versions of the games–usually from Xbox 360 downloads that have been built since the original release of the game. Unfortunately there are other times when no extra content at all is added to the Playstation 3 versions of the games. In fact, most of the time Playstation 3 versions of the games lack fundamental features included in the Xbox 360 versions, such as Online Voice-Chat, Controller Rumble, Face-Mapping, and the ability to select any music you want to play in the background.

    For example, many times when PS3 games are released six months to a year later, the PS3 version still doesn’t let you talk online while you play the game, even though the original Xbox 360 version does. Games like F.E.A.R. and Ridge Racer are perfect examples.

    Even though the Playstation 3 versions of games are released significantly later, the PS3 versions of games have graphics that aren’t as good as the Xbox 360 versions.

    Usually the difference can be classified as a “noticeable” one, with games such as Rainbow Six: Vegas, where the PS3 version simply has less detail in the characters faces with textures that aren’t as sharp. Although, Rainbow Six: Vegas on the PS3 is one of the worst games available that suffers from seeing a game at only 480p resolution, because the PS3 doesn’t have the ability to upconvert resolution to 1080i or 1080p, like the Xbox 360 does. Rainbow Six: Vegas on the PS3 also lacks face-mapping and some other features.

    The downloadable content Expansion Packs for Rainbow Six: Vegas that Xbox 360 owners had been enjoying for months is included on the PS3 disc that was released seven months later. It would have been included on the Xbox 360 disc, but it hadn’t yet been created when the Xbox 360 and PC versions were released. Thankfully, Ubisoft now gives those two Expansion packs away for FREE on the Xbox 360! Ubisoft even REFUNDED the money of people who had purchased those Expansion Packs within the last three months!

    But with games like F.E.A.R., Tony Hawk Skating, Splinter Cell, and many others, the difference between the Xbox 360 versions and PS3 versions can be classified as “significant.” With F.E.A.R., the Playstation 3 version was released six months later, yet the performance is so disappointing that the framerate of the game often goes into slow-motion when it drops below 20 frames per second. Even though the PS3 version was released sic months later, there is no recently released content available for free download ONLY for the Xbox 360!

    The Playstation 3 has developed a disappointing reputation for “poor framerates.” Look at the way Call of Duty 3 on the Xbox 360 runs at a smooth 60 frames per second, just like Call of Duty 2. But the Playstation 3 version of Call of Duty 3 is very choppy; it has a disappointing framerate. The PS3 version of Call of Duty 3 is like so many other PS3 versions of games; it doesn’t include the ability to talk online, even though the Xbox 360 version does.

    Virtually all Playstation 3 games have problems with the framerate. Motorstorm is one of the games that also has a choppy framerate. The reviews of Motorstorm actually said, “Graphics are not the strongpoint of the game.” When first-party games like Motorstorm don’t fix the framerate problems, it is an example of why the PS3 now has a reputation for having framerates that aren’t as good as the competition. We now know that is 100% true, because this years three Football games (Madden 2008, NCAA College Football 2008, and All-Pro Football 2K8) all run at 60 frames per second on the Xbox 360 in resolution that will be upconverted to 1080p, while the Playstation 3 versions of those football games only run at 30 frames per second.

    The Xbox 360 versions have FAR better graphics with much smoother framerates and better resolution. Additional features–both online and offline–also make the Xbox 360 versions better. The PS3 versions of games like VF5, Tony Hawk Skating, and Virtua Tennis 3 don’t even include online play at all, yet the Xbox 360 versions do!

    The differences in this years football games have it so the Xbox 360 versions run at TWICE the framerate as the PS3 versions! 60 frames per second is quite a bit smoother than 30 frames per second; it will even have an impact on gameplay in situations.

    The Xbox 360 truly does offer better videogame performance than the Playstation 3. Ironically, even though the Xbox 360 has a higher level of consistently effective videogame performance, games can still be created much faster and much more efficiently with the Xbox 360! In the amount of time it might take PS3 developers to create two games, Xbox 360 developers could have created three games, each at a higher level of performance than the PS3.

    From a business point of view, that is why the Xbox 360 is already guaranteed to succeed this generation. That is also why the Playstation 3 is guaranteed to continue losing money for a very long time to come.

    When people see games like Rock Band, Medal of Honor, Rainbow Six: Vegas, F.E.A.R, and so many other third-party games released first-and-best on the Xbox 360, it has a very large impact on the way people look at the performance of a game console. With the PS2, games like Grand Theft Auto were released first on the PS2, then later on the Xbox with better graphics. But this generation, the Xbox 360 receives the games first AND with the best graphics and the best features in both online and offline environments!

    Look at the way Grand Theft Auto 4 is being released on both systems, but ONLY the Xbox 360 version will receive the two Extra Episodes.

    When Microsoft makes business transactions to purchase content for the Xbox 360, the only people who will complain about it are the people who don’t own an Xbox 360. Anyone with an Xbox 360 will be a very happy person. There is no risk of a Microsoft monopoly in the game industry, because Nintendo is doing so well. Of the three game companies, only Nintendo currently makes a profit with their videogames. Of the three game companies, only Sony is doing poorly right now, with the PS3 and PSP. If Sony ends up leaving the game industry, as many rumors suggest, then it was because Sony wasn’t willing to go the extra mile and spend the extra dollar to please consumers the way that Microsoft and Nintendo were.

  37. BLOG FOR VIDEOGAMES.COM » Blog Archive » 65nm CPU 360s nearing release Says:

    […] While Microsoft has been generally quiet about its plans for revamping the innards of its console and when such plans would go into effect, San Jose Mercury News tech writer Dean Takahashi is reporting that the company is nearly ready to release 65nm CPU-equipped Xbox 360, which it currently refers to by the codename “Falcon.” Takahasi expects the chip to start appearing in retail Xbox 360s this fall. […]

  38. Numanthia Says:

    Microsoft Dumping the XBOX Gaming Division?

    MS under attack last quarter from wall street analysts asking why MS is still in the business. 5+ years and no profitablility. They were wondering aloud if MS would eventually, sooner than later, look for a way out of the mess.

    MS has released the worst console in the history of gaming with the most unbelievable defect rate ever seen in a global electronics product - 33%+.

    Current Sales are continuing to slide. First 6 months of 2007 saw only 1.6 million Xbox 360 units SHIPPED globally - actual sales are thought to be vastely lower (somwhere between 800,000 - 1,000,000 units.

    Both Nintendo and PS3 are gaining momentum while Xbox 360 is clearly declining.

    MS’s admission and exceptional funding of $1.15 Billion dollars for current and future repairs of its fatally flawed console is a massive blow corporately to the reputation of MS and a unthinkable amount of money lost on an already losing gaming division.

    $1,150,000,000 loss this is not chump change even to MS and it is on top of currently existing loses - this is the Titanic of disasters for the gaming industry.


    MS is in talks with both Dell and HP computers to sell off the divison. This actually makes sense as both Dell and HP have been trying to make in roads in the PC gaming areana and would give them a solid in and beach head in the current PC gaming market share wars.

