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Rise and Walk

Rise and Walk
Author: Gregory Solis
A group of geology students on a field trip get way more than they bargained for when a meteor slams down near their camp. Leave it to a few dumb jocks to do something genius to the meteor and unleash a whole world of putrid, rotten, pus-filled hell upon a an unsuspecting small backwoods campground where locals are having fun fishing, paintballing and camping.

Gregory Solis’ zombie novel is a masterful tale that any true zombiephile can sink their teeth into. And even if you aren’t a die-hard zombie freak, my money is on that even if you have a slight penchant for all things horrific, gory and exceptionally well written then Rise and Walk is a novel that you mustn’t pass up.

As one would expect Rise and Walk tells the story of a zombie plague, and it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are survivors who are desperately trying to remain survivors. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but Solis exceeds expectations with outstanding character development which extends much further than just the main characters. Even those in the novel whose sole purpose is to become zombie chow are well developed.

I made light of the minor character development to the author and he simply stated, “The horror is that each of these decayed assailants was once a person, someone’s friend, mother or object of unrequited love. I think sometimes us zombie fans forget how truly frightening these monsters are. Movies recently have tried to ratchet up the fear by making the creatures faster, and that works for film. It is only in novels that we have the time to introduce someone to the inner thoughts and hopes of a person and then strip away that humanity, leaving only primitive urges to consume...” Truer words were never spoken and the author’s knack for creating detailed characters only added that much more to the overall story.

Author Solis definitely has a knack for bringing the dead to life. Very detailed and descriptive writing so graphic you can almost smell the flesh rotting. I felt dirty, I could picture each and every setting, I pictured each and every character and graphically imagined each and every horrible mutilation as it happened.

To sum it all up, let’s just say that I read Rise and Walk in a single day! Never in my life have I ever finished a book in a single day, granted it was only 222 pages or so, but I picked it up expecting to read a few chapters and I never put it down. I wasn’t much different from one of the victims in the book in that I was totally consumed by Rise and Walk. Highly recommended!

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