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Modern education has no doubt wrought miracles and proved that nothing is beyond human intelligence. But, how much nicer would it have been, if we had also learnt to be humane and to respect each other’s feelings and to do unto others, as we would like to be done to ourselves?

Dr. Eric H. Hansen, the noted Humanitarian of the United States of America wrote, “Nothing but what is essentially Humane Education, can save the world from the horrors of another cataclysm worse even than that through which it has just passed”.

Let all of us, who believe that every living being, be it man or animal, has a right to live a life free from fear and pain, strive to spread humane education. Hence, the S.P.C.A. Chennai, has always underlined the importance of humane education. To inculcate “Kindness to Animals” in the minds of children and to create an awareness about animal welfare, we have been conducting every year competitions for them in Painting, Singing and Oratory.

The Society appeals to Educational Institutions, Service Minded organisations and others to extend their co-operation in this task, the importance and urgency of which cannot be ignored any longer.

As a significant part of this activity, we had Series of Lectures on Animal Welfare at S.P.C.A. grounds (35 to 38, Vepery High Road) from 23rd July to 13th August, 2005 at weekends along with Lions Clubs International – District 324 A5 and Shree Jain Rathna Hiteshi Shravak Sangh, Chennai as follows:

Date Topic Speaker
23.07.2005 Animal Welfare in Jainism Thiru Kishanchand Chordia
30.07.2005 Animal Welfare in Vaishnava Literature Dr. Kaliyan Sampath
06.08.2005 Jeeva Karunyam in Thirukkural Lion P.Balakrishnan
13.08.2005 Vegetarianism Lion M.Desikan

As part of our efforts to promote Humane Education, the Annual Painting Competition for School Children was conducted this year also. The adage “Catch Them Young” is aptly applicable, if even at a young age, children and students, are imbibed with the loudable motive of animal welfare.

One thousand one hundred twenty three school children participated in the Painting Competition held on 16th August, 2005 at the AVM Rajeswari Kalyana Mandapam, Chennai. The topics chosen kindled the innovative attitude of the children and students. There were four grades. The youngest group of children and students were required to colour the drawings donated by M/s. Sun Paper Mills Ltd., Palayamkottai. The second group was asked to draw “My house and my dog’s house” or ”My friend’s pet”. For the third group, the subject was “A Bird Sanctuary” or “A safe visit into the woods”. For the fourth group, the subject was “Visit to the Zoo” or “If your pet were a monkey” . Number of consolation prizes were given to encourage the participants.

The S.P.C.A. is grateful to A.V.M. Charities, who have been kind enough to place their spacious Rajeswari Kalyana Mandapam at our disposal for conducting the Annual Painting Competition for the past so many decades.

We are also thankful to M/s. Sri Nathella Sampathu Chetty Trust, M/s. Calimidi Alavandar Chetty’s Charities, M/s. Sun Paper Mills, Palayamkottai and Dr. R.S. Cunniah Trust for the donation of prize books, drawing sheets and biscuits for the Painting Competition.

The S.P.C.A. deeply appreciates the co-operation extended by the Heads of Schools to the efforts of the Madras S.P.C.A., to promote humane education through its various Competitions and to Mr. G. Govindaraj, Art Director and Mr. J. Jayaraj, Magazine Illustrator who spared their valuable time to select the prize winners.


A Scout/Guide is always looked upon as “Friend to Animals”. A first hand knowledge of what constitutes cruelty to animals, what types of cruelty are generally inflicted on them and what should be done, when cases of cruelties are noticed, is essential to a Scout/Guide.

During the year, the Scouts and Guides were, at the request of the various Scout Masters, trained by our Veterinary Doctor, as per the syllabus. Proficiency Badges “Friend to Animals” were awarded to them.


Most of the cruelty done to the animals is because of ignorance among the public about the availability of various provisions in the Prevention of Cruelty Act. Hence it becomes one’s duty to educate those innocent people. To creaTe awareness among the public on Animal Welfare, specially on 4th October, 2005, we pasted posters throughout the city of Chennai.

In order to inculcate the necessity of the prevention of causing cruelty to animals very particularly on the day of World Animal Day i.e. on 4th October, 2005, our Society planned to have spot fining. We approached Sri. B. Maharajan, the Hon’ble Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Egmore, Chennai to issue necessary orders to keep the Mobile Court available at the junction of M.C. Road at Broadway, Chennai in between 8 a.m and 10 a.m. as that is vulnerable time by when most of the bullock carts start moving out. Accepting our request, Sri B. Maharajan, the Hon’ble Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Chennai 8 came along with XXI Metropolitan Mobile Court and its Presiding Officer Sri Murugesan to the suggested spot at 8 a.m. We were able to prosecute 15 cases and collect a total fine of Rs.800/- on the spot. Cases were registered against the owners of the animals carrying overloads, animals with swollen neck and against the owners of poultry, who were transporting chicken in a cruel manner.