    MS could reasonably be out of the entire mess within 12 - 18 months. MS has no reason to care about the business anymore, they are trying very hard to move gamers to the PC platform as an alternative to consoles. Enter direct X10 (or 11?). If consoles could go away for every MS would be very happy forget Xbox ever existed since they would, in their minds, continue their dominance on the PC platform.

  39. schylar wilson Says:

    i agree with everything joe smith said

    sony also needs to stop making promises they cannot keep

    and m$ arent that great either cause thier current hardware sux but at least they are trying to fix the problem

    sony made stupid comments about the consumers hdtvs because thier gpu dosent scale rather than doing something

    so dont try to make this out as M$
    is trying to keep up with sony cause they arent its the other way around

  40. Sony cuts PS3 price, Microsoft to respond? -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    […] The difficulty, of course, is that while Microsoft may have shuffled its $1 billion Xbox 360 defect repair bill into the last fiscal year, it still has been touting 2008 as the (fiscal) year that the Xbox 360 would finally make money and the current Xbox 360 already sells at a loss. Therefore, any Microsoft price cut may well wait until Microsoft can introduce a cost-reduced design (Dean Takahashi suggests Project Falcon in the fall). […]

  41. Chronic Vices! » Blog Archive » Microsoft to Lower XBOX 360 Cost Through Cheaper Chips Says:

    […] San Jose Mercury News journalist Dean Takahashi has reported that Microsoft could be looking to a new internally redesigned Xbox 360, codenamed ‘Falcon,’ as a means to not only reduce production costs, but also reduce the console’s price at the retail level as well. […]

  42. Loot Ninja » Microsoft to Release the Xbox360: Falcon Says:

    […] The latest salvo in the console wars has just been fired by Microsoft according to the MercuryNews.  There will be several new improvements in the “Falcon” which will be a reduction in chip size from 90nm to 65nm in both the CPU and GPU(graphics chip). This basically means that the chips will be smaller and running faster, and at a cooler core temperature.  It also means that the machine will have less material and therefore cheaper to produce.  Does this signal a price cut?  No one knows for sure, but the Falcon will not cost anymore than the original 360, with the add-ons being the only price determinant.  The Falcon is the project name at the moment and no word on whether that name will stick.  Expect this to be available by the end of this calendar year. […]

  43. Stever Says:

    I’ve been waiting for a cooler Xbox 360 before I buy one. Mine is going in a cabinet, so no sense getting one until its cooler. Thought one would be out by now though…

  44. Shyzun - Xbox 360 to Get 65nm “Falcon” Processor this Fall Says:

    […] Today, Takahashi confirmed that Microsoft’s upcoming 65nm die shrink for the Xbox 360’s microprocessor and GPU is codenamed “Falcon.” Takahashi reports that Microsoft is currently qualifying the new Falcon chips along with a redesigned motherboard. The 65nm-equipped Xbox 360s are due to hit store shelves this fall. […]

  45. MS/PS3 News Roundup PLUS a Prediction: a Xbox 360 Price Drop at Tuesday’s E3 (or soon, soon, soon!) « Armillary Observations Says:

    […] Fourth, Dean Takahashi reported that MS had key strategy to be revealed in the near future: a project code-named “Falcon.” Falcon is the newest internal chipset for the 360, incorporating an IBM microprocessor and an AMD/ATI graphics chip, both manufactured at the smaller 65-nanometer production process (current is 90 nanometer). The smaller chips have many benefits: they produce less heat (thus a smaller chance of overheating, possibly the cause of the RROD); they use less material, are cheaper, and take fewer manufacturing steps to produce. All allow MS to cut costs and improve quality. […]

  46. Ju Says:

    The Playstation 3 has developed a disappointing reputation for “poor framerates.”[…]
    Which usually applies to straight 360 ports, yes. It is certainly not true for Ninja Gaiden Sigma (1080p @60fps) and, well, say Lair (1080p @ ??, but 7.1 suround sound). While Motorstorm can be “choppy”, this usually applies when 15 cars (or vehicles) are visible and 5 or more of them explode at the same time. Someone could maybe take the time and count the objects on the screen at that very moment (every car dissolves into small details like springs, etc). I agree however, the PS3 launch titles cannot beat the 360 second generation games (and tools), just yet. Still, just to bring the 360 to par with the PS3 feature wise would move the price above it (and this only includes WIFI and HD-DVD - which can’t be used for games)

  47. Falcon is Coming « Citizen Game Says:

    […] Mercury News Interactive has a story saying that Microsoft’s next major revision to the Xbox 360 hardware, named Falcon, contains a 65nm process CPU and GPU. That doesn’t mean a God Damned Thing to mere mortals. But it does mean that it paves the way for a cheaper-to-produce 360 that generates less heat and noise (hopefully). […]

  48. Nick Says:

    In fairness, I have played both, and can’t really see much difference in image quality. BUT, the fact a lot of PS3 titles lost their PS3 exclusivity due to the delayed release of the system, I don’t really see how one system over the other is going to make much difference except when it comes down to price and gaming, and for me, the cheaper 360, and the better online gaming on the 360 is a HUGE bonus.

    Plus, all my friends who have both systems prefer to use their 360’s. Most only have the 360 for the few exclusive games and that’s it.

    I can see when the user generated content gets launched (years it has been promised and years I have been waiting) it will stitch up the online community for console gaming. Build your own camo scheme and sell it on the marketplace? Now that would make a huge difference to the amount of user enjoyment.

    I know I am looking forward to designing my own clan outfits and user symbols for online games.

    Currently though it comes down to do you want a PS3, or spend the same money, buy a 360 and a PS2 and play pretty much ALL the same games as a PS3 as well as the xbox games? For poor web monkeys like me, I know where my choice lies.

  49. Hi-TechLife » Microsoft Falcon, nome in codice del nuovo hardware della Xbox 360 Says:

    […] Microsoft starebbe lavorando ad un nuovo hardware che sostituirà le componenti della Xbox 360. Il nome in codice del progetto è Falcon. Si tratta di un sistema equipaggiato con microprocessore IBM a scheda grafica a 65 nanometri casa AMD/ATI. La miniaturizzazione delle componenti consentirà di produrre meno calore e quindi non incorrere nei problemi di surriscaldamento che tanto stanno affliggendo le attuali console. Fonte   […]

  50. LPM Says:

    ms have halo

    everything else that makes the 360 great is 3rd party games

    both nintendo and sony have far better 1st party offerings than ms

    then what about Blue Dragon, Forza 2, Lost Odyssey, Gears Of War, Mass Effect, etc…etc..?

    Oh forgot, you’re talking about R:FOM, Motor Storm? Shhhsshh.

    Although I agree with you about Nintendo.

