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Steve McCormack: Schools can't cope with all these languages

A strange thing happened to me recently when I did a day of supply teaching at a central London comprehensive. I found myself, for four of the six lessons of the day, teaching Bengali. I've had some strange tasks thrown at me as a supply teacher over the years: an all-girls' PE lesson and improvised drama in a windowless studio. But never have I been taken so far outside my comfort zone as with the Bengali classes.

Letters: Cuts hit all learners

Congratulations to Neil Merrick for high-lighting the extremely disturbing shallowness of the Government's approach to lifelong learning ("Adult education fights for its life", EDUCATION & CAREERS, 1 May). There are, however, broader contexts than just cost-cutting which need stressing.

Stark message in the sky: Funding dries up for British astronomers

Even after 50 years, the view of the huge Lovell radio telescope dominating the Cheshire Plain is still one of the most futuristic sights in Britain. It speaks of many things: of the unexplored far reaches of space and time; of Big Bangs and black holes; of stars and galaxies; and of so many things far beyond us. Its founder, Sir Bernard Lovell, who at the age of 94 still works there three days a week, described the telescope as being "at the centre of immensities".

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