We are duty bound to acknowledge the spontaneous helping hand extended by Sri B. Maharajan, the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Chennai and Sri Murugesan, XXI Metropolitan Magistrate
In the evening, we had a meeting in our S.P.C.A. premises. Our President, MJF Ln P. Rajamanickam welcomed the gathering and also acknowledged the encouragement shown by the Secretary, Animal Welfare Board of India. The Secretary,Animal Welfare Board of India, Dr. R. Balasubramanian was the Chief Guest. In his address, he emphasised the need for the general public to be kind to animals and the important part to be played by the N.G.Os. in creating awareness on animal welfare. He praised highly the “Spot Prosecution and fining activities” carried out by S.P.C.A. Chennai. The former Secretary, Animal Welfare Board of India, Mr. K. Babu highlighted the Rules framed under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 59 of 1960 and the need for the amendments to be made in the above Rules. Our Hony. Secretary Mr. S. Natana Rajan briefly explained the gathering the problems faced by the S. P.C.A. in enforcing the Act and the need for the amendment of P.C.A. Rules meeting the requirements and demands of the present situation. The Secretary, Animal Welfare of India welcomed the suggestions from all quarters in this regard.


The S.P.C.A. Chennai celebrated Animal Welfare Fortnight between 14th and 30th January with great zeal, after giving wide publicity. Following the guidelines of the Secretary, Animal Welfare Board of India, we undertook many activities for the welfare of Animals.

As a significant feature of our Animal Welfare Fortnight celebrations a Mega Free Veterinary Health Camp was conducted on 29th January 2006 at Mercury Matriculation School, Sharma Nagar, Vyasarpadi. As many as 253 cases were registered and free treatment was given to all the cases registered. The complaints were mainly of general weakness and loss of apetite among the animals. 150 Dogs, Pups and Cats were immunized against rabies. De ticking injection was given to 50 dogs. General health tonics, deworming medicine and apetite stimulants were given to the owners to be administered to the animals at free of cost.

To create awareness about Animal Welfare and to inculcate kindness towards animals in the minds of young Children and among the College Students, we conducted Oratorical Competitions both in Tamil and English languages on 25th & 27th January. We had many categories of students right from L.K.G. to College level.. Students from L.K.G. to V Std. Sang songs on Animal Glory. Students from VI to IX Standards were asked to choose one of the following topics: Animal Welfare is otherwise Human Welfare or Part played by animal in human life. Students from X to XII Standards were given the topics as follows: How to prevent cruelty to animals or Human is a friend or a foe to animals. The students from College level were asked to deliver on the topic : “Animal Welfare in Modern Environment” . A lot of students participated in the Competitions. The topics chosen kindled the innovative attitude of the children and students. One of the participant, Mr.Arvind Bharathi of New College stressed the need to encourage Bio Gas Plants to prevent cows slaughter “The cattle, after they have become old, can be used in Bio Gas Plant for fuel instead of killing them” he said.

A First-Aid to Animals Class was taken by Dr.P.Rajendran, our Veterinary Doctor who explained the students how to alleviate sufferings of injured animals until a Veterinary Surgeon is called upon. A manual on how to administer First Aid to the sick and wounded animals was distributed among the students.
A lecture was also given to create awareness among the students not to use plastic bags as careless throwing of these bags will dangerously affect many animals who eat them.The digestive system gets affected and this leads to death. The students were told to insist their parents and others not to use plastic bags and go for the alternatives available.

An appeal was sent to most of the school Heads to close down mini zoos if any as it is illegal to keep animals in schools. Most importantly an appeal was also sent to all the school Heads to draw their attention that the dissection of Animals in the Higher Secondary level is banned and hence to follow alternatives to dissection in the form of Compufrog / Compurat.

A large number of pamphlets were made on animal laws , how to handle animals at shandies, precautions to be taken and the basic amenities to be provided to animals during transportation. The ill-effects of oxytocin injection being given to animals by greedy milkmen in order to get more milk which besides being harmful to Animal’s Health is also harmful to human who consume it, was also highlighted .These pamphlets were distributed effectively by our Field staff among the cartmen, milkmen and the public.