  51. Microsoft To Follow Sony? by GamingMoments Network Says:

    […] We all know that we shouldn’t believe a word that executives say, as last weeks PS3 price cut denial has demonstrated, so Microsoft’s insistence that there are no plans to cut the price of the 360 should maybe be taken with a big bucket of salt. The San Jose Mercury News is reproting rumours that the MS is working on a lower cost Xbox 360 version. Codenamed ‘Falcon’ it uses the newer 65nm chips from IBM and AMD and as a result will cost Microsoft less to manufacture through the use of less materials and fewer production steps. The new 65nm chips also run cooler than the current 90nm versions which should go some way to solving the 360’s heat issues. As the board is also smaller, taking up less space inside the actual box, there is the possibility of other things being added to the system or moving the power supply inside the chassis. […]

  52. Nawshad Says:

    A great move by M$! Do it ASAP!
    This will hurt $ony more….

  53. Microsoft’s reaction to the PS3 price cut could come in the form of Project Falcon | Krunker Says:

    […] Now that Sony has reduced the price of the PlayStation 3 console to $499 (from $599), many are wondering what the response from Microsoft will be. As it turns out, the response may very well come out later this year as a result of an internal Microsoft project code named Falcon. According to Dean Takahashi of The Mercury News, Microsoft is currently qualifying a new generation of Xbox 360 electronics utilizing shrunken IBM processors and ATI GPUs. These new processors are being manufactured with a 65 nanometer production process as opposed to the current 90 nanometer process used in today’s Xbox 360 systems. […]

  54. PROgam железо - Xbox 360 с новым процессором Says:

    […] Sony снизила цены на свой Play Station 3. А вот как отреагировала Microsoft. […]

  55. Ventajas de Falcon: el nuevo plan de Microsoft para la Xbox 360 | Gizmos Says:

    […] Visto en Mercurynews y engadget. Tags: AMD, ATI, IBM, Microsoft, Xbox 360Otras entradas que te pueden interesar…:Xbox 360 rediseñada en 2007700 millones en reparaciones de Xbox 360Microsoft presenta un teclado para Xbox 360Falcon Fragbook DRXMicrosoft comienza a banear en XBox LiveMicrosoft expande la garantia de la Xbox 360Rumor: Baneos en Xbox 360 de por vidaXbox 360 Elite en JapónXbox 360 Elite presentada en KoreaMicrosoft niega una bajada de precio de su Xbox 360 en Japón […]

  56. Xbox 360 65-nm Falcon May Be Ready To Soar In Fall « TechTitans™ Says:

    […] Dean Takahashi over at Mercury News has some info that indicates a move to 65-nanometer chipsets for the 360 this fall. There’s no real news on all of this, but Takahashi is known for having the inside scoop on Xbox news. So, we here at CB Tech have elevated a fall release of the 65-nanometer 360 from speculation to hard rumor. It’s a completely arbitrary distinction, but we like it. […]

  57. AGE : X-Box 360 Price Cut in the Future... Says:

    […] This was posted on Slashdot yesterday, I usually don’t believe everything I read from here, but the text entry itself has a lot of links, seem pretty credible, plus it just makes too much sense to be all smoke and mirrors. Officially Microsoft is putting on a brave face, saying they won’t drop the 360’s price even in the console’s weakest market: Japan. Just the same (probably in anticipation of Sony’s PS3 price drop), the San Jose Mercury news says the company is secretly working on preparing a lower cost Xbox 360 SKU. Called ‘Falcon’, it’s a cost-reduced system using 65nm chips instead of the at-launch 90nm electronics. This ties right into Michael Pachter’s expectation of such a cut; it should be noted he doesn’t see the DS or Wii prices moving any time soon. Related to all of this, Newsweek’s LevelUp blog has two great interviews today: a Peter Moore discussion harkening back to last week’s warranty announcement, and a chat with Jack Tretton about the price cut and the 360’s hardware issues. I wonder if they’ll start replacing the bricked 90nm consoles with these if they’re still having problems when they roll out the new ones? Source Published Tuesday, July 10, 2007 9:33 AM by Ender1986 […]

  58. Microsoft ‘Falcon’ to bring cost reductions, 65nm CPU to the Xbox 360? | Computers,Software,Hardware,SEO,Mac,Apple Says:

    […] […]

  59. ‘Falcon’ Takes Flight at Circuits Assembly blog Says:

    […] The next big thing from that big-time hardware maker known as Microsoft has been outed. […]

  60. Microsoft ‘Falcon’ to bring cost reductions, 65nm CPU to the Xbox 360? - WeedSense™ Says:

    […] Microsoft ‘Falcon’ to bring cost reductions, 65nm CPU to the Xbox 360? News Station July 10th, 2007  Loading … digg_url = “”;digg_title = “Microsoft+%27Falcon%27+to+bring+cost+reductions%2C+65nm+CPU+to+the+Xbox+360%3F”;digg_bodytext = “”;digg_bgcolor = “#ffffff”; If you’re new here, please feel our warm welcome to our website. You might get introduced to the idea here or subscribe directly to the RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Filed under: Gaming […]

  61. DEEP_NNN Says:

    I can’t think of one rotten thing to say about this. Fancy that.

    I’ll not be concerned about quality should I need to get one. My current Dec. 2005 360 is still ticking fine, even if some would say it is a time bomb and not a clock.

    My one small concern is that MS engineers somehow blow a hole in compatability with current games or Windows Media Centre Edition.

  62. Hercamer Says:

    To the guy who put that piece up about msft wanting to exit the xbox biz…. you have no clue about the business whatsoever if you think that the xbox is a capital drain on msft profitability.

    Rather then launching into a 10000 word outline of what exactly these companies are trying to accomplish lets just say that every single one of your points leaves much to be desired.

    Sullied corporate reputations? rumors of selling the division to Dell or HP? This crap doesnt even make sense.

    Im not fanboy of either console, but this kind of misinformation is annoying to say the least.

  63. : The evolution of gaming journalism » Blog Archive » Sony steals spotlight Says:

    […] What will Microsoft do to counter Sony’s move? While the Xbox 360’s new innards will soon be comprised of smaller, cheaper - and most importantly, cooler - parts, the best PR move might be making Xbox Live a free service. While I’m not expecting this to happen, now that the Xbox Live Marketplace is booming and the Xbox Live Arcade is coming of age with brilliant releases like the recent Carcassonne, Microsoft may be able to make up the loss while having an application that Sony’s shown no inclination to match directly; the Second Life-like Home initiative notwithstanding. […]

  64. King of News » Blog Archive » Microsoft ‘Falcon’ to bring cost reductions, 65nm CPU to the Xbox 360? Says:

    […] Filed under: Gaming […]

  65. peepshow Says:

    Konami executive Kazumi Kitaue, head of Konami North America and European ops, dropped a bombshell today saying that Metal Gear Solid 4 may move to other consoles in an attempt to recoup development costs. He also said the PS3 price drop may not turn the ship around. The natural assumption, given the console hardware technology, is that Metal Gear Solid 4 will see its day on the Xbox 360, destroying one of the final feathers in Sony’s hat of exclusives.

    Sony just isnt moving enough consoles. With this news, I dont need to buy a PS3 ever.

  66. Marten Kai-Larsen Says:

    What is the scoop? This is known facts. Speculations about PSU are about as trustworthy as your (Dean) earlier speculations that a portable gaming device was developed by Microsoft. Zune was not a gaming device.

