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May 09, 2008

Inquisitor Joins the Yahoo! Search Team

Last year, Yahoo! Search launched Search Assist to help users find what they're looking for quickly and easily by providing query suggestions and related concepts in real-time. Today, Yahoo! Search is embracing the Mac community and offering similar search assistance features with the acquisition of Inquisitor software, a Safari browser plug-in.

inquisitor-screenshot 2.jpg

Inquisitor 3, a search technology that auto-completes queries and delivers results right in Safari Web browser, is similar to Yahoo!'s existing Search Assist technology. Simply type in your query and websites will appear immediately, as well as suggestions for refining your search. Just as with Search Assist, the goal with Inquisitor is to help users find exactly the site they're looking for as quickly as possible.

The new version of Inquisitor removes affiliate ad links, simplifies the search provider selection interaction and refines the preferences user interface. Additionally, the new version provides quick access to Yahoo! Search however, existing users may still utilize their current default search engine or a different search engine entirely, such as a vertical alternative like Amazon or Flickr, if they prefer.

While search interface design has remained fairly utilitarian over the years, David Watanabe, founder and developer of Inquisitor, has done a fantastic job designing a simple and elegant UI. David and our team of macphiles will continue to innovate on both form and function for Inquisitor.

Mac users have been using the Inquisitor plug-in already and they seem to like it. It's a free download, so whether you're familiar with it or just trying it out for the first time with Yahoo! Search, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Ariel Seidman
Director of Product Management
Yahoo! Search


Wow, this is pretty awesome. I love Inquisitor -- it's what I based the Flock search dropdown on... Now you just need to open source it to keep with your new Yahoo! Open kick! ;)

I love Inquisitor, this is a good move for Yahoo.

Wow, Inqusitor rocks :-)
Congratulations guys!

Nice move.. I "bought" inquisitorx when it was donationware, and I'm always been SO satisfied with it...

this is the best thing that could happen to David Watanabe...

yahoo...why don't you buy all the other projects David started? :)

Nice move

Congratulations, This is a great move for Yahoo.

Would be fine to have such tool in German too. If I can help ... just call ;)

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