To curb the habit of milkmen abandoning the calves careleesly on the streets after milking, our Field Staff carried out a calf raid throughout the city and confiscated seven calves. Later, three calves were handed over to the owners after conviction in the Court of Law and with an undertaking from them not to abandon the calves in future.
Bird friendly trees like Jamun and other fruit bearing trees were planted during our Republic day Celebrations.


Realising that even animals have a right to live free from pain and disease, S.P.C.A. launched Free Veterinary Health Camp at Gandhiji Memorial Primary School, Paper Mills Road, Perambur, Chennai. It was largely due to the efforts and drive of our President, MJF Ln P. Rajamanickam. The Camp was organised for providing medical treatment to stray animals and pets of residents of the area. Dr. P. Rajendran treated the animals. The Camp was inaugurated by MJF Ln Ranganathan.As many as 100 cases were registered relating to different kinds of animals and birds and all the cases were carefully and thoroughly examined and free treatment was given. Medicines were also distributed free of cost. The response from the owners of animal and members of the public to this camp conducted is very encouraging. S.P.C.A. proposes to organise and conduct more such free veterinary health camps under its auspicious at different areas of Chennai.


The Annual Day of the Society was celebrated on 30th January, 2006 in the Yaralagadda Venkanna Choudhary Auditorium of our premises. We were very much fortunate to have Dr. R.Balasubramanian, Secretary, Animal Welfare Board of India himself as the Chief Guest and Sri N. Tarachand Dugar, Industrialist and President of the Indian Vegetarian Congress as the Guest of Honour.
The Chief Guest, Dr. R. Balasubramanian opened the Puppies Shelter and Guest of Honour Sri N. Tarachand Dugar opened the Shelter for Large Animals.

The President of S.P.C.A., MJF Ln. P. Rajamanickam welcomed the gathering. The Chief Guest, Dr.R. Balasubramanian stressed the need in disseminating various facets of Animal Welfare among the masses to eradicate the cruelties inflicted upon them.The Guest of Honour called for establishing ‘Animal Rights Commission’ in the lines of the Human Rights Commission. The Guests gave away the prizes to the children who participated in various competitions and the function came to an end after a vote of thanks by our Hony. Secretary.


During the year under review, 891 complaints were filed before the XXI and XXII Metropolitan Magistrate Mobile Courts by our Field Staff, under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and all of them ended in convictions. It is a Himalayan task to detect all cases of cruelty perpetrated in the vast area of the City, with the limited number of Field Staff and also due to utilisationof Auto vehicles in all fields of transportations.

Cases of transportation of cattle and fowls in an overloaded fashion or in a cruel manner, were also booked and conviction secured. Complaints received from the members of the public regarding the cruelty to animals, were promptly attended to and the offenders prosecuted under the provisions of P.C.A. Act, 1960.


A Member of our Field Staff is on duty at the Office on all working days from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to receive information that may be given in person or over the telephone by members of the public about animals in distress and to take adequate and immediate action.Compaints can also be sent through e.mail to madrasspca @ Yahoo.Com During the year under review, 248 such calls were received and prompt action was taken in regard to all of them by our Field Staff. The Society attaches great importance to this facet of its activity, as it helps to improve the image of the Institution and to build confidence in the public and secure support for its cause.

On 30th April 2005, we received a call from Mr. Ganesan that the temple elephant belonging to Thiruverkadu Karumari Amman Temple was not maintained well and requires proper treatment and Care. Addl. Chief Inspector, P. Srinivasalu along with our Veterinary Doctor, P. Rajendran went to the spot, inspected the animal. The Temple Authorities requested us to make arrangement to send the animal to Zoo authorities for proper care and treatment. We promptly sent letters addressed to the Zoo Authorities and the Commissioner, H.R. & C.E. respectively for necessary action in this regard.

In August, 2005, on receiving a complaint from Miss Vidhya of Anna Nagar that 40 crows died in mysterious circumstances and 3 birds were battling for life, our Sub Inspector, S.Rajendran rushed to the spot by our ambulance van brought those birds fighting for life and handed over them to the Pathology Department, Madras Veterinary College Hospital for treatment and investigation .

A phone call was received from an animal lover on 6th October, 2005 stating that large number of lovebirds kept in small cages near Allikulam (Moore Market Complex) amounting to cruelty to the birds, our S.I. S. Rajendran immediately went to the spot and booked the offenders and freed the birds and rescued them from cruelty. This incident was simultaneously broadcasted on All India Radio F.M. Rainbow Programme under the caption of PANCHAVARNAM during a live interaction with our Hony Secretary on the eve of World Animal Day.