  67. A smaller, cooler Falcon should be soaring this Fall » XBox Game Players » A smaller, cooler Falcon should be soaring this Fall Says:

    […] Falcon. That’s the code name for the project that’ll not only make future Xbox 360s more reliable and make the hardware cheaper, but will also help Microsoft sleep better at night. Over at The Mercury News, Dean Takahashi talks about the Falcon project and how the new 65nm technology could be the answer to Microsoft’s red ring woes. It is expected that the new 65nm CPU/GPU combo could be implemented as soon this Fall and would seriously help with hardware stability as the smaller chips produce less heat. The benefits are enormous and range from cheaper hardware, to more reliable chips, to less heat being generated. With project Falcon being so beneficial it’d be hard to believe that Microsoft isn’t pushing to get the technology up and out the door as soon as possible. This Falcon could very well be the single best thing to ever happen to the 360. […]

  68. Console Game Player XBox and XBox 360 News » A smaller, cooler Falcon should be soaring this Fall Says:

    […] Falcon. That’s the code name for the project that’ll not only make future Xbox 360s more reliable and make the hardware cheaper, but will also help Microsoft sleep better at night. Over at The Mercury News, Dean Takahashi talks about the Falcon project and how the new 65nm technology could be the answer to Microsoft’s red ring woes. It is expected that the new 65nm CPU/GPU combo could be implemented as soon this Fall and would seriously help with hardware stability as the smaller chips produce less heat. The benefits are enormous and range from cheaper hardware, to more reliable chips, to less heat being generated. With project Falcon being so beneficial it’d be hard to believe that Microsoft isn’t pushing to get the technology up and out the door as soon as possible. This Falcon could very well be the single best thing to ever happen to the 360. […]

  69. Linkbits 07.10.07 « p2p Capital Says:

    […] Microsoft’s response to the PS3 price cut is Project Falcon, a revised version of the 360 with a 65nm chip, bringing a major cost reduction. Read more via The Mercury News. […]

  70. BG Says:

    So now with the 65nm chip, will MS eventually have an HDMI 1.3 port included?

  71. Lo Último en Tecnologia - Says:

    […] Filed under: Juegos […]

  72. Avguide News and Blog » Archives » Xbox 360 may get an overhaul - Says:

    […] The new Falcon chipsets are still being tested, but there is speculation that they could be in new Xbox 360s by the fall. Read more here. […]

  73. XBOX 360 Falcon « The Fun Bucket Says:

    […] Mercury News blogger Dean Takahashi says: Here’s a trade secret that Microsoft is unlikely to publicly acknowledge. […]

  74. NotNormal Says:

    I have to agree with Reality Check here, I also have both the PS3 and a 360 (Wii too) and game wise the 360 has had it all over Sony from day one. With the exception of Oblivion games have looked and played better on my 360 (that I also haven’t had problems with, except the one I bounced off of the floor, but that was my fault) and even with Oblivion you still lacked key elements (where’s all the content we can get for the 360? not there). Another person mentioned games like Ninja Gaiden Sigma, running at 1080P, well I have it and while it does indeed run at 1080P it does so by sacrificing half the horizontal resolution (in other word s it runs at 960×1080 and stretches thanks to the new Sony SDK) still good but a bit of trickery at play over other 1080P games, I hope Lair doesn’t do this as well. The bottom line is that the PS3 still hasn’t done anything that has really impress me, the little things that annoy, like downloading a demo just to have to wait through installing the demo after the download is done (on the Xbox you can play as soon as it finishes the download), they are getting better feature wise on the PS3 but it still looks like they are playing catchup to what MS already has. They may have had 1080P stated as a feature first but by the time they hit the shelves MS had it too and they missed a number of features out the gate that MS had for months before their launch. Sony talked a big deal and under delivered, MS delivered a product and gave improvements as they went along over an already good feature set. I’ve seen some here say how MS is copying Sony with the HD-DVD drive (something that wasn’t possible at lauch due to availability, not due to intent on MS’s part) and bumping the resolution to 1080P, well come on Sony has been struggling to duplicate features in the 360 for a while, like streaming content, background downloads and the like and still isn’t at their level yet.The only people I’ve seen defending Sony are those die hard loyalist. Folks like me, have owned so many game systems in the past that we just get them for the games not the “potential” that’s something Sony needs to focus on. Of course this is how it stands now, in 6 months it may change, maybe Sony will surprise us and come out with stuff that truly can’t be done anywhere else, but knowing what I know and having both sitting in my house I doubt it. In the meantime my PS3 will still get most of it’s exercise as a Blu-Ray player.

  75. Microsoft ‘Falcon’ to bring cost reductions, 65nm CPU to the Xbox 360? · Says:

    […] Filed under: Gaming […]

  76. Linkbits 07.10.07 | p2p Capital Group | Says:

    […] Microsoft’s response to the PS3 price cut is Project Falcon, a revised version of the 360 with a 65nm chip, bringing a major cost reduction. Read more via The Mercury News. […]

  77. El “híbrido” XBOX 360 Gris at TecnoSquad Says:

    […] En los preparativos para la E3, se filtró una fotografía donde aparecen tres XBOX 360 como pueden ver. Una gris, dos blancas (Core y Premium) y la Elite (negra). La gris, se presume que será la XBOX 360 más barata al ser construída bajo el proceso de 65nm, algo que pensaba que no sería posible pero estaba dentro de las opciones. Esta consola recibiría el nombre clave de “Falcon”, y por supuesto, llegará al mercado con una reducción de costos que llegarán al consumidor final. Sony ya lo hizo, Microsoft está por hacerlo, y Nintendo… ni idea. […]

  78. opuntia Says:

    all I hope is that the console will be quieter.

  79. Adam Akhtar Says:


  80. Zokuaku Says:

    While this is a great new move on their part to improve console functionality I still think I will be doing a year long wait to make sure it is really true since I have been watching my friends go through the hassle of consistent replacements. Also while the console likes to boast a full HD line up and the option of HD-DVD functionality I can’t help but think that since sony comes standard with it’s player not just for media functionality but storage capacity and speed that Microsoft will eventually start producing their games on HD-DVD’s for similiar functionality(red diode prevents same small rate read that blu-ray offers) They will either force all us gamers to buy the accessory thus driving the price up to an even higher price to game in comparison to sony. They may even go as far as a new console release in a years time.(wish things would go back to the everything is stable and remains consistent so you aren’t looking at the grass is greener every year… back when consoles where stable and there wasn’t patches once a month to fix poor functionality of software/hardware.)