In October, 2005, our Member, Miss Chanda M. Walke phoned up and informed that two calves suffer in the rain left uncared near Mundakakanni Ammen Koil, Mylapore. Our Chief Inspector, W. Dowlath Khan acted swiftly and brought those calves to our shelter for care and treatment. After due warning and advise not to abandon in future the owner was chargesheeted and fined Rs.200/-.

On the complaint by the Secretary, Animal Welfare Board of India, that fowls were being carried by two wheelers upside down in a cruel manner in Mylapore, Mandaveli and Luz Corner areas. Our Chief Inspector, W. Dowlath Khan kept a strict vigil on those areas, booked five cases and all of them ended in convictions.
On 28th December, 2005, our team consisting of Executive Secretary, Veterinary Doctor and Chief Inspector visited the Jumbo Russian Circus and inspected the animals.

In January and February, 2006, our Field Staff consisting of Chief Inspector, W. Dowlath Khan and Sub Inspectors N.V. Balasubramanian and S. Rajendran visited the Amusement and Picnic Resort (P) Ltd. Folks Land (Marine) Zoo, East Coast Road, Chennai. They carried out an Inspection on the said Resort and gave a Report on the state of sealions.

On a complaint from the Superintendent of Police, Office of the Commissioner of Police, Chennai-8 our Inspector, P. Chandrasekaran along with Chief Inspector went to the spot where some cows , buffaloes and calves were tied along the Railway line without proper care and shelter near Kilpauk Police Quarters, the offenders were produced before the Court of Law.

T.V, A.I.R and the PRESS:

We continue to enjoy the goodwill of the Press, T.V and A.I.R in Chennai. Our functions were well reported in the Press and many special articles on our activities and Press reports were published in the English and Tamil Dailies.To name a few “The spot prosecution and fining activity “ by our Field Staff during the “ World Animal Day”(4th October 2005) found prominent place in the dailies like
Inspection by our Field Staff at the Amusement and Picnic Resort (P) Ltd. Folks Land (Marine) Zoo, East Coast Road, Chennai too had a vast coverage by the Press.

The Sun T.V. broadcasted a special programme called ‘SIRAPPU PARVAI’ during their 8 p.m news bulletin on 12th and 13th November 2005 Our Chief Inspector Mr. W. Dowlath Khan explained the Dos and Donts to be followed during the transportation of animals and particularly to slaughter houses. Our Veterinary Doctor P. Rajendran explained the illeffects of giving oxytocin injection to the milking cattle and he explained how it is harmful to the health of the cattle as well as the human beings who consume the milk.Our President, MJF Ln P. Rajamanickam in his interview to All India Radio narrated the history of S.P.C.A. and the activities of the Society. We felt the impact of the programme by the numerous calls kept coming from the public enquiring on various activities of our Society. It is an indication that the programme definitely created awareness among the people on animal welfare and reached the rural as well as urban mass and thereby we achieved the goal as desired. We thank the All India Radio for their broadcast.

Heeding to our request to broadcast a special programme to create awareness among the public on Animal Welfare, specially on Animal Welfare Day and the objects of our Society, the means employed for the attainment of those objects, A.I.R. Chennai in its F.M. Rainbow broadcast a live one hour programme under the caption ‘PANCHAVARNAM’. It was a live relay and our Hony. Secretary Mr.S. Natana Rajan briefly explained the public, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and various activities of our Society.We are sure that it had a direct impact on masses as the progamme was in the local language. It was lively, interesting as well as informative.The presentation was excellent and the songs selected to air during the programme were very apt.
We express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Staff of A.I.R. who put in their best efforts in making this programme a grand success and we expect their continued patronage in the years to come.

It is a moment to relish that our animal welfare activities during the World Animal Day found a prominent place in the web site published from United Kingdom called www. dated 06-12-2005. The content of the same has been reproduced hereunder :

Chennai S.P.C.A. WAD activities

The Animal Welfare Board of India has been promoting World Animal Day since 1968, and this year was no exception. Numerous Animal Welfare groups and Governmental offices organised events, but Chennai S.P.C.A. was particularly busy and arranged drawing competitions, dog shows, quizzes, seminars and radio and television programmes to highlight issues. AWBI Secretary Dr. R. Balasubranian reported that the Day was a great success and he hoped that it would put India on the World Animal Day World Map.”

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