  81. Phoenix Rising? No, More Like a Falcon at 99 Lives Says:

    […] After Sony’s price drop, all eyes turned to Microsoft expecting a similar response in kind. However Dean Takahashi, Mercury News reporter and friend of Redmond (he worked closely with the original Xbox team for his novel, Opening the Xbox) explains that Microsoft has something much larger in mind for the Xbox 360. […]

  82. 7-9 Game Audio Newscast | Says:

    […] Links for todays audiocast: E3 Article Ps3 price cut Xbox Falcon WoW Iphone World In Conflict Q&A Tales of Heroes Steve Speilberg’s Games Resistance: Fall of Man digg_url=’’; digg_skin = ‘compact’; digg_bgcolor = ‘#FFFFFF’; digg_title = ‘7-9 Game Audio Newscast’; digg_bodytext = ”; digg_topic = ”; [?] Share This […]

  83. Artistically Chill » Halo 3 Overkill?! There’s No Such Thing! Says:

    […] How big of a Halo fanboy do I have to be to really want to pick up one of these? Please note that I wasn’t fanboy enough to pick up the Halo Zune. The deciding factor could be if it will contain the new ‘Falcon’ 65nm CPUs. If they do, I may end up selling my Premium and Elite systems. […]

  84. XBOX 360 nuovo processore Says:

    […] Falcon è il progetto mediante il quale Microsoft includerà nelle XBOX 360 un nuovo chip grafico realizzato a 65 nanometri rispetto ai 90 della versione attuale. I processori saranno realizzati da ATI/AMD ed IBM. Anche se questo chip diminuirà già notevolmente il calore generato si pensa che in futuro si potrà arrivare ad ottenere, sempre per XBOX 360, chip realizzati a 45 nanometri. Ulteriori info qui. […]

  85. KOTULCN Says:

    I am just wondering about the Elite adopters, I traded my premium in for the Elite for HDMI and color, but it still didnt have the 65nm !!!!!!!

  86. Omitek » Blog Archive » Microsoft Falcon Says:

    […] Mais Informação: Mercury News Comente a Noticia… […]

  87. bezurker Says:

    This sounds very familiar. When the PS2 was out and then the XBOX was released I bought an XBOX. I talked it up to everyone I knew. All they would talk about is their PS2 Most thought I was wasting my time.

    Now those same people all have the 360 and are extremely loyal to the system and want nothing to do with a PS3.

    MS rushed the 360 to gain the market share on the next gen counsel. They have had time to release many games(just like Sony when PS2 was out before XBOX).

    Key difference is the online capability. MS obviously wins in this field. Sony is playing catchup and if it gets to the level MS is than it will probably charge for the feature.

    Since MS rushed the first versions of the 360 we are paying the price and so are they. Will this hurt them or was it a risk MS was willing to take when rushing the 360’s release. Look at how long it took them to acknowledge there was a problem. Would it have been acknowledged if it wasnt for people getting together on the web and letting more people know if the issues the 360 has?

    Prior to the release of the PS3 I remember reading a lot of articles and feeling like Sony was taking its following for granted. ( now I am not sure who was taking the consumer for granted)

    However on the positive side Bluerey Disks hold a lot more info on them than a DVD and games can potentially have a lot more detail and longer game play. (I know I have felt cheated a couple times by 360 titles).

    When the 360 launched it was a long time before really good games came out. There were good games but nothing like Gears.

    We all know that ports are not perfect. A ported game will never be as good or better than the original.

    I hear and read that we haven’t the best of what either system can offer. Or it takes time for developers to take advantage of a systems capability. So who really knows what will happen in the future. Sony could make some fantastic games that have a very long game life (without online capability)

    My comments do not really have anything to do with the Falcon project. They are more things I was thinking when reading all the comments

  88. Evil Avatar Analysts » Blog Archive » Falling prices? Says:

    […] Additionally, the original Sony announcement was followed up by rampant speculation regarding an Xbox 360 price cut as a response. That speculation was further fueled by a Microsoft press release detailing their new 65nm chip (now named Falcon) which would help cut production costs. Unfortunately, no price drop came and gamers were left with a vague promise from Shane Kim that it would happen eventually but not during the week of E3. […]

  89. Says:

    I have to say,
    I have nothing against Microsoft.
    I love Windows, every since DOS I have worked on computers and fed my whole family from fixing computers that users screwed up.

    I love the xbox 360 when it is working.

    But also, I have to say.
    And I am trying to be short, not wordy…

    I have to say, when I wanted the best for my 12 year old son, I looked to Microsoft and Trusted them to deliver a stable, valuable gaming console for the amount of money I was investing.

    You may laugh, saying that $400.00 plus all the extras is chicken scratch, but it is not for me. The initial cost and the added, wireless controllers, a handfull of $60.00 games and very quickly it all adds up to a heap of green!

    Raising 3 kids, and spending that amount of money is not a RISK I wanted to take so I trusted Microsoft.

    I do not know for sure how much of this blunder was Intentional, and how much developed over time, but I do know I got 4 Defective Refurbs.
    I do know that Microsoft knows the numbers and they did nothing to replace all the crap DVD drives, nor all the scratched disks they created.

    I truly believe all the crying out to the media, and all over the net world wide by me, and the rest of the world, finally hit home.

    Like you said, If we did not have internet, Microsoft would still be getting a nut in all of us and nobody would know the difference.

    Even a few weeks ago, I heard people saying, “You guys should stop whinning, Microsof said only 3-5 percent failure rate, Most are having a Wonderful Time… How Smug! Basterds knew their was a Major problem and just kept letting us all get the shaft. No apologies, no concessions, no free games sent out ,NOT A DAMN THING untill our little voices got together on the net and forced them to admit failure.

    I did NOT have sex with that woman, Yeah, right.
    That is the way I feel.
    Sorry if I am grumpy or what ever.

  90. Says:

    I forgot my question:

    Does anyone know, and have verifiable proof via links, when the new Falcon systems will hit stores?

    And, How will we know if it is a Falcon from Packaging, and

    Do you think when we send in our refurb to be refurbished, like I am doing Monday Moring, (I got the box), if we will get Falcon Technology? How will we tell?
    Just questions I have… Thanks.

  91. fencerider Says:

    I have been a die hard Sony fan since the 1st PS1 dropped and I got rid of my Super Nintendo. I was in love with my PS2 and would have never considered getting an XBOX. I planned on getting a PS3 at launch but the hefty price made me second guess my loyalty toward them. Especially after seeing Gears of War for the 360. I then questioned why i would pay a premium for a console that just didnt have the games to justify the increased price. So I decided to wait for a price drop and for more games to come out. It has been a year and after looking at the E3 live convention, the 360 is looking more and more attractive. I was thinking about purchasing the Elite til I found out that it would still be plagued by the same ring of deaths causing so many people trouble. I the decided to again wait and research and am very excited about the possibility of a new cooler console code named “Falcon”. With the smaller chip if it is produced, I will definetly pull the trigger and by a 360. I would think it would be more reliable, and that speaks volumes to me. That along with MS 3 yr warranty, Xbox Live, hopefully 120g hard drive(like the Elite), hdmi ports, and I guarantee everyone who’s been riding the fence for so long will buy an 360 in a heartbeat and generate those sales projections MS talked about achieving.

  92. Anotherfencerider Says:

    I too am currently riding the fence, but if Microsoft releases this new improved Falcon 360 along with the 3 year warranty recently announced I would also jump off the fence and buy myself one for Christmas.

  93. Gadget Look - Microsoft XBox 360 Falcon, a new appearance Says:

    […] via […]

  94. DaJuDg3 Says:

    There’s really no reason becides price to hold off on the 360. The 3 year warrenty will provide you with a falcon sooner or latter. Hell maybe even the 45nm processed chip, that should be even better than the falcon.

    PS3 dosen’t have a graphics card that is more powerfull than the 360. Right now none of the game machines are maxed out. They’ll be learning new tricks to implement beter physics and graphics for a long time yet.
    Flame on boys!!

  95. peachy Says:

    Can someone please tell me when these things will ship to the UK and how I tell if I am buying a 65nm machine? The Elite is released in the UK 24th August (My birthday is 26th !!!) so result there. But I am going to hold off until I am SURE that the box will contain the revised interior. Under no circumstances will I throw my money at the 360 unless I get some kind of proof that the machine contains the 65nm chips. Given that the machines will hit the shops a while after being built I would like to know when the begin using the revised parts and also when they will hit the shelves. Can someone please put me in the picture?

  96. Fencerider Says:

    Price is definetly a concern. But regardless of their 3 year warranty, I’m personally more concerned with their reputation for quality. And with the scare of a 3 rings of death, I dont want to take a chance on having my console fail at all, and then have to utilize their warranty. The warranty to me is a security blanket. But I wont invest until they deal with the nightmares thats plaguing other 360 owners. Yeah they might fix it, but who really wants to go through all that crap. This new Falcon chip is supposed to eliminate the existing overheating problems that keep it running sufficiently.
    Before I invest my hard earned money, I wanna make sure there is as little risk of potential breakdown as possible. Yeah nothing is flawless, but Im sure with the new chip it’ll be a step closer and overall better than the preexisting console, which to me, at least, equals money well spent.

  97. Big johnson Says:

    If M$ releases this ‘Falcon’ out into the great wide open before the release dates of Madden and Halo, then you might as well kiss Sony and Nintendo goodbye. As for me, I am awaiting anxiously for a more reliable system. Under no circumstances will a shout Four Hun on a system that is faulty……hurry up M$ I am losing my hair.

  98. Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Recap « Investing Happily Says:

    […] They unveiled some type of kiddie remote, which had big buttons. This is part of their effort to appeal to the casual gamers and bring younger children on to the Xbox 360 platform. Other than that, they only showed games in development. Considering what they showed, the company is in cruise mode, just allowing developers to make more content and tweaking the cooling of their hardware. A price cut may be in store before the holiday season. The switchover from 90 nm to 65 nm allows them to make more chips on the same area, reducing costs. I’m personally waiting for these new chips before purchasing an Xbox360, because the Xbox360 is known to be noisy due to the cooling fans. The price drop, improved aesthetics, and plentiful content will help drive sales Holiday 2008. Their blockbuster game, Halo 3 will be ready in time for the holidays. This improved hardware will also reduce the losses incurred by repairing broken consoles, which has cost more than a billion so far. The games in development are games for hardcore gamers and games that hardcore gamers can play in front of their kids. […]

  99. Magnus Says:

    i just sent my console in yesterday ,dvd drive stoped reading disks but other then that no other problems and i bought it in december, i really hope i get one of those chips, i really like the 360, if microsofts new chip solves the RRoD then they will definitly outsell sony by a ridiculus rate. I mean i like my ps2 but man the ps3 is too expensize and my most anticipated title MGS 4 isn’t coming out till next year? but halo 3 will be coming out like in 2 months?

  100. Dean Toomuchhashi-Not Says:

    I think Dean has been smoking something. Last November when IBM completely severed their long time abused by MS relationship. It goes back years including PC-DOS, OS/2/Windows NT ripoff, MS financing SCO’s lawsuit against IBM, and resulted in IBM stating emphatically they would NOT be renewing any MS Windows Licenses. They expired last November. They have also stated they would not be involved in any further hardware technology with Microsoft.
    […] The work done on Falcon was completed long ago and was in fact supposed to go into a new SKU this last January. Xbox 360 is a pile of nuts and bolts thrown together to resemble a console. Even in the Elite it’s all a coverup and they are still including a $7 DVD player that scratches discs. So when this overdue crippled Falcon finally lands, oh whoopy a cooler chip in a cheap box, cheap PS, and a DVD player that still won’t stand upright w/o scratching discs! That’s Progress? Yeah right….. LOLz

  101. curious Says:

    does anyone have a set date when these new chips will be released and how we will know the new boxes have the new chips?? Best buy said they are waiting on microsoft to send the elites because they dont have them in stock, hopefully when they do get in the elites, they will have the new falcon chip

  102. ExcitedGamer! Says:

    w00t im gonna get one in the 22nd for my birthday hopefully they will have the falcon chip in elites by then…

  103. ExcitedGamer! Says:

    w00t im gonna get one in the 22nd for my birthday hopefully they will have the falcon chip in elites by then…

  104. Steve C Says:

    To the comment below made by “Leafa”. Your an idiot. lol. sorry but SOMEONE had to say it.

    Sony = crap. They’ve always been that way. You say that Microsoft’s machine doesnt perform like Sony’s? Thats retarted. IT PERFORMS BETTER! You guys just discovered a firmware upgrade that might increase your power by 25%. Yeah but did you know you would need triple that to keep up with 360? Yeah, and if sony moves forward with the upgrade your prices go back up insuring that no one will every buy a PS3 ever AGAIN.

    Microsoft will remain supreme in the console wars. I’m a nintendo man at heart but, there is no denying the truth.

    All hail GATES.

  105. Geek Speak Radio » GSR #89 Says:

    […] DDE Can I get excited now? Falcon in the Fall […]

  106. Fencerider Says:

    At this point in the console war, its probably not wise to advocate for neither Sony and especially not XBOX. All we have thus far is hope. Sony has the hardware, but developers havent yet caught up. And as we all know…the 360 Breaks!!! I am neutral at this point but I’m a bit optimistic about Microsoft finally fixing its hardware problems with this new “Falcon Chip”. To me that shows more about solving a problem rather than just acknowledging it with and extended warranty. I am a bit reluctant to purchasing the new update consoles for fear that they too will possess problems on their own. Im hoping that Microsoft at that time will finally get things right, because if they fail once again, they are threw. All there success will have been short lived and then we’ll be debating on whether to buy a PS3 or a Wii. Microsoft has a lot riding on this, although they have yet to confirm this possible change in processors. They have let many down already. Hopefully they do not damage their reputation any more and destroy their chances of even being a contender.

  107. Grischa Says:

    XBox Elite kommt nach Europa…

    Da ist sie also: In 4 Tagen (am 24.8.) kommt die XBox Elite nach Europa. Als Neuerung hat sie vor allem einen HDMI Ausgang und eine 120GB Festplatte. In der Zwischenzeit wird auch die Premium erneuert: Sie bekommt nun auch einen HDMI Ausgang. Sowo…

  108. Gabe Says:

    anyone know why at they say 9/1/2007 will be a new release date of the 360 is it because of the new 65 nm chip and does the elite also freeze up alot?

  109. Fencerider Says:

    I have been doing a lot of reading on different sites and Xbox forums. 1 in particular has a board member who supposedly has an insight/connect who knows whats goin down with MS but cant reveal his sources. Some board members swear by his info. Anyway supposedly all 360’s manufactured in July were supposed to have the 65nm chip, but after the prediction/inside info was wrong, they are stating that rather than implementing a 65nm chip into the CPU(which would not really solve the problem by much), MS is supposedly going to input it into the GPU. What this means is an overall cooler console. Here is the link so you can read the forum in its entirety along with a small post:

    [The reason I said that is because we have always seen the GPU as being the problem, no? I have always heard and seen from others (like Xbox-Scene, etc.) that the GPU is the problem as the heatsink (original one) was very poorly designed and had almost no airflow.The CPU heatsink has always been better since it has the heatpipe which works wonders (look at the new GPU heatsink, a heatpipe was added).Boid, like we discussed long ago, what you stated is the problem. But have you ever heard of the CPU doing that? I have always heard of the GPU being the actual problem (which would make sense, look at the old heatsink). That’s why I said a 65nm CPU isn’t going to do anything. Yes, it will allow for a somewhat cooler console (maybe 10 degrees lower), but not a lot. Until the GPU goes 65nm (later this year is what has been reported), then I don’t see the 65nm CPU helping much.But you have to realize that the temp difference between a 90nm and 65nm CPU is very minimal. Yes, it will help, but I would definitely not try running a console with the old GPU heatsink and a 65nm processor. Don’t you think there would still be major issues?There is no 65nm yet (I have been told there are issues with the new CPU). I’m not sure when the new CPU will be in consoles, nor is anyone else.IMO, consoles being manufactured now (with the new heatsink) should be fine, or have a much better chance of lasting a long time because of the new heatsink. So it doesn’t matter if you get the HDMI Premium or a new Elite, they will both have the new heatsink]

    My take on all of this is to not expect to get any kind of improvement until later this year by the Christmas holiday, at the earliest. Knowing this has made me rather restless. I am starting to realize that the highly anticipated 360 or rather MS themselves are a big dissapointment. I have been without a game console since i sold my PS2 and because of my research via the internet has delayed my purchase of the 360 and PS3. I must say MS sucks. There system has the best games and supposedly makes games look better on their console. But the major dissappointing factor is that they break. A $400 console deteriating like that speaks volumes about the company that manufactures and markets them. Everyone knows MS tried denying that there was ever even a problem. Only to spend a billion dollars to remedy millions of gamers. They have put new heat sinks in the Elite and Halo edition and supposedly also all July manufactured consoles. But just think, how many more consoles will MS try to push to extract as much money from gamers til the finally fix their faulty hardware. A warranty is not enough people. Its a start, but its still a hassle and a big inconvenience, especially when you realize how much you spent on the console alone along with all the extras. I must say i am more so than ever leaning toward the PS3. I really want to remain optimistic that MS will finally get it right, but Im tired of the “oops I’m sorry attitude”. If i do get the PS3 I wont have the exsisting games like the XBOX but at least I’ll get a better quality console. I’ll also have to put on some patience and wait for developers to utilize the PS3’s full potential. At this point it seems like the more logical thing to do, given the 360’s track record of failures. We’ll see!!! I’m going to try to hold out a little while longer for these newer chips in the GPU. Hopefully they will come in a lot sooner than expected. But it seems like I should’ve gotten a PS3 once they dropped the price. You know what they say, “If it aint broke than dont fix it.” A once loyal Sony fan may return…

  110. Viper1213000 Says:

    Those of you that say the sony has better games than MS
    Every thing that sony has except FF Microsoft has so how does this make Sony better. People will but 360s just for halo 3 but people wont buy a ps3 jsut because of FF. They had guitar hero and that was enough but now ms has it to so I think Microsoft wins this fight.

  111. eaglesli Says:

    So straighten me out – the Elite that is the one with the new 65nm Cpu ( which may only change the temp by 10degrees)
    But the reengineered 65nm Gpu unit with the new Heat-sink Has not been lunch yet and may not be released until the release of Halo 3? like other halo’s or will it be more like Christmas?

    And when does Halo 3 come out

    Hey when are we going to see Dual core that would be next right? lol

  112. paul temple Says:

    Funny how people can be optimistic about xbox 360 at all. Yes it sounds good that this falcon thing may improve the performance of future 360s. What about all the people who have been duped out of $300-$400 plus tax and not even including a game or extra controller. A familiar theme seems to prevail from an xbox360 game. Perfect Dark is about fighting evil corporations. Well, I feel a little like Jo Dark here. My piece of crap 360 has broken on three different occasions. The 1st two times I got the 3 lights of doom. This last time I got it back from MS it worked about 1 1/2 weeks,then the video went out. All I got was sound and a blue screen. Wtf! Xbox gave me a free month of xboxlive the second time. They say i get another free month for the third time. Wooooopeeeeee!!! I am f—ing excited man! I get to log on and play on live..wait,how can i do that when my damn console is always out of commission. I would advise anyone considering purchasing a 360 to think again. IT IS NOT WORTH THE FRUSTRATION PEOPLE! DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID! The way I see it, you’re better off buying a Nintendo Wii. At least Nintendo never screwed us around like xbox has with this blunder of a system. It would be nice if someone were to read this and have sympathy for me on this matter by sending me a free xbox 360. Nah! Not gonna happen, I’m sure. I have lost all hope for and trust in xbox360. 2 free months of xboxlive for all that headache…………..please. Try again Microsoft. How bout a new elite model at least?

  113. ArbyP Says:

    put it this way, ps3 is a ferrari enzo, top of the line, decked out, all the extra features, even a sweet paint job.the wii is a sweet little scion with all the extras, and the 360 is like a ford mustang, tricked out, with 22’s, a kickin stereo/subwoofer set with satellite radio and a plasma screen in the back. now youre driving all over town, and some parts arent too great as far as roads go, eg potholes, speed bumps, etc, now which car do you want to purchase and drive? the answer should be simple, when it comes to the convergence of quality and economy, the 360/mustang has them both, where as the ps3 is far too expensive and not fun enough, and the wii is fun, sure, but has barely enough games or prospects to satisfy the majority appeal. for example, ps3 may have

  114. whoami111 Says:

    they promise cooler and smoother running. i hope they also will have a less defective disc drive. but, anyway Ms should be smarter than that to release a product with 33%. my f***ing box died on me last week and i lost the warranty sticker. now i cant even get it fix

  115. Ps9Vsxbox1080 Says:

    My original NES System worked for 12 Years before finally destroying itself. I bought an Elite and it lasted 10 minutes… I kid you not. My second Elite lasted 4 hours. Needless to say I wish developers would try to reward and utilise a stable system like the PS3… cause it does suck to get stiffed out of titles and exclusive content… but you know what, I’ll take my chances with Sony, at least I’ll have a cool Blue-Ray Player if Sony is crushed… yup looking on the bright side…

  116. Tyler Says:

    Great article. Although I would like to see an estimate about when the new 360 will be released. Because I would love a 360 Elite, but if they are going to be $400 within the next 2 months, I would hold off buying one for $450.

  117. david Says:

    Any news on falcon? We are rapidly approaching the end of September and I still have my hopes that it will appear any day now. Should I continue to wait?

  118. kris Says:

    Wikipedia quotes:

    Microsoft has plans to release a revision of the Xbox 360 (codenamed Falcon), solving hardware problems, like the “Red Ring of Death” and overheating, which can damage the motherboard. This revision is said to feature new CPUs and GPUs that are manufactured in a 65nm production process (as opposed to the older 90nm processors in current models), reducing power consumption and heat dissipation. Much of the high price of the Xbox 360 comes from the older processor design. Any Xbox 360 manufactured on or after August 24, 2007 contains the new Falcon motherboard and 65 nm CPU.[9] This information is on the cardboard box label.

  119. Malvern Says:

    Where did Wikipedia get that info from? Can someone confirm that this is true?

  120. Malvern Says:

    PS: KRIS, is this information you have provided the same for the EU?

  121. Xbox 360 Falcon - Mustang Evolution Says:

    […] Xbox 360 Falcon so i stumbled upon info regarding the new 360 design. it will use 65nm processors, better video card and ram, and will be alot cooler, and HDMI standard. Microsoft’s next move? Code-name Falcon - A+E Interactive: Your Bay Area hangout for gaming, music, movies, culture - good thing i didnt buy the 360 this weekend. […]

  122. Perry Says:

    To me PS3 is superior in all catogories. PS3 is a better system then the xbox 360 and will have better games then the 360 in the future. PS3 was designed in a way so when it the future, you can still enjoy the lastest tech and do many thing the other system cant do. Sony is smart. Bill Gates is rich but i have no idea why he doesnt spend more money one his dam gaming system and let poeple be happy with the best console ever. IM not saying 360 sucks but ps3 is better to buy. so dont waste your money on a 360. The xbox falcon chip will make things better but how would u play your system in the future. PS I never heard of a single report the the ps3 has failed on the 360 plenty. SO theres most likly to be another problem with it later on

  123. voghan Says:

    You are right Perry, the PS3 is a lot better than the 360 potentially. Problem is the PS3 won’t be affordable till 2009 for most of the people that bought a PS2. They can either cut the system’s price and take a huge loss on each unit or they can accept they lost this round and work towards PS4.

    I think Microsoft has held back on making a big price cut until they know the 360 design is fixed. Once the Falcon chip has made it through the first few months MS will know if this design will hold up and then they can afford to drop the price to compete with the Wii. A $179 Core and $249 Pro will do wonders for Microsoft’s sales numbers. The 360 is where the games are, not the PS3 and not the Wii.

  124. Perry Says:

    I may have said dont waste your your money one a 360 in my other statment. I meant to say wait untill the falcon version come out. Peace

  125. Tom Says:

    Is there any truth to the statement posted by Kris that any Xbox 360 manufactured on or after August 24, 2007 contains the new Falcon motherboard and 65 nm CPU. This information is on the cardboard box label.

  126. DDT-MODELS Says:

    Words can’t express your significance. Thank you.

  127. Mak Says:

    Unfortunatly, it seems the falcon consoles are only marginally more reliable that the hiddously unrelaible Zephyr…

    Seems the fundamental issues of airflow and GPU temps have not ben fixed by a 65nm CPU and a heatsink mod.

  128. overcritical » Blog Archive » Fruity Dreams- The Apple Gaming Console Says:

    […] Go right now and try and buy an Xbox. Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you get back in about four hours with your head full of the confusing permutations of configuration. Did you choose an Elite? Did you get the “Go Big” package with the Elite? Does that Elite possess a Falcon chip, or did you decide it would be better to wait for Jasper? Or maybe you got an Arcade, or a “Go Pro” package. Which one is which again? […]

  129. Anita Says:

    Does the halo edition have the falcon chip?

  130. Jake Says:

    i you guys are interested i have the new 65nm falcon motherboard in my premium xbox 360 lot 0740 if you have lot 0738 or more you DO HAVE the falcon motherboard the lot number is on the side of the xbox 360 (its a sticker) there will be also a team part if this team part says team:FDOU then you have the falcon motherboard the person who sold ,e the 360 even brought up the fact that it has the new falcon motherboard end of story!!!

  131. dinkus Says:

    Ok, I don’t get why so many are saying that Sony is the better company. I seem to remember a battery exploding problem for notebook PCs. This caused a huge recall costing millions if not billions. Every company in the tech industry will have set backs. It is how they take care of customers through these set backs. MS fixes the faulty Xboxs, and even beefed up the warranty to 3 years. I cannot fault them for rushing out the 360 to beat Wii and PS3. For doing this they now have, by far the largest library of games and are even drawing PS3 exclusives away from Sony, ie..Guitar Hero and GTA. Possibly the greatest game ever. Sony should have locked it up. I hear it is already done for the 360, but they have to wait for the PS3 to finish it up for a mutual launch date. Here is the case where the “BETTER” technology holds back the unit. Some may remember the “JVC VHS” vs. “Sony BETAMAX” feud of the 70s and 80s.(dating myself) But, Beta was the better technology. VHS was cheaper and easier to produce with less frills. Guess which won? Then there was the HUGE laserdisc that couldn’t knock off the inferior VHS. Now Sony is in the same fight with Bluray and HDdvd. Which will win? I don’t know and neither does anyopne else. Again, genius for 360 to not rely on either tech to dictate their future. HDdvd not the right choice, ok lets make a Bluray add on. By the time the gaming companies can use the full potential of the PS3 there will be another generation on the horizon that will surpass it, 720 maybe or a higher tech NES. Why pay for the stuff that you do not need until you need it? The systems would be the same price if you added Bluray, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc…. Point is not everyone needs all of these. MS recognizes this, Sony does not, which may lead to a decisive winner in this round of battle. I am a fan of Sony products, have TVs Stereos, Clocks…etc…but I think MS may have thought this through a little more. Allow for expansion of tech, don’t try to dictate where it will go with a tossing all the newest tech into one box. I wonder if they will recall all the useless PS3s when there guess was wrong? One thing we know is true is that Online is the future of gaming, and MS has by far the best Online system available. So much so, that Sony is doing there best to mimic it.

    Just to prove I am not a fanboy, I hate the Halo series. I would much rather play MOH, or COD. the funnest game I have ever played was Mariokart 64 or James Bond for 64. Clearly both of these were on the lower tech console of the time. The arguement back then was that the cartridge couldn’t hold the memory of the disc. This is much the same as the dvd can’t hold the memory of a Bluray. It all comes down to what games are the most fun…360 has the largest choice, PS3 lost many of there great exclusives, and Wii is picking up the pieces of the 360 PS3 battle and is the silent leader of the bunch. NES revived the console gaming industry in the 80s after it was nearly forgotten and continue to march on pumping out fun to play games and systems, exception of the gamecube. Just wait till the newest installment of Mariokart hits the streets next year.

  132. Ken Says:

    Nice article, but for me a person looking to purchase A xbox 360 elite for my kids for the first time you leave out the most important answer, How do I tell if the unit I’m buying is a falcon unit or not. Are the external differences? Provide pictures please.

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